The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


10. Chapter Ten

“Hey, Andre? How many kids do you have?” Aaliyah asks on their way to where the slaves were kept. It’s apparently located in a big huge mansion that Andre goes to usually visit the kids.

“Twenty,” Andre answers, laughing at the girl’s shocked expression.

“You have twenty kids?” Aaliyah cries out as her wide irises gaze at him.

“I had a lot of unsatisfied lovers.” the male frowns suddenly.

“I’m sorry Andre.”

He smiles weakly. “Nothing to be sorry for.”

“They must miss you a lot. I would miss my father.” the female said softly.

“Yeah, they do.”

Aaliyah looks ahead to see they were approaching a huge house, iron roof and gray walls. The windows look like bar cell ones.

“Imagine growing up in a place like this.” she gapes.

“Pretty awful.” Andre dryly chuckles.

Aaliyah frowns bitterly. “How will we get them out?”

The other shook his fur. “I think we should figure out on getting in first. We can’t use the door.”

“Maybe there’ll be something on the roof.” the she-mage suggests.

“It’s worth a shot.” the two mages jump off their paws and flew into the air.

Andre shivers as cold shot through his appendages as he lands on the roof. To his surprise, there’s an air vent. “And I thought this was a total prison.” he crawls over and gnaws through the entrance to the vent.

“Well, I guess we’re in,” Aaliyah said, crawling over to him.

Andre nods excitedly. He squeezes his body into the vent with Aaliyah following.

~ ~ ~

They crawl for a while until the male stops. He smashes his front paws onto the vent entrance below him. It almost made a noise when it fell, but Andre caught it with his white magic.

He climbs out the vent onto the cold floor. The she-mage leaps out after him. She almost squeals but a purple appendage smacks over her mouth.

“Owh.” she muffles.

“Sorry, but best not to make loud noises. Like squealing at the cold landing.”

Aaliyah rolls her eyes playfully but nods. Andre removes his paw. And gently set the vent back up.

“Okay, back to the previous problem: how do we get your kids out?”

Andre laughs softly. “New problem, find the kids.”

“I don’t think I like you ignoring my problems.” the girl chuckles.

Andre walks around carefully, his wings twitching nervously.

Aaliyah almost starts to follow when she notices black round balls moving from underneath the door. She got closer, they move back a little.

“I smell a stranger.”

“But I smelled daddy!”

Andre must’ve had spider mage hearing because he came zooming over. “You found them!”

“Shush!” Aaliyah shushes him, holding an appendage digit to her lips.

He tries to push the entry open, but nothing happens. “Is it locked?”

Aaliyah bit her lip. “Looks like it.”

Andre pushes his shoulder against the door, still nothing.

“Can we pick the lock?” the moon mage girl asks.

“I’m not sure.” the male grunts, moving around his aching limb.

“Are we going to die?” a shy, scared voice whispers from behind the entry.

“No,” Andre replies determinedly.

He refuses to give up, his precious kids weren’t going to rot here anymore without any love.

Suddenly hoary magic around a black feather floats in front of his face. “This is a kind of door that has the lock on the other side.” Andre turns his gaze to see Aaliyah looking at him. “You can slide this under the door and one of them can pick the lock.”

“Y-you’re bleeding.”

“Andre come on. It’s just a small dot of blood.” the she-mage huffs.

Andre slid the feather under, “Kids I need one of you to pick the lock.”

“Is there blood on it?” a voice asks, judging by their voice, they were disgusted.

“By Mystic! Just use it! I don’t want to be in this breeding test they have planned.” another tone, stern, shouts.

Finally, the sound of the feather twisting in the lock went off.

Aaliyah sighs in relief.

~ ~ ~

“I thought we would’ve been caught by now.” she murmurs, looking around nervously.

Andre didn’t hear her, he kept his gaze firmly on the door. Then, click, the entrance swung open.

“Did it!” a beautiful powder blue pup with electric azure wings chirps happily. She jumps on Andre’s head. “Daddy!” soon after her, kids were leaping onto their father.

Twenty. No others but twenty pups came out.

Aaliyah peeks in the room.

Twenty beds.


“What?” the other asks with his happy grin.

“How can only your kids be here? Shouldn’t there be more slaves other than them?”

Andre shrugs. “Maybe there’s other rooms.”

“Nope. We’re the only ones.” the ice sculpture pup chimes.

I have a bad feeling about this. Aaliyah thought, gulping anxiously.

“So, how do we get out?” the child asks.

“...You don’t.” a monotone female voice sounds out with a trace of anger.

Andre looks towards the tone with a look of shock. “Cloe? What are you doing here?”

Cloe glares daggers at him. “Stopping you from making a stupid mistake.”

“A mistake?” the male spat, “I’m saving my children, how is that a mistake?”

“They’re nothing like us! They can’t live on the moon!” the female snarls.

“That doesn’t mean I should leave them to rot!”

Cloe’s eyes fill with such a rage; it could burn down a forest in seconds. “They didn’t deserve any other parents; they deserve to rot here! Like the slaves they are!”

All the kids found themselves in white magic that wasn’t their father’s. Then float over to Aaliyah.

“How took them from the adoption center?!” Andre roars.

“As I said, they deserve to die!”

“I trusted you, and you dare to do this to my own kids?” the moon mage male screams at the she-mage. As he did, his appearance morph into a gray fur mage with a red waning crescent on his forehead.

Cloe backs up a bit. “Andre!” whatever her angry mouth could’ve said vanishes when a red beam of light hit her in the eyes. A painful screech went out and the she-mage covers her eyes. She couldn’t see.

Aaliyah had used her wings to cover much of the kids’ orbs as she could. “Ouch…”

Cloe attempts to run away but kept smashing her cranium into a wall. “I can’t see!” she wails, tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Okay, Andre I think she’s had enough. Clearly, she’s distressed by her blindness.” Aaliyah softly utters, putting a shaky paw on his shoulder.

Andre growls at Cloe before inhaling and letting it out heavily. Slowly, he went back to his normal form. His shoulders slump. “Being angry is exhausting.”

“Sure looks like it.” the she-moon mage laughs softly.

~ ~ ~

Ace nearly fell off the couch as the door slams open.

“See! I’m in one piece! I was right, and you were wrong!” Aaliyah pants.

Ace rolls on his stomach. He raises an eyebrow at the band-aid on his girlfriend’s left wing.

“It’s a long story.” the girl smiles weakly.

“I have all night.” he utters.

“I plucked off a feather to help kids.”

Ace chuckles. “That wasn’t a long story.”

Aaliyah shrugs. “Well it felt long.” she leaps onto the blue couch.

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