The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


6. Chapter Six

Shocked couldn’t even come close to the emotion that floods her veins. Ram, alive?

She shook her head to snap back into reality and starts struggling to kick the boy off with her back legs. Ram dug his claws into one of her black wings and tugs hard causing pain to go through Aaliyah’s back. She tries to get out of the painful grip, but it just made the fighting mage pull harder. Thus, more pain.

Next, she tries screaming for help. However, she stops with a yelp because Ram had cut her lip a bit.

“What the Mystic do you fucking want Ram!” the girl moon mage snaps, turning her head to glare at the black-eyed mage.

“You made me a laughing stock.” Ram snarls quietly.

Aaliyah rolls her purple eyes. “It’s not my problem. You made yourself the fool.” as a response, the orange fur mage pulls on her wing harshly.

“That’s the problem with you girls, you think you can do whatever you want.” the fighting mage’s black orbs glares daggers.

“That’s probably because we can.” the moon mage boosts her back legs at Ram’s chin. He swore, accidentally letting Aaliyah go.

Instead of chasing after his escaping prey, he pushes his face into the white bag on his shoulder. When he moves back out, a syringe pokes out his mouth.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah ran as best as she could, her damaged left wing caused her to run oddly. She growls as she got pinned down again. But, then she yelps as something pierces the skin underneath her fur. The girl moves her gaze to the source of the pain. Ram had stuck a needle in her neck. She gasps and began struggling, the male just held her down and watches. Soon, she got too tired and weak to squirm anymore, in a few moments she lost consciousness.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah woke up with something heavy around her paw. She blinks her purple eyes several times to get a clearer vision of her surroundings. The whole room looks like a jail cell, a single window placed on the wall which lightly let the moonlight shine through. And a metal chain wraps around her forepaw. The other end of the restraint connects to the wall.

It didn’t take long for the earlier events to come rushing back. And it soon hit the girl that Ram had kidnapped her. Where? She didn’t know yet.

Aaliyah went close to the opening as much as she could. The moonlight bathes her fur as she steps into the light. Her periwinkle ears droop as she looks up at the full moon in the sky. Then her eyelids slid shut. “Please, dear Mystic, please help me find a way out of this. Gratias tibi mystica.” Aaliyah’s eyes open back up, tears pouring out of them. Her brain busy distracted by distress; she didn’t notice the shapes on her face starting to glow.

~ ~ ~

A moon mage twitches one of her ears. “Mystic has a request…” she went quiet for a moment as if listening to someone’s voice. “Andre!” she shouts.

 A soft sound of someone running towards her gently echoes, but they seem to trip. “Ow.” then they got back up and finally cross over to the other mage. “What’s up?”

“We need to call the others together.” she never once looks at him, just kept looking at Earth.

“By ‘we’ you actually mean me.” Andre smartly said, slyly smiling.

“Just do what you’re told.”  now a hint of annoyance appears in the female’s voice.

“Alright, alright.” the male moon mage pads away to gather around the other mages.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah presses her cheek against the cold stone, sighing quietly. Please Mystic...Please help me. she flinches hearing the door open. But, she didn’t turn around.

“Hello A.”

“That’s not my name.” the girl moon mage replies not taking her gaze off the moon.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you!” Ram snarls, baring his teeth.

“The world isn’t about you Ram.”

The fighting mage grabs Aaliyah by the shoulder with his teeth and throw her into a wall. She yelps in pain as her shoulder aches. Her paw that’s attaching to the chain starts to hurt too since the metal went as far as it could go.

Ram lowers his right paw on the middle of the chain making it shorter. Aaliyah glares at him as she changes her standing position to a lying down one. But, she angles her body to face away from him.

The black-eyed mage snarls at her turning on his orange paws and pads out of the room. Aaliyah exhales, staring at the moonlight. Would help ever come? Or would she be trapped here forever? The coldness of the floor gave an illusion of numbing.

She bit her lip as thoughts of her parents fills her mind. They must be worried.

~ ~ ~

“You sure you haven’t found any clues?” the psychic mage asks the officer, biting her bottom lip nervously.

“I’m sorry madam. Nothing yet.”

Aaliyah’s mother thanks the officer, “Okay, thank you for your help.” she shut the door and her eyes starts shedding tears. “Oh! Where could she be?”

A dark gray paw rests on her shoulder. She considers her husband’s sorrowful orbs.

“I just don’t understand where she could’ve gone.” she whispers, fresh tears spilling out.

“She’s going to come home soon.” he wasn’t sure if he knew nor actually believes it.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah grunts as her stomach growls angrily. Would Ram even give her food? Mages only need food to turn it into blood, but she didn’t want to starve. Her ears perk up hearing a door open. But, no one came in the room. Instead, she heard someone throwing in something. There’s a sound of something hard landing in front of her. The girl looks down and folds her ears back.

The object from close inspection had to be frozen bread. There’s no way she could eat this.

“Ass,” she mutters to herself. “No one can eat frozen bread retard!”

She got no response.

~ ~ ~

“Why am I at the station again? I already gave my statement.” Ace utters, as he sat in a blue chair in front of a huge desk.

The sky mage at the table taps his paws together. “I suggest you stay calm when you hear this. Do not react badly.”

Ace raises an eyebrow.

The officer took that as a sign to move forward. “You’re back here because you possibly could be the reason Miss Aaliyah is missing.”

The ground mage looks shocked at the other male. “So you’re suggesting that I’m a suspect.”

“You were the last one that saw Miss Aaliyah.” the sky mage says.

“But, I don’t have a motive for making my girlfriend disappear.” Ace argues. His eyes were narrowing, annoyance swirling in them.

“Motive or not, you’re still a suspect.”

The ground mage didn’t say a word as he got led to the jail cells. He looks out a dark gray window as they pass it. Moonlight beams through. I hope she’s okay… He thought, lowering his brown ears.

~   ~   ~

Ram couldn’t stop laughing.

Ace Mystic has been arrested,” the news reporter on the TV chimes, “on the suspicion, he’s the reason Aaliyah Mystic has disappeared.”

He honestly could hardly believe Ace got arrested. It made him feel so giddy inside.

~   ~   ~

The moonlight starts to get brighter much to Aaliyah’s surprise. She got on her paws and stood in it. She frowns bitterly. Stupid Ram for trapping me here. How will I ever get out? her line of thought stops there as a sharp pain went through her. She grits her teeth as the shapes on her face starts to transform into a red waning crescent on her forehead. Her fur begins to change from a dark purple to a light gray. Soon the discomfort lessens. She wipes away tears from her purple eyes. She looks down at her paw, shocked to see it leaden. “W-What happened to me?”

Her ears perk up as she heard footsteps. The door opens to reveal Ram. She snarls at him, sending a message for him to go away. The fighting mage ignores her and got closer anyway. Sick curiosity shining in his pitch-black orbs. Aaliyah tries to put as much distance between them as much as she could.

~   ~   ~

A moon mage squints her eyes. “Get ready to fire.” mages like her nod and flew up close together. “”

~   ~   ~

Ram screeches in pain as a beam of moonlight shot through the window and attacks his ear. He snarls, batting at his orange body part. Aaliyah’s eyes open, she didn’t even realize she shut them. Now she’s curious watching her ex-boyfriend yowl in pain while trying to tend to his bleeding ear. Shards of glass had fallen on her, but she did not receive any injuries. The mage shook her fur, shaking some glass off.

Her ears perk up as she senses a noise from behind her, Aaliyah ducks as another beam hit the building.

Ram made another sound of pain as another spell struck him. He tries to get out of the room but, the white violent light kept coming, never-ending.

~   ~   ~

Andre tilts his head as he watches the moonbeams strike the house.

A smile curves on his lips. “Sharp as ever.”

He broke into a run towards the half-destroyed iron structure. Upon getting there, he notices a broken window. Where the attacks were getting through. The only sounds to be heard was the sign that the spells were hitting the target and someone yowling in pain. His mind stays silent as he waits for the caterwauls to quiet. And for the attacks to cease, before balancing himself on his hind legs grabbing the base of what remains of the gap.

A moon mage, in lunar form, stares at the lifeless body of a fighting mage. She wore a dirty orange shirt and shorts; they were a little ripped. There were remains of a broken chain by her paws.

“Aaliyah, right?”

Her body jumps and turns around at the sound of his voice.

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