The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


7. Chapter Seven

Aaliyah stares at the smiling male. “Who are you?”

“I’m Andre Mystic. At your service.” he winks playfully.

The girl frowns folding her ears back. “How do you know my name?”

“Well, Mystic knew, and she told the leader of the moon pack, and then she told me…” Andre twists his paw around as he spoke. He snaps back to reality, “Anyway, you need to get back home right?” he held out a dark purple paw.

Aaliyah raises an eyebrow at him. “I could probably fly home.”

“I know you can’t fly.” Andre replies instantly.

The other narrows her eyes. “What, did Mystic tell you that too?”

“No, I can tell because one of your wings are hurt and you can’t fly with one wing.”

Aaliyah blushes, “Oh, right.” she took Andre’s helping appendage, the male pulls her out the window making sure she didn’t hurt herself.

“Why are you in your angry form anyway?” he asks raising an eyebrow.

Aaliyah looks at him with a confused gaze. “Angry form?”

“Or, lunar form, you’re all gray and have a moon on your forehead.” Andre points out.

“This is a moon mage’s angry form?” Aaliyah questions shock shining in her purple eyes.

“Yep,” the other confirms, “I’m surprised you didn’t know.”

“I guess I just don’t get angry often.” the girl shook her fur, “Anyway, I was angry because, ex-boyfriend kidnapped me.”

Andre scrunches up his nose. “Guys are so desperate these days.”

Aaliyah couldn’t help but crack a grin. “Aren’t you a guy yourself?”

The male starts walking on the black dirt path while he spoke. “Yeah, but I still think guys can be...jerks.”

She follows him, looking at the back of his head. “Well, not all guys are jerks.”

Andre turns his head to look at her. He smiles. “I suppose so.”

“Where are we anyway?” the girl moon mage asks, looking around at the tall, dark wood trees.

“We’re in the Dark Forest.”

Aaliyah nearly stops in her tracks. “T-The Dark Forest?”

Andre had faced away again so she couldn’t read his emotion as he utters. “Yep, right at the end. If we went around this building, there’d be a cliff.”

“Why is there a building out here anyway?” she asks with a distasteful grimace.

“It used to be owned by a bunch of killers, but they separated years ago.”

Aaliyah glances at him with a muddled stare. “You mean arrested?”

Andre laughs. “No, I mean separated.” he jumps over a fallen tree. “They never killed on Mystic Island so it wasn’t really an exact crime.”

The girl grips the tree bark with her white claws and climbs over jumping off the hard texture. “I’ve never really understood that law. It just allows criminals to get away with killing.”

“Well, yeah, but it also helps sometimes.” the other moon mage shrugs.

“So how long will it take to get back to the non-creepy side of Mystic Island?” Aaliyah inquires, changing the subject.

“A while.”

She frowns. “That’s not what I meant…”

Andre shrugs. “When you live on the moon you don’t ever really know how to use time.”

The girl blinks, she had a feeling she heard that somewhere before, but didn’t remember. “You live on the moon?”

The other gave her an expression as if she had twelve heads. “Uh, yeah. Usually, moon mages live on the moon.”

Aaliyah bit her bottom lip and looks up at the stars. The moon shines brightly.

“We might also want to be on the lookout for shadow badgers.” the male moon mage calls out.

“Shadow badgers?” she echoes, wishing Ace could be here to explain.

“They love eating away flesh, so I suggest looking out for them, a medic used to be able to cure the bites but they’re gone now,” Andre told her anyway.

“How could you know? You live on the moon.” the she-moon mage pouts questionably.

“Just because I live on the moon, doesn’t mean I don’t come down to earth every once in a while.” the male huffs.

Aaliyah pauses hearing a snarl from rustling bushes.

“Great.” Andre sighs.

Before Aaliyah could even sense it, a black shadow badger launches at her roaring. The girl manages to leap out of the way. It seems to never give up, always trying to sink its nails into something.

Andre spun on his paws and grabs the creature by its neck. It hisses and growls, struggling. He repeatedly smashes it into a timber. Until the badger starts getting too weak to fight back. The male drops the dark creature, the badger limps back to its nesting ground.

“That was unexpected.” Aaliyah gasps out as her head swam.

“That’s what shadow badgers seem to love doing. Doing the unexpected to catch you off guard.” Andre utters, gazing distastefully at the bush it retreated to.

~   ~   ~

“I think we can rest here tonight.” he gestures with his shoulder towards the hole in the dirt.

Aaliyah frowns. “Underground?”

“What? Are you scared to get dirty?” Andre teases, a smile hinting at his lips.

“No, I just think it’s dangerous. Won’t shadow badgers notice two mages sleeping? Defenseless? Helpless?”

“Probably. But, it’ll be okay. I’ll just sleep near the entrance. So, I can chase them off.”

She bit her bottom lip. “Alright. Just be careful.”

“Also if you hear childlike sounds, ignore it.”

“Childlike sounds? Is the forest haunted or something?”

“Just trust me on this one.”

Aaliyah soon found out what he meant. Around two in the morning, the sound of kids crying and talking echoes. Adult voices were shouting at assumingly the children. She tiredly turns her head towards Andre.

He seems to be in a tense state, his claws were digging into the dirt.

“How can we just sit here and do nothing?” the girl asks, lowering her ears. It did not seem fair in the slightest.

“What are we supposed to do?” the other sighs staring up at the entrance.

The way he’s talking, it doesn’t seem he’s just pitying them… Aaliyah bit her bottom lip in thought.

~ ~ ~

Andre would take glances at the hole then switch his anxious gaze to the girl moon mage. When he took notice of her loss of consciousness, he got up on his legs and quietly climbs out of the hole.

~   ~ ~

“Aaliyah? We got to get going.” Andre nudges the she-mage.

She yawns, stretching her paws before getting up on her legs.

The male moon mage climbs out of the hole with the other following.

“Uh, Andre?” judging by the look of the sky, it should only be three in the morning. “Why are we leaving so early?”

“Because, a demon is following us.”

Aaliyah flinches. “A d-demon?”

The older frowns distastefully. “Yeah. Demons are mages who have died.”

“W-Why is it following us?”

Andre shuffles his appendages. “Well, I have a theory on that...but I rather not speak of it.”

He hurriedly walks, flying over fallen trees. Aaliyah follows him, despite that her wing still aches.

“You rather not? We’re going to be traveling for probably hours.”

Andre bit his bottom lip. “I think it’s that fighting mage. It’d be no use attacking him again, demons can never die.”

“So in other words, if he catches up to us, we’re screwed?”

He smiles weakly. “Pretty much.”

Aaliyah didn’t like the sound of that. If she dies, she would become a demon. And she couldn’t ever be together with Ace. Suddenly, both start to hear snarling and footsteps.

Andre’s eyes scan the forest, purple orbs landing on a huge hole in a fallen tree. “In there,” he whispers.

The two mages dive into the wood. As they hid in the tree, steps start to walk by.

Wait, Aaliyah thought nervously, won’t he smell us?


“Damn branch!” a distorted angry voice snarls.

Andre bit down on his lips to hold back laughter. Based on the smell drifting through the air, Ram must have smacked his nose against a branch. And got a bloody nose.

After some time, they heard the footsteps leaving.

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