The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


1. Chapter One

Aaliyah’s life had always been good, she had a boyfriend, a loving friend, and family. She loves her lover, he’s a fighting mage, they naturally were tough through birth. Aaliyah knew he had to be the one, they had been together for a long time. Life couldn’t be better.

Aaliyah looks out her window. Like any normal girl, she thought fondly of her boyfriend.

“Hey, sweetheart! What’s the moon phase tonight?” her father’s voice shouts from downstairs.

Aaliyah rolls her eyes playfully. Her father tends to be lazy and so she always checks the moon phase. The moon mage grabs a mirror from her night table and considers it. The full moon shape on her forehead glows a white light.

“Full moon!” she yells.

“Thanks!” the reply booms.

Being a moon mage, she had forms of moon phases on her face. Whatever the appearance the moon in the sky shifts into, the shape glows.

~   ~    ~

Aaliyah waits by her locker the next day for her boyfriend. She smiles slightly as Ace, her best friend, walks to his locker next to hers.

“Hey, Ace! What’s up?” she asks, brightly grinning.

The ground mage huffs. “I got a job, but they make me spin dough and watch machines. Say it’ll improve my focus.”

Aaliyah giggles, patting his head. “It’ll get better, I promise.”

Ace lifts his head. “So, you waiting for your boyfriend?”

The other’s bright, purple eyes sparkle. “Oh yeah! He said he wanted to show me something.”

More like help you skip school. Ace thought angrily but didn’t voice his thoughts. He just grabs his books from his locker. “Well, I got to get to class. Better early than late.” he gave a fake smile then made his way toward math class.

Aaliyah beams and continues to wait.

~   ~   ~

“Hey, babe.”

The moon mage turns around and hugs the boy who spoke to her.

“Ram! Finally, I’ve been waiting forever!”

Ram rolls his eyes. “You’ve been sitting here for six minutes.”

Aaliyah smiles shyly. “Well it felt longer sweetie.” she wraps her tail around herself. “So what did you want to show me?”

The fighting mage chuckles, wrapping a wing around her. “It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.”

The girl giggles. “I suppose not.”

She got led out of the school, making sure not to be seen by anyone.

~   ~   ~

Ace taps his pencil against his paper. She probably has been led into something dangerous. He frowns, it’s obvious to him that Ram plans on using his best friend. This would just end up with her hurt. Ace lowers his ears. He had always failed in trying to get her to break up with him.

“Oh Ace, don’t be silly. He loves me. He wouldn’t ever hurt me.”

He wasn’t silly nor jealous, Ace knew what he was talking about. But, Aaliyah just couldn’t see the truth.

~    ~    ~

Ram had decided to show her a carnival staying temporarily. It had been amazing and she wouldn’t stop talking about it at dinner.

“I’ve always wondered dear,” her mother starts, “how come we’ve never met your boyfriend?”

Aaliyah smiles slightly. “He just isn’t ready yet.”

That wasn’t true.

“You don’t want to?” Aaliyah asked, feeling confused.

“I just think I rather not. They’ll just try to meet me more and more. I just want to be around you.”

“Aww. That’s sweet.” she cooed.

Aaliyah thought it a bit strange, she thought boyfriends were supposed to meet the parents.

But, she brushed it off.

After putting out a note to tell her father what the moon phase glows tonight, she pads up to her room.

~    ~    ~

For all his years of being her best friend, Ace has never seen Aaliyah so upset before. She stared at her phone while tapping her paw on the desk in front of her.

“Why isn’t he answering?” she’d mutter now and again.

The boy goes next to her. “A?”

Aaliyah looks at him with a bright smile. “Hey, Ace.”

“Is he not answering?” he masks the anger in his voice.

“Yeah...but I’m sure it’s just because he’s busy.” Ace internally groans at this answer.

Good boyfriends are supposed to have time to answer you! But, he grins and pats her head. “Yep, I’m sure that’s it.” then went to his desk to get out his books. He rests his chin down. I swear, one day I’ll convince you.

~    ~    ~

Aaliyah woke up happy on Mystic day and by the time dawned for the pups to do their honorable vocalizing, her spirits dropped lowly.

Earlier, she had called her boyfriend, asking Ram if he could come. He said that he couldn’t, because of family trouble. She had understood but her heart still ached.

Aaliyah’s ears perk up as a caring voice hit her eardrums. “You’re here alone?”

She laughs softly. “No, my family is here somewhere.”

Ace sat next to her. “Did he leave you alone again?” he referred to Ram.

“Family trouble.” came the simple answer.

Family trouble my ass. Ace inwardly snarls. He pats her shoulder, “I’m sorry he couldn’t come.”

Aaliyah smiles shyly. “It’s okay. He has his reasons.”

Ram didn’t know what he missed out on as fireworks explode with the sound of small mages singing beautifully. Ace and Aaliyah lean their shoulders against each other.

~    ~     ~

“Do you ever have any problems baby?” Ram asks, after ranting about his mother.

“No. I’m happy.” Aaliyah smiles.

Ram returns it, nodding his head. “Good, good.” the fighting mage looks happy to hear that, he hates dealing with girl problems. Suddenly he frowns, “Why do you hang out with that nerd a lot?”

“Well, I have no other friends, so when you’re busy...he’s nice enough to hang out with me.” the girl moon mage grins.

The other grunts then wraps his paws around her.

“I love you,” she says in a melodious tone.

Ram pauses before answering. “Love you too.” then ruffles her fur.

She giggles, pinching his cheek. “You’re so cute!”

“I’m not cute...I’m hot!” Ram protests.

“Whatever.” Aaliyah laughs.

They start off to class but Ram didn’t put his wing around her like he always does. The girl brushes it off.

Ace watches them, shaking his head dismissively at Ram. You may be able to fool her, but, I’m no fool. He thought, his lips curling up in a snarl.

~     ~      ~

“Ram can be so boring sometimes.” Aaliyah laughs over the phone.

“Then break up with him.” Ace groans.

“Ace, come on. You wouldn’t like it if I told you to break up with your girlfriend.”

The ground mage scoffs. “True, but you just admitted he’s boring.”

“But, I still love him.”

“Well if you say so.” Ace sighs.

“I gotta go bud! My father needs the moon phase again.”  the sound of her chuckling echoes, then she hung up.

Ace groans, laying on his bed. “Why are you so blind A?”

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