The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


9. Chapter Nine

Andre looks around curiously as he steps out of the last horrid land of the Dark Forest. “Huh. I thought Mystic Town was a lot more crowded.”

Aaliyah peeks from behind him. No mage or penguin were anywhere in sight. “This is strange.”

The other looks down on the ground. What he saw scared him out of his fur. Long, black claw marks mark the green grass. “I think the demon is somewhere around here.”

The she-mage bit her bottom lip. “You mean it might be chasing down everyone?”

“It’s going to try.”

“I hope it didn’t get to my mom and dad…” Aaliyah utters nervously before speeding to the house she knew by heart. Her house bathed in white colors. The moon mage didn’t even bother to politely open the door. “Mom!”

No one visible in the living room.


It didn’t rise a response.

“I don’t think anyone is home…” Andre said, looking around the snowy-white room. Pictures of Aaliyah as a pup sat on a light pearl bookshelf.

Aaliyah ran up the stairs leading to her room. Her phone resting on her night table. She picks it up with her magic and types in a number. The mobile made some beeping sounds.

Then a voice sounds through, “A-Aaliyah?”

Tears of relief stream down the girl mage’s cheeks. “’re okay.”

“Okay! Of course, I’m okay! You’re the one that probably got kidnapped!” the psychic mage’s worried speech nearly shouts.

“Well, yes. But, there’s a demon on a loose and I couldn’t find you and dad!”

“I’m sorry sweetie. We’re at Ace’s trial.”

Aaliyah hopes she misheard her mother. “Ace? But...why?”

“He’s under suspicion surrounding your disappearance.”

“Not for long, I’ll be right there.” Aaliyah hung up and practically slams her phone on the bed. “Andre! We got to stop my boyfriend from getting declared guilty!” she storms downstairs causing Andre to look away from the shelf.

“Sorry, what?”

The girl huffs. “My boyfriend. About to be ruled guilty.”

“Oh! I guess we better stop that then.”

The two mages right then didn’t realize there were worse things coming than Ace being declared guilty for kidnapping Aaliyah.

~   ~   ~

“Give me one good reason why I might kidnap my girlfriend.” Ace had to restrain himself from glaring at the judge.

“Maybe you wanted to keep her for yourself.” the male energy mage utters gazing down at the other.

“I’m not the jealous type.” as soon as he finishes his statement, a phone starts ringing.

Aaliyah’s mother gapes at her mobile screen before answering. “A-Aaliyah?”

The courtroom nearly went into an outrage. It became so loud nobody could hear the conversation.

Someone threw their self against the other side of the courtroom doors.

“Who is interrupting this trial?” the judge demands, fury in his white eyes.

“Aaliyah said she would be coming over I think.” the female psychic mage said quietly.

“Someone open the doors!”

A steel mage opens the door with magic only to jump back in shock when not Aaliyah came in, but a demon. Its black eyes scan the room hungrily. When they land on Ace, its lips curve in an angry snarl.

The ground mage jumps out of the way as it launches toward him.

“Even a fucking demon knows I’m on trial.” he hisses.

The demon howls in pain as its head slams into the witness stand.

“Mystic, if you can bring a miracle, please bring one.”

Ace yelps as he got pinned down by the pitch-black mage. “Like, now please?”

Then, the demon was pulled off by a new male. He swung the thing into a wall with his jaws.

“I guess that works.” the other shrugs.

“Ace? Are you okay?” a voice asks next to him which just had to be said by an angel.

Ace looks over to see Aaliyah. “Never better A.” he smiles. It drops when he saw her race toward where the demon’s pinning down Andre. “Aaliyah! Wait! That demon is dangerous!”

It seems like she didn’t hear him and sunk her four pointy teeth into a wing of the black creature. It roars.

“Get off him!” she growls and pulls hard. More yowls of pain emit before it finally got off the male. Aaliyah squeals and jumps to the side as the demon tries to tackle her. It snarls in frustration as it bangs its nose into the wooden wall. “This is the most dangerous thing I’ve ever done!” she shouts.

“Tell me about it!” Andre yells over the screams of mages.

“So how do we get it to leave?” Aaliyah asks, dogging the creature again.

“Beats me, it’s a stubborn thing!” the purple eyed mage got into a pouncing position as the demon tries to run towards him. But it stops as the ground shook a bit and the black paws got stuck into some cracks in the floor that the shake had made.

“There. It’s stuck.” Ace breathes, glaring at the black mage.

“Oh, thanks, Ace. I thought we would have to fight it forever!” Aaliyah beams, relieved.

“So, how about explaining what happened to you.”

“Oh, right. Sorry.”

~   ~   ~

“Ram was that demon?” Ace asks, looking where the stuck male used to be. Some specialists came to put the demon back in the forest.

“Yeah, I doubt any other demon would try to attack a few mages.” Andre utters.

“And he helped you through the forest?” the other questions, gesturing his paw at the male moon mage.

Aaliyah beams. “Yes.”

“Well, thank you, uh…”


“Right, thank you.”

“Well, don’t thank anyone yet Ace. We still have to clear your name.” the girl mage giggles.

Ace smiles a bit. “As long as you’re safe, I don’t care what happens.” Aaliyah leads her boyfriend into the courtroom while Andre looks out a window. His dark purple paw presses against it. The stars reflect in his eyes as he gazes out sorrowfully.

~   ~   ~

“Besides, even if Ace had kidnapped me, you wouldn’t even know I was gone.” Aaliyah jokes, grinning gleefully.

“Thanks A.” Ace playfully rolls his eyes.

The moon mage suddenly stops, as if she just remembered something. “Oh!”

Ace raises an eyebrow. “What?”

“Um, well. I can’t go home yet.” Aaliyah admits, looking anxiously at Andre.

“What? Why not?” her boyfriend asks, looking seriously confused.

“I promised Andre I would help him find someone after all this.” she starts to walk away.

“But it could be dangerous.”

She didn’t pause. “Andre won’t let me get hurt.”

“That’s what I mean.” Ace sighs heavily.

Aaliyah turns around. “You don’t trust Andre?”

“I barely know him A, how can I trust him?”

The she-mage frowns at him. “If he wanted to hurt me, he would’ve done it when we were in the forest.” she didn’t want to do this.

“Or wanted to see the betrayal on your face.”

She didn’t want to have a bad fight with her childhood best friend.

“Ace, can we not talk about this? I don’t want to fight with you. If he does happen to ‘attack’ me, I’ll scream really loud.” Aaliyah didn’t even wait for a reply; she fast gaits over to Andre.

“You ready?”

Andre gazes worriedly at her. “Did you fight with…?”

“I hope not.” she quickly cut him off.

The other got onto his paws with his usual friendly grin. “Well, let’s go.” the two left out the main court doors.

Ace didn’t like the feeling he had as he watches them leave. He hopes he isn’t jealous. He read jealousy could destroy relationships. He didn’t want to make Aaliyah upset.

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