The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


14. Chapter Fourteen

“Hmm…” Anika looks over the collection of dresses. “Which one…” she bit her bottom lip as she let her gaze fall over a dark blue dress, it had a short narrow skirt with a loose waistline and spaghetti straps. Her eyes gleam at the sight of it.

“If you like it so much just pick it Anika.” her mother laughs.

“Okay!” she took the dress off its hanger.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah watches her sister with an odd look. She sews light and dark purple flowers onto the dress she just bought. “What are you doing?”

“Getting this dress ready. Rhett and I are going out tonight.” her sibling giggles.

Aaliyah squints and starts slowly backing away. Anika chuckles. Tonight, would be wild. She knew Aaliyah would attempt to stop her date no matter what.

~ ~ ~

“That’s, uh, a lot of flowers,” Rhett comments, his right paw messing with his antique white bowtie.

Anika looks over her dress. “It’s just a few.”

A few isn’t the right word.

The spider mage female sat on her seat at the booth; she excitedly picks up her menu and flips to the dessert page.

“You realize we’re here for dinner; right?” Rhett drones.

“Well, of course, but who says pie isn’t dinner?” Anika chimes with a giggle.

Five minutes’ pass before a waitress came to their table.

“May I take your order?” the girl was a moon mage in an orange waitress outfit. Her voice thick with a British accent.

“Yes, I’ll have a cane soda…and a real waitress.”

The girl pauses with a glare. “Dang it!” she shouts; running away.

“What?” Rhett asks, his eyes lit up in confusion.

“That was my sister.” Anika explains.

“How did you know?”

“Price tag.” the female laughs softly. “Aaliyah has always sucked at outfits.”

Aaliyah snaps her card shut from her spot at a different table. “I’ve got more up my sleeves.”

Ace sitting next to her sighs. “Or you could stop being a creepy stalker sister and go home.”

“Absolutely not.” the moon mage growls.

“It was worth a shot…”

~ ~ ~

Rhett lifts his spoon with white magic; then he pauses catching the smell. “My soup smells funny,” he comments; making a face.

Anika leans over a bit and took a whiff, an odor she couldn’t pinpoint, but it made her feel sick.


Her sister didn’t seem to be nearby. She couldn’t have known Aaliyah got kicked out for tampering with soup. And for being in the kitchen in general.

“Dang it!” the she-mage growls.

~ ~ ~

After dinner; the couple went on their way to the movie theater. Rhett covers his face with his black wing as the popcorn machine explodes bits at his face.

“This is insane.”

The snacks were out, and they somehow had tickets to a horror movie.

“You sure you still want to see a movie?”

Aaliyah gapes from her seat on a couch, in the waiting for a movie area, as her sister nods.

“I’m sure.”

Maybe she would run out of the theater; too scared to go on a date ever again.

~ ~ ~

…They were both clinging to each other and screaming.

Stupid Rhett.

“Can anything stop this couple?” Aaliyah shouts; watching them from the streaming room.

Rhett had been fine until Aaliyah started making shadow puppets. After the movie, they pad off to a ball like party; fancy and beautiful music playing with a gorgeous ballroom bathed in yellow lights. The whole room furnished with red objects, food tables, floors, walls and even the windows were red. Aaliyah watches the couple dance as she spies on them from the food buffet.

“I’ve ran out of ideas. Rhett is just too lucky.” she huffs.

Later, she follows them to Anika’s house; and gapes as they lean in and kiss! She didn’t even know her sister knew how to kiss. The spider mage female giggles then went inside. Aaliyah teleports from inside the bush she hid in; to her parents’ house. Her room to be exact. The girl squirms out of her coat, shirt, and pants. The she-mage slips on silky orange pajamas.

“Mission date stop; failed. For once.” she sighs; crawling under the covers.

~ ~ ~

Anika looks up from her task of moving couch cushions, as someone knocks on her door a few times.

“Come in!”

The blue door opens and Rhett pads inside the house. “Hey-what are you doing?”

“Looking for my pet.” the spider female answers.

“What do they look like?”

“Well she’s green and has a tail.”

“Let me rephrase, what species is she?”

“She’s a lizard.”

Rhett wasn’t sure if he heard her right. “Did you say lizard?”


Soon he found himself looking around the flower-loving female’s house for a green lizard. They both jump when a half-breed spider mage came bursting in.

“Anika! Your pet is in trouble!”

“You found Lizzy?”

“Yes, but shadow badgers!”

Anika wastes no time and speeds out with Rhett behind her.

At the edge of the dark forest, black and brown badgers snap their jaws at a small lizard. It did the old trick of the tail drop like usual lizards, but these creatures weren’t your average hunters. They weren’t fooled by this and continue to nip. Rhett shot forward like a bolt of lightning. A low growl emits from his throat. One of the badgers fold their ears back, hissing quietly. The moon mage snaps his teeth at them. The shadow badgers leap and run back into the black forest. The lizard crawls over to Anika who picks her up.

“Poor Lizzy! Those creatures have really bad insecurity issues.”

Rhett just stares at her. “Uh, right.”

Aaliyah watches from behind a house. Ignoring another message from Ace on her phone, who said she’s late. She had no time for school.

~   ~   ~

Aaliyah groans at the sight of homework on her desk

“You should’ve went to school instead of stalking.”

“I had to make sure he was right for her.” the she-mage huffs.

“Yeah, but now you have work to do.” Ace sighs.

“It was worth it.”

~   ~   ~

“Aaliyah sweetheart, time to get up.” Aaliyah’s mother utters tiredly, shaking her daughter’s shoulder.

“But it’s still dark.” the she-mage whines.

“I told you last night, we were getting up early to go to the mage keeper’s funeral.”

“Oh…” Aaliyah yawns stretching. She’s nudged out of bed and a black, long dress was thrown at her, along with same colored silky socks.

“Do I have to wear these gloves?” the moon mage grumps.

“Socks.” the psychic mage mother corrects.


“All the females and girls will be wearing them.”

She groans but slips off her pajamas to put on the black clothes. Downstairs, her father wore a shadowy suit. Aaliyah’s mother attire looks like hers. All the guys at the funeral dress up in a suit and the girls wore clothes like the girl moon mage’s.

“Even if it’s for a funeral, you look breathtaking-Mystic dang it.” Andre moans at his accidental pun.

Aaliyah stifles a giggle.

“It’s to die for…Mystic dang it.”

She laughs, only to get shushed by Rhett.

“I’m sorry for the puns.” Andre apologizes.

“It’s fine.”

As the speaker spoke greatly of the dead mage keeper, Aaliyah fades into her thoughts.

~ ~ ~

“The mage keeper coronation should be in a few days.” the speaker announced.

“So, who’s the mage keeper?” Andre asks Aaliyah, tilting his head.

“They protect and help mage kind, they make easy deals to get a house and they sign papers.”

“And now everyone has to wait for a new one?”


~ ~ ~

“Welcome ladies and gentlemages!” the white mage squints at Andre, who stood in the crowd. “Dude…”

“What?” Andre raises one of his eyebrows.

“You have a lot of kids.”

The skeleton mage next to the mage keeper slaps their paw over their bony face. “Dear Mystic.”


The mage keeper shook his fur. “Anyway, I’m proud to take on this responsibly. I hope I can be as good as my mother was.” he lazily smiles.

“I can’t believe this is the new one.” Aaliyah gapes, too stunned to whisper.

“I know I’m stunning to look at, but please control yourself little girl.”

The she-mage refrains from glaring.

~ ~ ~

“Can you de-elect a mage keeper?” Aaliyah grumps as she’s sitting with Ace.

“Not to my knowledge, why?” Ace asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Every time I just want to take a peaceful walk, he appears and starts to make fun of me. Ugh.”

The ground mage made a face. “Such a good example, isn’t he?” he drones.

“Yup, super great.”

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah grumps as the mage keeper kept talking to her, she just wants him to be quiet.

“Girls wouldn’t be much without us guys since we’re so strong-“

Actually, females are more controlled than males, the first master mage was even a girl.

“if you get my drift?” he winks, this causes the moon she-mage to make a weird face

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” Aaliyah sighs.

“Why? Mage keepers can do what they want.”

And he’s a spoiled brat.

The white mage stops in his tracks as a spider mage female zooms up to him. “Uh…hi lady.”

Aaliyah looks over, surprised to see Anika.

The older sister smiles. “Hello mage keeper, I would love it if you would stop flirting with my sister. She does have a boyfriend. Do not flirt with me either. I also have a boyfriend.”

“Does she even want to keep him?”

“Oh no, I’m just having a boyfriend for no reason whatsoever,” Aaliyah growls, she didn’t usually use sarcasm on others, but she’s annoyed now.

The male sweats nervously then walks off awkwardly, lowering his white ears.

“Thanks Anika.” the she-mage smiles.

Her sister grins and pulls her into a side hug. “That’s what sisters are for!”

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah tries to live a normal life, but crazy stuff kept happening to her.

“So why are you two hiding in my house again?” Andre asks her and Ace.

“Because, well…Ace?” Aaliyah trails off.

“Well, Aaliyah and I thought it was for the best; that very good friends shouldn’t date.” the ground mage explains.

“Now the mage keeper keeps on trying to track me down, and I can’t use the ‘I have a boyfriend’ excuse.”

Andre frowns at them. “I thought mage keepers help mages.”

“Well, they’re supposed to. This one acts spoiled and like a jerk!”

The two mages watch with a confused look as Andre walks to the front door.

“Andre? Where are you going?” Aaliyah asks; tilting her head.

The moon mage male darts his eyes around, “Uh, the store.”

“The store?” the girl questions.

“Yes. Keep an eye on the pups while I’m out.”

Madalyn, who’s wearing ripped gray clothes with a same colored eyepatch on her left eye, jumps on Ace. “I’m a pirate! Grr!”

“A! Help!” Ace yelps. He stares blankly at Aaliyah who too had an eyepatch, an orange one, and a toy parrot on her right shoulder. “Unbelievable.”

“What?” his friend pouts.

~ ~ ~

Andre nearly searches over half of Mystic Town before finding the familiar mage, presently flirting with an angel mage. Who had a wedding band on her right paw. “Hey!” he snaps.

The mage keeper turns in his direction. “Oh, the lots of kids guy.”

“Never mind how many kids I have, stop flirting with Aaliyah!” he glances at the pink she-mage. “And married females in general.”

“But she broke up with her boyfriend.” the white male objects.

“Okay, one: there’s no way you could know that.”

“They broke up behind the school, where I happened to be passing by.”

Still creepy. Andre thought inwardly rolling his eyes. “Second; that doesn’t mean you can just pick her up!”

The other rolls his orbs. “Hello, I’m the m-“

“Mage keeper or not, flirting with girls who don’t like you is creepy.”

“Says who-“

“You’re a mage keeper, and from what I have been told you should be protecting your island. Not making girls feel uncomfortable.” Andre bit his bottom lip in frustration.

“Don’t tell me how to do things.” the mage keeper glares daggers at him.

“Then leave my friend alone.”

“Girls will be girls.” he replies blandly.

“She isn’t just a girl! She’s…too great for words and doesn’t deserve your horrifying flirting!”

The psychic mage stares at him blankly then walks off without another word.

~ ~ ~

“Kill me…” Ace groans as Madalyn jumps on him repeatedly.

“Walk the plank!”

Aaliyah laughs at the two. She turns her head as Andre came through the doorway.

“I thought you were going to the store?” she asks with a snicker.

The male darts his eyes like he did before. “Closed.”

Madalyn tackles her father. “Daddy! Ace refuses to walk the plank!”

“It’s a piece of cardboard!” Ace protests.

Aaliyah and Andre chuckle.

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah kept looking over her shoulder as she’s dragged through the Mystic Day decoration store. She was shopping for holiday stuff for the upcoming Mystic school ball. Anika’s the one currently pulling her through the shop.

“Who are you looking for?” her sister questions, looking at the younger with a puzzled gaze.

“Just making sure the mage keeper isn’t going to come out of nowhere and start flirting.” Aaliyah utters, scowling at the thought of the odd psychic mage.

“I’m sure after what happened yesterday, you’ll be fine,” Anika said in a cheery tone.

The she-moon mage stares blankly. “Huh?”

“Rhett said he saw Andre giving the guy a tongue lashing.” the elder sibling grins.

“No wonder he didn’t come back with bags from the ‘store’.” Aaliyah made quotation marks with her paw digits.

Anika giggles then went back to looking around with Aaliyah following her with a bright smile.

I can’t believe Andre would do that. the moon mage thought with a pink blush flushing over her dark purple cheeks.

“Come on love pup, we got shopping to do!” the spider mage female teases.

Aaliyah rolls her eyes. “Did you only mention that just to tease me?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Anika stops walking to shrug her shoulders.

The other shook her head with a grin on her lips.

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