The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


4. Chapter Four

“If you’re going to avoid him, might as well break up with him.” Ace suggests hope on his face.

Aaliyah props her face up with one of her dark purple paws while staring down at her lunch of fish. “Well, I could, but that includes talking to him.” she knew it’s stupid to send a text or a letter, so not those either.

~ ~ ~

If someone told her she would be attacked by Maylee on her way home, she probably would’ve smiled and dismissed it. But, surprise, it happened anyway.

Aaliyah never could expect for someone to try to attack her. Emphasis on try. While she looks easy to attack, the moon mage moves swiftly on her feet. She gasps as a black claw swipes near her face.

How has Maylee never trained? Did she just not want to?

The girl had to get home quickly, so she needs to wrap this up. She rams into Maylee’s side then wraps her teeth around the psychic mage’s neck. But, not piercing anything. That’s how her parents taught her how to deal with bullies like the different teen. The other snarls faintly but gave up. After letting the she-mage go, Aaliyah starts for home.

~ ~ ~

“Isn’t that the girl who outsmarted Maylee?”

“I think so.”

“No doubt Maylee’s reputation is going to go way down.”

“So you somehow turned the tables on the...weirdo?” Ace asks, glancing at the whispering students.

Aaliyah blushes. “It was just a trick my parents taught me.”

“Well good job standing up for yourself.” the ground mage ruffles her fur.

She smiles shyly, leaning into her best friend.

They ignore the black burning glare following them.

Aaliyah’s depression had disappeared, for the moment.

~ ~ ~

She slid on her paws to the front door as she heard a knock. Ace stood at the door, holding a pizza box with his brown magic. “Happy Valentine’s Day A.”

“You made me a pizza?” the girl asks raising an amused eyebrow.


Aaliyah took the box and put it on the table. She opens it; inside laid a plain Valentine’s Day heart pizza. “Thanks, Ace, this is sweet of you.”

As his friend took a slice, he looks around the room, “So where are your parents?”

“Oh,” the girl swallows a piece of the pizza before speaking again, “they have a fancy day planned for the two of them.”

“So, want to play video games?” Ace’s voice seems nervous, sounding like he’s requesting her on a date rather than what he’s inquiring.

Aaliyah smiles with amusement, “Isn’t that at your house?”

“Well, yeah. But, I don’t want you alone on Valentine’s Day.”

“Really? Okay then.” she beams brightly as she packs away the pizza to take over to her best friend’s house.

~ ~ ~

“So…” Aaliyah’s mother trails off, finishing off her bite of hot dog.

“Honey, don’t talk with your mouth full.”

“Darling. I’m trying to be serious with A. Don’t scold me.”

The moon mage stifles a laugh. Her parents were funny to be around sometimes.

“I heard from Ace’s mother that her boy gave you a heart pizza?”

The daughter just raises an eyebrow at her mother. “Yeah? So?”

“Is Ace your boyfriend?”

“W-What? It was a best friend gift!” Aaliyah insists, her face burning red.

“Who gives best friend gifts these days?” her mother smiles slyly, her eyes shining.

“Honey, you never had any friends except me.”

“Shut up darling.”

Aaliyah had honestly thought nothing unique of the pizza gift other than the fact of Ace being sweet. But, her mother had her thinking: could it be a sign of affection? She didn’t know and it’d be a bit stupid to confront her friend about it.

“Well whatever gift it was, I’m glad to see you’re happy again!” the mother beams, smiling a grin like her daughter’s.

“Me too, mom.”

~   ~   ~

When he ignored her, Ram had thought she might come crawling back.

But, she didn’t. Instead, she hung out with that-that nerd! He wouldn’t let this go, he would get what he wants. And he knew how he would do it.

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