The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


11. Chapter Eleven

Aaliyah knocks on the big doors several times.

“You know, maybe he’s not home.” Ace suggests, shuffling his brown paws.

“I called him before we came.” the she-mage said, playfully rolling her eyes.

The entrance opens, revealing Andre with five pups hanging on to him.

“Hey guys.” he smiles.

“Hi Andre!” Aaliyah beams. “How are your kids?”

“Good, I think.”

“So, how many-“

“Twenty.” Aaliyah answers.


Andre opens the doors more so they could get in the huge house.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” Aaliyah askes as she gazes around the fancy household. Andre had redecorated the place.

“Well, it’s not really anything mind blowing. But, I figured I might as well get it off my mind before it distracts me too much.” Andre’s face softens into a solemn look.

The girl looks at him expectantly.

“You remember Cloe?”

“You mean the female you possibly blinded?” Aaliyah inquires.

The male winces quietly. “Yeah. I kinda feel bad about it.”

“I thought she turned your kids into slaves.” Ace states giving the older a confused gaze.

“Well, true. But,” Andre gulps, “she’s also my mother.”

If Aaliyah and her boyfriend had drinks, they would’ve done a spit take.

“M-Mother!” the ground mage coughs.

“How can you live the rest of your life knowing you blinded your own mother?” Andre groans in distress.

Ace opens his mouth to say something but after getting a stern look from Aaliyah, he closes it.

“Andre, to be honest with you; life won’t always be easy.” the girl utters gently.

“Then what’s the point of living it?” the other grumps, slumping his shoulders and folding back his ears.

“The people you care about make it worth it.” Aaliyah smiles kindly.

“How are you so smart?”

She laughs. “Ace is the one studying all night. I’m just average girl.”

“Average girls don’t travel through the Dark Forest.” Andre chuckles.


“Or fight a demon in the courtroom.” Ace chimes in.

“True, but…”

“Or save kids being kept as slaves.”

Aaliyah rolls her purple eyes. “Okay, boys. I get it, you don’t think I’m average.” then found herself tackled by a swarm of kids.

“Your pups are a bit excitable.” she groans.

“I can’t take them anywhere.” Andre jokes.

Ace howls in amusement, until he got undertook too. “Gha!”

Now Aaliyah and Andre were laughing at him.

“Sucker!” the she-mage giggles.

~ ~ ~

“Bye bye!” the ice sculpture pup waves rapidly to Aaliyah and Ace.

The she-mage giggles, waving back as she left with the brown mage.

“Alright kids, time to go get lunch.”


~ ~ ~

“Try not to get separated, alright everyone?”

“Okay!” the pups all agree, except one kid who looks at the playground out the window.


The ice sculpture mage turns towards him. “Huh?”

Andre raises one of his eyebrows. “Did you hear me?”

“Yep.” Madalyn chimes. Then went back to looking out the window. She glances at her family; they were not watching her. The pup beams then ran out the door that leads to the play area.

Her tail wags excitedly.

~ ~ ~

After ordering the food, Andre counts the number of pups. He frowns. “Nineteen? Where’s Madalyn?”

“Maybe messing around somewhere.” a vampire mage pup utters, gazing around the restaurant.

“I don’t know; I don’t see her.” a psychic mage pup quietly said.

~ ~ ~

Madalyn squeals as she slid down the slide. Giggles produce from her mouth as she chases her tail a bit.

“You’re a bit excitable, aren’t you?”

Madalyn stops to look at the stranger. A penguin with pink feathers, a light pink beak and his feet were a darker pink. He also wore a blue-white shirt and shorts.

“Hi...mister!” she pauses at ‘hi’ to wonder if pink could be a guy color, then brushes it off.

“Where are your parents little miss?” the penguin asks, his voice gruff.

“Well, Daddy is ordering food.” the ice sculpture pup points her paw towards the clear-glass door.

She didn’t expect what happen next. Madalyn yelps in shock as she was knocked on her stomach and instinct kicks in. She swung her electric blue wings around trying to fly away. Despite not knowing how to do it.

But two things pin her appendages. Madalyn tries to cry out, but a pink flipper went over her mouth. She bit onto it, however, she’s still a child so it had little effect.

The fin suddenly moves; the girl went to scream out, but a cloth shoves around her mouth. She could smell something sweet, curious, she kept sniffing. It just made her feel sleepy. Madalyn’s ears fold back in frustration, she couldn’t figure out the smell. She tries to stretch sleepily, but a sharp pain shot through her wings. The pup yawns then closes her powder cobalt eyelids.

~ ~ ~

“Madalyn!” the vampire pup shouts. “This isn’t a game!”

“She’s probably on the playground.” Andre sighs.

An energy kid ran up to a window. “I don’t see her.”

“What?” the older speeds over and stood on his hind legs, grabbing onto the window. No one appears to be there, except for a few blue stray feathers on the ground. Andre swung open the door and ran outside. He lowers his nose to the fluffs and sniffs. His purple eyes widen in horror. “Madalyn?”

~ ~ ~

Aaliyah was eating cheese pizza with Ace when her phone starts ringing. She silently answers it. “Hello?”

“Aaliyah I apologize if hearing from me so much is becoming a bother…”

“Nah, it’s fine.”

“Madalyn is missing.”

Aaliyah nods. “Mm hm...Who is that one again?”

“Aaliyah. Seriously. She waved you goodbye!”

“Oh! Oh. How did you lose her?”

Andre’s voice sounds stressed. “I’m not sure. I was just ordering food and then when I was done, I couldn’t find her. And I found some of her wing feathers on the ground near the area where kids play.”

Aaliyah bit her bottom lip. “That does sound do I help when we don’t know who took her?”

“Well, maybe you could smell something I didn’t. Smelling things is the last thing we did on the moon honestly.”

“The moon doesn’t even smell like anything anyways.” Ace mutters. He yelps in shock as Aaliyah threw a pizza portion at his face. “A!”

The girl ignores him. “I’ll try to see what I can do to help.”

“Thank you.”

Aaliyah hung up.

“We could call the police like, you know, normal creatures.” Ace drones.

Aaliyah jumps off her chair and zooms for the door. “We aren’t normal Ace!”

“Touché.” the other said before following her.

~ ~ ~

“I wish you would’ve told me earlier where you were, I almost had to go over all of Mystic Town.” Aaliyah pants.

“Sorry.” Andre chuckles nervously.

Aaliyah sniffs the ground; she could smell the pup and an unfamiliar smell drifts through her nose that smelt fresh as the kid’s. “Hey Ace, smell this.”

Her boyfriend walks over and sniffs it too. He frowns.

“I don’t like that look.” Andre groans.

“Look, alarming creatures is not my thing, but…” Ace bit his bottom lip. “I think your daughter was kidnapped.”

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