The Unthinkable

Aaliyah's in a perfect relationship and everything's blissful, suddenly she finds it's anything but perfect and gets thrown into an adventure and life she never could've expected. It was unthinkable.


8. Chapter Eight

“I can’t believe he managed to get a bloody nose.” Andre snorts, holding his right paw against his chest. “Such unfortunate timing.”

Aaliyah gave him a confused look, “Unfortunate?”

The male nods while laughing quietly. “For him at least, we’re the lucky ones.”

Andre helps Aaliyah out of the hole. “We might have to go slower though now. I personally don’t want to get close to a demon.”

The girl moon mage follows behind the other. “And what if we run into more shadow badgers?”

“Hopefully we won’t.”

The girl jumps back with a yelp as black shapes leapt from the bushes onto Andre’s back. He kicks his hind legs trying to buck them off, but the badgers dug their claws into the skin underneath to keep a grip. The male snarls and hisses.

Aaliyah could feel panic rising within her, she didn’t know what to do. The red shape on her forehead began glowing as a white light bathes it. Before another breath could be exhaled, a red beam shot out from the waning crescent. The dark creatures’ yap in pain and push off Andre, running back into the scrubs leaving a trail of black blood. Aaliyah gags at the sight of it.

The purple eyed mage winces as he moves his hips a bit, thin streams of gore leak out of the claw marks.

“Oh my Mystic, are you okay Andre?”

The male moon mage grimaces as he laid down on the dirt ground. “I....I’m not sure. I think it’s just a few scratches.” he raises an eyebrow as Aaliyah bounds off toward the bushes. “What are you doing?”

“I’m getting leaves from the bushes to bandage up your wounds.”

The girl came back carrying leaves in red magic. She presses them against the scratches, apologizing as Andre hisses in slight pain.

“I’m sorry I can’t really do anything about completely covering the cuts. Now they’re going to get infected.”

The male got up on his legs slowly. “It’s fine. Clearly, the bossy pack leader will be less than impressed that I got injured, but it’s fine.”

Aaliyah went quiet for a while before deciding to speak. “I noticed you left some time when we were underground. You left for some reason.”

Andre pauses before replying, “I was looking at the scenery.” another silence. “How’d you know I left anyway?”

The girl moon mage raises a brow. “Just because I look asleep doesn’t mean I’m asleep.”

The other chuckles lowly. “I was never good at reading people.”

“Were you really going to look at the scenery? I’m pretty sure that kid labor isn’t what most would call a beautiful sight.” Aaliyah frowns slightly.

“...It’s a long story.” that’s when the she-mage stops pressing about it.

~   ~   ~

Andre didn’t want to even think about it. He’s glad Aaliyah stopped talking about it. It wasn’t something he wants to discuss. Cloe, the pack leader, always said talking to someone about it would help. But, come on. Who wants to hear something like this? No one would ever understand.

“Well, this is going to be a long walk. But, if you really don’t want to talk about it; I understand.”

The male sighs. “It’s not really a long story.” he bit his bottom lip then stops in his tracks.

The she-lunar mage gave a confused look though Andre couldn’t see it. “Andre?”

He spun around and sat on the ground. “I suppose you know what happens when a moon mage has a non-moon mage pup.”

“Well, yes.”

“I have had a lot of pups, but not a single one was a moon mage.”

Aaliyah bit her lip. “You never could keep them with you?”

The male lowers his dark purple ears. “No. And somehow they’re all...slaves.”

“So you went to see your kids?”

Andre exhales. “Yeah.”

Aaliyah sits down next to him. “You can’t save them?”

His shoulders slumps. “I don’t know how to.”

“Ever tried asking for help?” the she-lunar mage asks.

“Moon mages don’t like leaving the Moon,” Andre said, digging a black claw through the dirt.

“I wasn’t referring to someone on the moon. I meant a mage who is currently sitting next to you.” the girl giggles.

“You would help me?” he sounds more pitiful to himself than he intended.

“Well, you’re helping me get home aren’t you?”

Two purple paws wrapping around her in a hug. The girl blushes shyly before embracing back.

Aaliyah’s nose twitches as pain explodes in her forehead. She squeezes her eyes shut as the discomfort increases. The shape on her head morphs into her original forms and the gray fur fades into a dark purple.

She snaps her purple eyes open to meet same colored orbs.

“Well, I guess you’re not angry anymore.” Andre smiles unwrapping the girl from his hug.

Aaliyah laughs. “I guess so.”

~   ~ ~

Ace paces in his cold iron cell. His green eyes scan the room outside his prison. A collection of missing posters on the wall caught his attention. They were all mages, but all of them look like pups.

Why were there so many kids missing?

Ace clangs his claws on one of the steel bars.

An ocean half-mage guard squints at him. “What do you want?”

The ground mage smiles politely. “Excuse me, but what’s with these missing posters?”

The dark blue mixed with bright blue half-breed looks over the papers hanging on the wall. “They’re kids kidnapped from an adoption center.”

Ace narrows his grass colored orbs. “I thought those places were well protected.”

“Yeah, that’s what the mages working there thought too.” the male shrugs his shoulders.

Ace rests his brown cheek against the bar getting lost in his thoughts. That’s strange.

~   ~   ~

Black eyes glare from bushes as two moon mages talk while walking. Whatever memories remain from the life before this didn’t exist. Just the urge to kill. He did know they would run away if he got close, so with what patience he had left, he would wait.

~ ~   ~

“Do you think someone is watching us?” Aaliyah asks directing her eyes around the area.

“If someone is, that probably means we should keep moving,” Andre answers, looking ahead.

The she-moon mage couldn’t brush away the strange feeling of being watched. Her paws twitch so much she almost trips but Andre made sure she didn’t.

“Come on, even if someone was spying on us, anything that’s not a shadow badger is not really a threat.” Andre smiles coolly.

“What if it’s a demon?” the girl questions raising an eyebrow.

The grin drops. “Pray to Mystic.”

“And run?” Aaliyah’s purple eyes hopeful.

“Yeah, that too.”

~   ~   ~

Ace wants to trudge to the courtroom, but he knew that wouldn’t end well in his favor.

“Ace?” he looks to see a psychic mage walking next to him.


“Do you know where Aaliyah went?” her eyes were scared and hopeful.

The ground mage’s ears lower. “The last I saw her; she was going to the store.”

The steel mage on his other side frowns. “But she didn’t come back.”

Ace stops to rub his forehead. “I know, so she must’ve been kidnapped by who the police for some reason think was me, which is absurd.”

A yellow mage put up her paw as the three near the courtroom door.

“Apologies, but only the defendant can enter at this point.”

The two step backward only giving Ace a ‘good luck’ look. It didn’t help him a lot. He sighs before finally going through the door.

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