"Whatever it is it's after you"
After multiple attacks in the wizarding world, Rose, Albus and Elle run away to get to safety. will they make it before its to late.

Please comment if you want a sequel or extra paragraphs.


6. Hogwarts.

What happened last night, I will never know. All I do know is that its just us three left, Rose, Albus and I. Why did they take them?, why not anyone else? I wish I could stop it from happening.


No one can stop her.


We ran. Rose disapperated us to Hogwarts. Mcgonigal was in her office, even though it was the holidays. Rose went to see her. Me and Albus walked through the halls. His hand accidentally slipped into mine but we did nothing  about it. He looked at me. We both smiled.


We were safe,


For now...















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