"Whatever it is it's after you"
After multiple attacks in the wizarding world, Rose, Albus and Elle run away to get to safety. will they make it before its to late.

Please comment if you want a sequel or extra paragraphs.


2. First.

When we got back there was an unfamiliar car on the drive. My parents cars weren't there either. The door was open but the lights were off. Nobody welcomed us when we walked in. Everything felt cold and misshapen. 


A man in a police uniform came out the kitchen without saying anything. I walked outside. I knew what happened. I looked at sam, he knew as well and told Josh and Thomas to leave. We walked down the road to our grandmas house. She wasn't there either. Sam told the police man this and we got a ride to the police station.


I listened to music for the next few hours until i was taken to Sophies house to stay for the weekend. We didn't talk, we just sat in silence, waiting for nothing.

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