"Whatever it is it's after you"
After multiple attacks in the wizarding world, Rose, Albus and Elle run away to get to safety. will they make it before its to late.

Please comment if you want a sequel or extra paragraphs.


4. Family.

It felt good to be with the magical world again. The next day we went down to see the Potters. Me, Rose and Albus got along quite well. Even if we were all in different houses. Rose was a Gryffindor, Albus was a Slytherin and i was a Hufflepuff.


Rose and Albus were cousins and I was just a friend, but we were super close.


When I saw Albus I started to laugh. He was in his pyjamas and bunny slippers. He slipped behind the door and ran upstairs. A few minutes later he came back down,dressed properly this time. Lily ran down after him and hugged me.

It seems like I hadn't seen them for years even though I saw them last month. Albus hugged me. James and Sam did their weird 'handshake' then James hugged me.


Albus, Rose and I went into their living room and talked for a while.

"she's back" I say

Albus looked at me sadly.

"I know." He replied.











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