"Whatever it is it's after you"
After multiple attacks in the wizarding world, Rose, Albus and Elle run away to get to safety. will they make it before its to late.

Please comment if you want a sequel or extra paragraphs.


1. Before.

I tossed my bag over my back and walked, with my friends, to the bus stop. My brother came with his friends a few minutes later.


The bus rolled up at 3:35. I sat close to the front of the bus, Next to my friend Sophie and in front of Cayla and Millie.


Sam, My brother, looked slightly out of place squashed between his friends Josh and Thomas. He was part of the popular group. I wasn't but I had a close group of friends.


Me and sam looked almost alike. We had the same dark brown hair and almost black eyes. Sam had our dads nose and figure whereas I had our mums nose and figure.


Sam was shy and only talked to his friends. Even then he only talks a little. He only talked to me when we are at home and mum and dad weren't at home. Sam was 16 and I was 13.


I walked home in silence. Thomas, Josh and Sam trailed behind me, laughing occasionally. I put my earphones in and listened to music and texted my friends for the next ten minutes of walking.


It was friday so Thomas and Josh were coming over for a sleepover. That meant that the boys would sneak drugs into the house and do them upstairs where no one could see them.


I would be staying in my room talking to my friends, watching videos and talking to myself.


















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