"Whatever it is it's after you"
After multiple attacks in the wizarding world, Rose, Albus and Elle run away to get to safety. will they make it before its to late.

Please comment if you want a sequel or extra paragraphs.


3. Back Home.

No one believed in magic, no one but our family. Seems like I was right. She was back. I grabbed my phone and called Rose. A few hours later a loud car horn startled me. I grabbed my bag and ran out. 


I threw my bag into the boot of the car and got in the back. Rose rested her head on my shoulder. Ron, her dad, called sam and drove to thomas' house. When we got there he was obviously trying to cover up the fact that he was high and failing. Ron cast a spell which made him normal again. Rose and I fell asleep whilst Hermione gave Sam a huge telling off. By the time we woke up we were 5 minutes away from the Weasly home.


The door opened magically and we went in. My suitcase floated up the stars and into Roses room. I always slept in Roses room, even when I was a baby. Hugo was still asleep when we got back but he woke up when me and Rose tried to sneak up to our room. He jumped into my arms and hugged me.


It was finally summer!























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