Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


21. The Lily Allen Tribute


~The Lily Allen Tribute~



Reese started to spend time with them after that. She became like a limpet especially when Everett was around and shirtless. In his time at NASA and in prison Everett had needed to keep up some form of physique. That meant running, endless running which he had learned to love to hate, and push ups and squats. Every kind of exercise he knew. The walking of the last two days had done that for him and in the Moracci he had taken up running around the village on a morning.

Skylar wasn’t too bothered about his early risings. She was still asleep and he didn’t bother her as he got up for his run.

The results were a healthy body with lean muscles and actual abs, not a six pack or anything, but abs.

Those abs were what fascinated Reese.

Moving on from the abs, Skylar knew that their time with the tribe was ending. She wanted to stay but knew that she couldn’t. The decision to leave was what kept her up at night. What would their next steps be? Reese was annoying but useful, could they take her with them?

Everett was too busy sleeping, snoring like a lawnmower too, to be a witness to her conflict. She should really call him Everett Lawnmower, maybe on Earth he would be allowed to change his name to that. She knew that they had lawnmowers too, it had been a fun fact that the visitor had told her. She snorted and for a moment she was distracted from her questions.

Slowly she edged herself into sleep, allowing her body to sink into the mattress and become fuzzy. Everything seemed to sink when you fell asleep and she liked the feeling.

Slowly she allowed her brain to switch off, shelving the questions for later when she could consult Everett and Reese on the matters. If she asked Reese if she would come with them then that was one question sorted.

Slowly she allowed herself to begin dreaming, an image flickering on the edge of her mind, a dream coming into fruition just before deep sleep kicked in.

Slowly she felt a hand cover her mouth and nose allowing the familiar scent to flood her nostrils. At first she thought she was dreaming, the vision turning into a nightmare before her eyes, but the smell triggered a memory. It was then that she knew that it was no dream. There was an actual hand on her face and it was not Everett’s since she could still hear lawnmower snores. Her eyes shot open.

The eyes that looked down at her were cocky and she knew that they would be blackened. A Miracle Goon. She tried to scream but it came out muffled by the hand over her mouth.

“Ah, ah, ah Sky, you know better than that.” A voice crooned into her ear, the face close to hers. The smell was familiar because it was the scent of the sea with far too much salt in it. The scent that all Miracle Goonies seemed to carry with them. The compound that she had been held in months ago had stunk of it.

Skylar bit the Goon and he cursed. She allowed the moment of reprieve to kick out at him and roll to the side out of the bed. She cursed at the taste of the salt in her mouth off of biting him. She cursed the way she got tangled in the bedding. The thump she made as she met the floor woke Everett up, she knew because the lawnmower snores ended abruptly. She only hoped that the Goon didn’t have the foresight to attack Everett, he would take her when he had the chance.

“No!” she erupted as she crawled away from the Goon. The Goon was there though, right behind her, a hand on her. Her fists came to batter him. “Get away! Get away!” her screams were mixed with her power, the persuasion enticing him.

For a moment he seemed to agree with her order, like most people did when her persuasion crept into her voice, but the moment was broken as he shook his head and shook the persuasion off. The Miracle Goons were the only ones who seemed to be resistant to her powers. The Miracle itself hadn’t been enticed by it at all.

“Ah, ah, ah, Sky, you know better than that,” he repeated and smirked devilishly. He leaned down towards her and she tried to avoid his touch.

His touch was tainting.

Everett gave a war cry from too near and leapt onto the Goon’s back. He must have crept over on silent feet from his bed. Everett had learned it in prison and silent feet were a gift from the gods sometimes. “Fuck you,” he cried, “Fuck you very, very much,” he almost seemed to sing it as he beat the Goon with his fists, targeting the shoulders and the head.

Skylar took the chance and moved as far out of the Goon’s reach as she could, angling more towards Everett’s side of the room than the Goon’s. The Goon was shaking Everett off, reaching for something in his pocket. Skylar was searching for something, anything that she could use as a weapon.

“Your obsession is not our compulsion,” The Goon gritted out as he pulled his weapon free. The words froze Skylar, she knew exactly what they meant since they were the mantra of The Miracle.

It was a dart gun, and the Goon angled it towards Everett and shot. Everett was too focussed on beating the Goon to notice it. “Everett!” Skylar cried and Everett had enough time to look towards her. The dart shot itself into his shoulder. The prick was enough to daze him and he clattered onto the ground, away from the Goon.

“I hate companions,” the Goon gritted and advanced on Everett. Skylar threw herself in front of him, stopping him from getting at her companion. In her hands was a blue stone, small and shaped like a tear drop. The Goons eyes went wild and the dart gun was trained on her this time, “I knew you had something to do with this going missing,” the Goon mumbled before the eyes glazed over and the stone did its magic.

She always knew that she stole it for a reason.

But she was not off the hook. As the eyes glazed, the finger pushed the trigger of the dart gun. The dart plucked itself through the air and into Skylar’s leg.

“Cause we hate what you do,” Everett was mumbling on the ground, his hand coming up to grab at the dart and pull it out.

“Are you singing Everett, at a time like this?” Reese’s voice echoed from the entrance of the tent. Skylar turned her head to the side, she couldn’t turn her body because then the stone would go out of the Goon’s sight and the magic would waver. They needed the Goon dazed for as long as possible. The stone was called the Distractor, and to distract was what it did, no matter what was placed in front of it. The Goon would be paralysed, locked in his own mind, frozen as long as that stone was in front of his gaze. 

“Reese,” Everett muttered as he pulled the dart free. The dregs of the yellow liquid were still in it and the rest of it was currently in Everett.

“I saw the future, duh,” Reese answered Everett’s unanswered question of what she was doing there. “We have to question him right? That’s the good thing to do, there’s no need to use this?” Reese was referring to the hatchet she carried having procured it from somewhere.

“We’ll question him alright, right after we come out of the effects of the darts,” Skylar answered in a grave tone. She knew what were in the darts and it was nothing good. They were lucky that Reese hadn’t been affected because if she had they would have no one to keep the stone in place. The Distractor would lose its power and the Goon would be able to do what he needed. Reese's presence was safer for them all, if the Goon moved the hatchet would get him. 

“The darts?” Reese asked looking at the dart still attached to Skylar’s leg.

“And we hate your whole crew,” Everett slurred, leaning back on his elbows, his limbs giving up on him, “So please don’t stay in touch.” He was definitely singing, his tongue being resilient in not failing him. Both girls were looking at him now.

He looked at them with semi-conscious eyes, the dart would take their effect on him shortly. Then they would take Skylar. “That’s Lily Allen bitches and that’s my tribute,” he seemed to laugh at himself before slumping, his eyes rolling back.

The darts had got him and the effects were coming for Skylar, “Reese take this stone and keep it in front of the Goon’s eyes, don’t worry about us, worry about keeping the stone there.” Skylar passed the stone to Reese, she would be safe with the stone and the hatchet in hand.

She had no choice to leave the other girl with keeping the Goon incapacitated because the world went woozy.

Then Reese had two new friends slumped on the floor. 



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