Up There so High

What do you get when you have a space fanatic, a runaway princess and a bunch of miscreants? Well, you get the three E's; Explosions, Expletives and Enemies.
You may not laugh along with this story but you may sing (because the main space man is very much fond of that).


39. The Broadcast


~The Broadcast~



Reese and Fitz managed to procure two more flowers and although they hunted for more, the remaining flower was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m a Lich man, I can handle whatever is thrown at me, believe me,” Fitz offered, and they agreed that since Skylar and Everett were wanted more by The Miracle, they would take the other two flowers.

“I can see the future surely that keeps me safe?” Reese tried to battle with Fitz, arguing her case why the other man should take the protection instead of her. She refused to just take it on counts of her physicality. But Fitz didn’t mean it in that way, Skylar knew that the man just wanted to protect the woman with every measure he knew.

Fitz smiled with an askew smile, “It would devastate me if the Miracle used that against you, and what if you can’t see the next move in that moment and something happens?” he gulped, “No I can defend myself if I need to, you can and I know you can, but if you suddenly can’t then what then?”

He wasn’t articulating his words very well. Skylar didn’t blame him.

“But–“ Reese continued to try and fight him on the matter but Fitz pushed the remaining flower into her hands and muttered his assurances that he would be fine without the magical petals.

On the Aglaia they plucked the petals, Everett’s face twitching every time one of his fingers tugged on the amber curls. They ground them into a paste, a whir of molten oranges in the bottom of the mortar. Liquefying the mixture with water made it easier to ingest and soon they were dividing it into three and Reese was trying to sneak her portion to Fitz.

“It will be safer if you have the whole thing, believe me just take it.” He was pleading and so the mortars were pressed to three lips and drank down with twisted, near disgusted, faces.

The Superfluous tasted like a mixture of spun sugar and freshly plucked herbs. It was an odd combination, and sometimes when you chewed you got hints of purely sugar or purely herbs with the hint of earth. Skylar tried not to chew and forced her brain to swallow without thinking of it.

Then it was gone and her eyes were watering over the aftertaste. Her hands gripped the seat and she looked over at Everett to find his eyes bugged out, the sclera bulging against the pupil in the centre. Then he gulped and he sighed, leaning back in relief.

“That was awful,” he croaked out, his voice hoarse, and he tried to stick his tongue out to get rid of the taste.

“Tell me about it,” Reese grumbled, looking at Fitz who had laughing eyes trained on the three of them. Then he was pulling all of them into a hug, his arms barely fitting around the three of them, but the force was there squeezing them all closer to his broader chest.

“I’m glad all of you are going to be safe,” he pressed into her shoulders and sniffled, trying to hide the edge of elated tears that he had in his voice.

“I’m glad you love us that much big guy,” Everett whispered into the narrow space he had, “But dude you’re kind of pressing on ribs that I very much need.”

Fitz let go immediately, Everett teetering away from the group hug as Skylar grinned affectionately at him. The very essence of this human made her feel peculiar, and light up with joy each and every time.

“I forget that you are not from this planet Everett,” Fitz apologised.

“I don’t!” Reese laughed out, turning back to her seat. Skylar knew that she was thinking back to the first glimpses of Everett she had in the Moraccci tribe. Although Everett’s strength was unequal to the many beings of Zeld, he certainly tried to keep up with them and his enthusiasm contributed all the more. Skylar had to stop thinking of the times when she saw him shirtless, no she was not going to do that.

“Would you tell us more about your planet, nothing incriminating of course?” Fitz asked.

“As long as you drive us to the nearest and safest TeleV, there’s meant to be an important broadcast from the Miracle and it would be good to know about it.” Everett supposed and pushed Fitz towards the driver’s seat. They were always switching who drove, and Skylar knew that Fitz finally trusted the human to deal with the Aglaia even if at first they didn’t have much choice but to butt heads.

Fitz looked over the dials and controls for a moment before determining that Chalice Clearing was the nearest part of Zeld that held a TeleV. Chalice Clearing was exactly like its name, a clearing in the forest in the shape of a chalice, a meeting ground for wandering Zeldian’s. 

“Is it safe?” Reese tentatively asked.

“We’ll make it safe,” Fitz fired back and the determination in his tone was visceral. They all strapped in and they were flying again, slowly rather than the swift pace they always seemed to be going through space. “Tell us about Earth then.” Fitz looked at Everett briefly and soon all focus was on Everett.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t really know what to say because it’s home. It’s certainly different to Zeld, it’s not as green but it's about a mixture of Zeld and Cael without the underwater cities. De don’t take care of it in the way you do; the environment isn’t prioritised like it should be even though we’ve driven climate change off for a while. We also don’t have powers, we are just human, nothing different about us besides race and gender and religion.”

“That would be our Powerless then,” Skylar inputted, taking up the mantle for Everett’s awkwardness. She could tell that he didn’t get to talk about this very often. “The Powerless are just Zeldian’s, large blue or green eyes, pale skin, high healing factor and intellect. They are the basis of what we are except without the Powers or the Creature Disfigurement.”

She said the final word with a grimace because although Zeld displayed equality at a high rate, Creatures were seen to be inferior to the Powerful. It had been that way for centuries, since the first creature was developed out of the Pantheon, and Skylar hated it. She hated that even now there was discrimination to a degree. She saw the way Fitz’s mouth turned as well and hastened to correct herself, praising Fitz for his strength and blabbering out how the label was unlawful.

“We have some technological advancements; it’s how I was able to get here, by creating essentially a space suit that made me travel from Earth to here. But they are not to the degree of Zeld, I haven’t seen anything like Zeld to be quite honest.” Everett was amazed by their planet and it was endearing.

“It sounds like a curiosity,” Fitz responded.

“Something like that,” and after Everett’s murmur they were silent until they were descending through the trees and a button was pressed to make the ship transparent. Everett asked how that worked and Fitz walked him through the short version, Skylar tuning them out as they conversed about statistics and possibilities.

From above Chalice Clearing she could see that the space was full of Zeldian’s policed by Miracle Goons who were herding them to the centre. The TeleV was large at the back of the clearing, a curved screen measuring the width of the space. The Goons looked around at every opportunity they had and the team were perched half in the air with the hovering machines silenced on the undercarriage of the Aglaia, holding their breaths to not be seen amongst the half thick branches.

They were a distance away and something that wouldn’t be recognised immediately, they could still see but if they were on the ground the screen would appear larger and even more threatening.

A burst of sound silenced the murmuring crowds and yet the screen remained black. Another burst of sound and a voice spoke, several voices in fact, voices switching on every other word.

“We are The Miracle,” the first voice spoke from on the blackened screen. The voice was at first feminine and then it switched to a males deep tone.

“We are now the ruling government of your planet.”

“We deem Skylar Kingsley as the number one criminal of this world.”

“A reward will be given to those who come forward with information on her whereabouts.”

“As for your old government, you can see as to how far they have collapsed.”

The screen flickered on and there was her father, the king, kneeling with his mouth gagged and his limbs bound. There was blood on his chin from a split lip, half heeled now, and there was a patch of red on his tunic near the bottom of his ribs.

Skylar held her gasp in her mouth, scared to breathe it out.

“This action is punishment for the concealment of the Pantheon which should be passed on to the new ruling government.”

The camera switched and suddenly there was her mother, being held by a Goon, desperate to be out of their grip as tears streamed down her eyes and her hair lay sweaty and torn down her face. “Please don’t…” she whispered, turning her head to the ground to avoid the camera's gaze.

“I love it when you beg,” The Miracle crooned and the voice switched again. Skylar knew that this was to ensure that no one would know the true identity of The Miracle. It was a move of control and power, something that The Miracle thrived on.

“Because of this concealment, I will rob you of your King, your old and fallen King.”

Skylar didn’t want to see the implications of that but soon her eyes were forced to see it. Another Goon came over to her father, and although he tried to shy away, the Goon pushed a needle through his lips. The first scream was raw and pain ridden. Skylar pushed the held breath from her lungs, feeling the pain that her father felt. The needle was pushed out of his lips and back in, sewing his lips shut. Skylar turned away, she shouldn’t face it. She couldn’t face the screams that wrenched themselves from her father’s mouth, before they tapered off into sobs.

“This is how weak Zeld used to be.”

“I however, will propel Zeld into an era of prosperity.”

“But these people, these criminals deny you of that chance.”

Silence passed for seconds before the first voice spoke once more, a grave pitch to the words. “Skylar Kingsley, if you do not wish for your parents to die, you will come home and you will meet your fate.”

Skylar turned back to see the final image of her father lying on the floor of a room she knew to be the throne room, sobbing and curled up in pain. A wretched scream off camera registered and she knew that it was her mother, heartbroken over her husband’s pain.

Then the voice did not speak again. 




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