Perfection is but an abstract concept

Fiction diary entries criticizing the hypocrisy within society from the point of view of a lesbian. The misconceptions of "normal" that have led to stereotyping and a distorted view of "perfection." **Where fiction writing meets real midnight thoughts from my journal**


1. Questioning the world: Soldiers in line.

Sometimes I wonder... Are we just an image of what society has sculpted us to be? Do we eat in accordance to to the written down standards, smile when we are told and love by the rules? I live in a society urging us to be ourselves but punishing for the journey to it. Who am I really? Am I what society yearns or am I that which is inconceivable? We are granted freewill like a lighted match and asked to grasp it from the head.They always say "be true to yourself," but how can I find myself when I'm meant to smile when everybody else does in this society that dies to mold us in their image? In that despicable misconception of "perfection." If only they'd ever understand that in a world filled with diversity, perfection is but an abstract concept not a written law.///


"Ignore society." "Ignore society." But how can I when it forms the greater part of my whole? Without such interaction, I wouldn't have to drive my mind to fear while I withhold an urge, every time I see her smile. Yet I live with what society has told me, confining myself to the feeling even the smartest beings have failed to explain, all for the simple basis of having a spot in the world.  ///


It is not love that causes pain but dodging the feeling to please this so-called human race.  ///


When I kiss my girl, I keep my eyes to the floor cause I know they be staring; for no one told them as a child what it truly meant to be "normal", just false conceptions that raised a generation. And when they asked questions, not 1 answered that gave them a lesson. Maybe yes, in ignorance, based off of the view of perfection. The same idea that threatens a nation. Yet never teaching a soul the beauty in being different. Why? when you can teach them how to judge those that break the mold. Why teach respect in a society hellbent on hate? They'd rather be off raising a soldier in line than a fearless revolutioner. And while their children mock and point their fingers, I grasp her hand in a move of courage, but look down yet in fear. Blurred figures seen from the third of an eye, maybe for once it aint so bad, and as I steal a glance, it is not us they now mock, but the two behind us holding hands. A woman and a man. Whats wrong with them? Maybe everything, maybe nothing. Still a wretched human race will find a fault within the fragile ideas of "perfection." Nevertheless, they never lowered their heads in an act of acceptance but fiercely rose up to the prejudices of the world. Maybe it is a long battle as it was written in the scripts, but keeping my head down is never fighting in it and being the fruits of our victory. Only then I understood why "perfection" is but an abstract concept... It was never meant to be dressed with a face and color and much less a sexuality, but to roam freely across the beauty of diversity that breathes this world. ///


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