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in which aizawa eiji and ayano are well on their way to being pro heroes and their lives are more cliché than they really asked for.


2. ochako realizes she might be a little gay for ayano

Ayano wasn't much of a talker, Ochako had noticed. She'd said as much to Eiji, though he simply responded with, "Yeah, she's really introverted...Aya will warm up to you soon enough, though; don't worry!"

Honestly, Ochako didn't know what to think of Aya-senpai - Ochako's seen her in action during one of the hero training classes all the hero course students had to take, and Aya-senpai had dominated in the combat simulation, despite not having a physical attack quirk. But for as long as the fight had lasted - perhaps half an hour - Ochako hadn't seen Aya-senpai use Erasure at all, even when it seemed like her opponent might overpower her with their quirk.

It's days before Ochako can work up the courage to ask Aya-senpai about it, and even then it's during lunch when Izuku, Tenya, and Eiji-senpai are there as a buffer. "Aya-senpai?"

"Hm?" As soon as Ayano looks up, Ochako is quailing under her gaze. At least she wasn't killed for calling her Aya.

"Y-you're not social much, are you?" Ochako blurts out instead, already as embarrassed with herself as she can be.

"I don't like socializing," Ayano says simply. For a moment, the look on her face flickered from neutral to raw and unguarded then back to neutral. The change in her expression is so subtle that Ochako might have missed it had she not been paying so much attention to Ayano. "It's too much effort. It's easier to let Eiji do all the talking."

"I'd do all the talking, anyways, Aya," Eiji says fondly with a laugh, bumping his shoulder into Ayano's.

"Hmph. If you weren't my brother I'd have strangled you by now...," Aya-senpai muttered, but this time a small smile was present on her face. It was clear the two of them were close, perhaps even closer to each other than they were to Aizawa-sensei. Ochako remembered that they had another sister - Mako, was it? Mako was a first year, Ochako thinks. She had the Voice quirk, same as Present Mic.

Aya-senpai was...really pretty when she smiled, Ochako noticed. Not that she wasn't pretty otherwise! Just that it really came out in the small things. Like now, when Aya-senpai was smiling and the sun filtered through her hair, making it glow...! Ochako doesn't realize she'd been staring until Aya-senpai called her name, and oh gosh, now she was looking at her weird...

"Ah, sorry!" Ochako says hurriedly, blushing a bit. "Just a little tired...!"

Aya-senpai's small, worried frown disappeared. The idea that Aya-senpai had been worried about her made Ochako's heart flutter a little.

Ochako thinks she might have a little bit of a crush on Aya-senpai.

Ochako mentioned her little crush on Aya-senpai to Izuku and Tenya after lunch, during their modern Japanese class.

"Maybe you should be telling this to Aya-senpai herself instead of us, Occhan," Tenya says, matter-of-fact as always.

"W-what?! I can't just tell her; she's a year above us!" Ochako protested. "And besides, it's not like she'd be interested back!" It wasn't like it was such a big deal, anyways. It was a fleeting thing, something she'd probably look back on and laugh about as an adult.

"Tell Eiji-senpai, then," Tenya says. "It's not like he'll tell her, anyways."

"Why wouldn't he tell her?!"

"Hmm...I guess that's true. But there's no harm in saying anything about it, Occhan."

"I am saying something about it! Just not to Eiji or Aya-senpai!"


Eiji-senpai figured out about her crush on Aya-senpai anyways, even without her saying anything. He had mentioned it offhandedly; so casually that Ochako might not have realized it had she not been so worried about telling either of the twins.

Ochako had gone bright red and just...froze.

She thinks she might have started saying something, trying to come up with some sort of explanation.

Eiji-senpai brushed it off, though, so Ochako supposed it wasn't such a big deal. Maybe Tenya was right and Eiji wouldn't mention it to Aya-senpai.

(And he doesn't, for all that Ochako knew. Aya-senpai never brought it up, so Ochako can only assume that Eiji-senpai never told her.)


(Ochako still thought about that sudden little change in Aya-senpai's expression pretty often. She usually seemed so calm and collected; more guarded with her emotions as opposed to her brother who offered his friendship so freely.

It was odd, needless to say, to think that Aya-senpai was...vulnerable, for lack of a better word. But then again, at the end of it all, Ochako supposed she really was just an eighteen year old girl.)


Funnily enough, Ochako forgot about her little crush on Aya-senpai for the rest of the year, what with all the talk about offers from heroes and the like.

When Aya and Eiji-senpai graduate it's....a little bit bittersweet.

She manages to get Aya-senpai to promise to come back and visit, though, so Ochako was counting it as a win.

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