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in which aizawa eiji and ayano are well on their way to being pro heroes and their lives are more cliché than they really asked for.


1. in which eiji is the "nice" and "supportive" twin but really he's dying inside

[a/n]: afssfafd i realized way too late that shōta is thirty in canon and technically isn't old enough to be a dad??? well, i mean, adoption is a thing but like...old enough to have his own kids is what i meant but anyways just bear with me here and pretend he actually is old enough to have his own kids

also trans boy eiji is mentioned but not really expanded on beyond an offhand line (or paragraph, knowing me) about it

They're in the same homeroom again this year. Then again, it isn't surprising when they've always been since they were first years.

This year's first years look promising - most of them having physical attack quirks yet again - though Eiji had always been fond of the mental quirks. He might be a bit biased there, though, when Ayano didn't have a physical attack quirk herself.

"They look like gremlins," he hears Ayano mutter, unheard except by anyone who happened to be listening. A few of the first years skittered away from her upon seeing her glare at them. Eiji doubted they knew about her quirk yet, though.

"We were them once, Aya," he points out, at which she only scoffed and returned to silently judging the first years. Most of them moved away from the two of them, despite the fact that Ayano was watching from the doorway of their homeroom. It was a little funny, really, because Ayano was a hell of a lot scarier in action than anything. Otherwise, she was harmless. Unless, of course, someone pissed her off...huh. So she wasn't totally harmless.

"Eiji," Ayano says, unblinking, "isn't that the student from last year who couldn't control his quirk?"

"Huh? Oh...Izuku, you mean?" Eiji can see the second year a door down, talking to two other second years - Iida and Ochako, he thinks their names were.

"Is that his name...? I thought it was Deku."

"No, that's just his hero name."

Ayano stepped out from the doorway, other students scuttling out of the way as soon as they see her. Eiji sees Izuku - Deku in his head now; it sounded better if you thought of it as "I can do it!" rather than "useless" - do a double take when he sees Aya, and he tries to hide behind the tall one with glasses (Iida, if Eiji remembered correctly from last year's sports festival. Hadn't he taken on his brother's hero name?).

"Hm. It is," Ayano says. "He was in Dad's homeroom last year, wasn't he?"

"So was that fire and ice kid," Eiji responded, managing to dodge the question somewhat. He was a little scared to find out why his sister had suddenly taken such an interest in Deku. "You know, Endeavor's son."

"He'll make for an interesting hero," Ayano commented, though Eiji couldn't tell whether she was talking about Endeavor's son or Deku.

Ayano really was terrifying in her own right. He was starting to see why the other students were so scared of her now.

When he saw Aizawa Ayano looking at him from the next classroom down, Izuku was ready to die. He hid behind Iida, hoping that she would stop staring.

"Deku? Why are you hiding?" Ochako looked both very concerned and mildly amused, though mostly concerned.

"Ayano!" he squeaks, trying to point out their upperclassman without said upperclassman noticing. "Aizawa Ayano--she's looking over here!"

"Aizawa...?" Ochako repeated, looking confused, actually looking over at Ayano. "Aizawa-sensei has kids?"

"Both of them were at last year's sports festival, Ochako-chan," Iida says, matter-of-fact as always.

"Both of them?" Ochako asks, suddenly looking a little terrified for her life.

"They're twins," Iida tells her, Izuku still cowering behind him. "Ayano and Eiji."

"Oh, Eiji is the one with the Reality Warping quirk, right?"

"He can warp reality with it!" Izuku says, flipping rapidly through the Hero Analysis notebook he carried around - number sixteen or seventeen, if Ochako and Iida were counting correctly. "It follows the laws about matter and energy, of course, and it's really only limited by his own stamina and physical ability..."

Izuku waved around the page about Eiji; it was clear that his illustrations had gotten better over the past year. The ones of Eiji and Ayano were more detailed than previous drawings, showing off their respective quirks.

"...and Ayano has the Erasure and Future Vision quirks; you already know what Erasure does but Future Vision lets her see the most likely outcome, and it's so cool--!"

"Deku," Ochako cut in, "if Ayano-senpai is so cool, why are you hiding?"

Izuku's expression went very serious for a moment. "Because she's scary," he says solemnly.

Iida looked skeptical. "She can't be that scary," he says, glancing over to where the twins stood just outside their classroom. "See? Perfectly normal."

"Nooo," Izuku practically whines, "she's scary! She's like when Aizawa-sensei used his quirk on us, but she's not using the quirk!"

"That doesn't make sense, Deku..." Ochako giggled a little, nervously so. She glanced over her shoulder to see if Eiji and Ayano were still in the hallway - fortunately, Ayano wasn't. Eiji was still there, though. He waved at her when he noticed her looking, and she squeaked and turned around as fast as she could.

Eiji seemed normal enough, but if Ayano used her Erasure quirk the same way Aizawa-sensei did...! She really didn't want to go up against that one day.

Eiji had bumped into that Deku kid during lunch. The second year had seemed almost scared of him. Or rather, scared that his sister might be with him.

"Aya's not here," he says, quirking an eyebrow. He pretends to miss the sigh of relief that he hears from Deku. "Deku, right?"

"Huh?! Oh--! Yeah, that's me!" It might have been funny how jittery Deku was if he wasn't a second year, small and still a little scrawny. Eiji almost felt bad for him, that he couldn't quite control his quirk. "Eiji-senpai! You should meet Iida and Ochako!!" Deku blurts out suddenly; Eiji couldn't help but smile at the obvious way Deku was mentally kicking himself.

"The emergency exit kid and the Zero Gravity girl?" Eiji can easily see Aya from a mile off, seeing as how she practically towered above most of the first and second years, what with being 5'10" and all. Honestly, he was kind of stalling until Aya got here so he could see the look on Deku's face at Aya standing right next to him. Okay, maybe that was a bit mean but it was always a little funny to see people's reactions to Aya.

"Y-yeah...that's them..." Deku looked fairly close to vomiting. Eiji really hoped he didn't; vomit made him queasy.

"Move, I'm gay," he hears Aya say, then: "Nee-chan, you can't say that!"

Deku hears this and his eyes visibly widen. One of them twitches a little. "You have two sisters?!"

"Oh, you only have Aya to worry about, really," Eiji teases, "but it's Mako who has the Voice quirk." Deku goes much, much paler and starts looking nauseous. "H-huh?! Are you okay?! Please don't throw up..."

"I'm ready to die...!"



Eiji manages to rope Ayano into sitting with them a few days later, though she looked none the happier for it. Deku and Ochako looked extremely terrified of Aya, although Iida seemed perfectly calm.

This particular fact didn't faze Aya at all, given that just about everyone in the school was at least a little bit afraid of her. She was used to people trying to stay out of her way.

"Ayano-senpai," Iida says (Ochako and Deku look scared for his life), glasses flashing in the light, "you have two quirks, right?"

"Oh...yeah, I mean, if you want to consider them as separate quirks..."

"Hm. I suppose. But then, if you have Erasure from Aizawa-sensei, where did you get Future Vision?"

Their small group seemed to be waiting with bated breath (though really it was only Iida; Ochako and Deku still looked terrified), the air tense.

"Future Vision, huh...?" Aya looked contemplative, though the question couldn't possibly require much thought. "From our surrogate mother, I guess. It's likely that's where Eiji got his quirk, too..."

"Surrogate...mother?" Ochako asked tentatively, quaking in her chair. The noise Eiji made was reminiscent of a cat put in water.

Aya finally seemed to realize what she said and without missing a beat, went on to say, "...oops."

"Does that mean you have another parent, then, or...?" Iida trailed off upon seeing Ayano's expression, which looked eerily similar to when Aizawa-sensei was annoyed. In fact, it might as well have been the exact same. "A-ah, never mind...it's really none of our business anyways..."

"It's Present Mic," Ayano says, breaking the silence that had fallen over them.

"...You're kidding."

Deku and Ochako end up becoming less terrified of Ayano later on. Honestly, Eiji is a lot more relieved that Ayano seems to be more neutral towards them than she is with other people. She had a tendency to be a little cold to people she didn't know - or really, that neither of them knew.

He and Aya tended to have the same friend group, usually because he was the more social of the twins. Aya was more than happy to let him do all the talking. It was less that she was asocial than it was her being picky with who she befriended. Although Eiji was no idiot either when it came to avoiding the bullies and bigots and the like.

"Aya-senpai doesn't really use Erasure much, does she?" Deku comments offhandedly one day, when Aya had been home bedridden with a bad case of the flu.

"Not as much as she uses Future Vision. But then, I'd use it a lot, too, if I could see into the future like that," Eiji responded. "She's trained herself to be able to tell what her opponent's next move will be, though, so that she doesn't have to rely on Future Vision so much."

"Really?" Deku asked, glancing over at him, eyes widening. "But if she can do that..."

"Yeah, well. She's never been one to use Erasure," Eiji says with a small shrug. "Like, why use it a lot when you can see the future, you know?"

"I guess that's true...still, it's really useful in fights against stronger enemies!" Deku points out, going on to start muttering to himself again about the pros and cons about both of Ayano's quirks.

He had gotten used to explaining away Aya's not using Erasure. Although Aya had never really told him the specific reason for not using Erasure, he knew that it was because in a way, she resented having it. That is, she resented not having a physical attack quirk like he and Mako did; resented the fact that she could so easily lose both her quirks with the loss of her eyesight.

That so-called resent had been why she'd been pushing herself so hard all these years. She was relentless like that, and Eiji worried for her because he was afraid that one day, she would push herself too far and ultimately destroy any chances she had at being a hero.

Personally, Eiji thought the reason his sister tended not to use Erasure was because, unlike most inherited quirks, it wasn't so easy to make her own. Sure, she could probably fashion her own weapon to use to make up for the fact that she didn't have a physical attack quirk, but that was about the extent of it.

Future Vision, on the other hand...that quirk was completely and entirely hers, inherited from their surrogate mother's side to their knowledge. Eiji had gotten his quirk from that side too, though he wished they at least knew who their surrogate mother had been...

"Eiji-senpai? I just realized...Aya-senpai can't use both her quirks at the same time, can she?" Deku asked, seeming to have come to his own conclusion as to why Ayano didn't use Erasure.

"Hm? Oh, no..."

Deku looked thoughtful, staring off into the distance for a bit until he finally says, mostly to himself, "Y'know, she can still outsmart her opponent's quirk even without using Erasure if she knows how to predict their next move without using Future Vision...!"

There really wasn't anything Deku could come up with that Ayano hadn't already tried - though Eiji wouldn't put it past him to try.

Ayano seemed to have grown rather fond of Ochako. She was a sweet girl, bubbly and nice. Eiji was just glad Ayano had found a friend in her.

From the way Ochako seemed to look wistfully at Aya, though, Eiji almost thought Ochako might have a little bit of a crush on her. He wouldn't be surprised - Aya really was pretty, in the subtle sort of way. It came out in the little things, though Aya didn't seem to realize it.

He mentions it offhandedly to Ochako one day - her little crush on Aya, that is; the way she starts flailing a bit is more endearing than awkward.

"A-ah, but you're both third years and I'm just a second year and that's kind of weird--!"

"Not really," Eiji responded with a small laugh, "unless it was the other way around; that would be really weird."

"H-huh?! Eiji-senpai, you can't just say things like that, ha ha..."

It wasn't a possibility, anyhow. It would be odd for it to go the other way around. It was one thing to like an upperclassman...ahh, he was thinking too much into this. Ochako was a sweet girl, really! Maybe he was just too used to looking out for Aya.

Macchan finds them a few months later in the cafeteria, flouncing over with an unusual amount of pep.

"So this is where you've disappeared to," he teases, taking Eiji's hand in his own. Eiji can't help but blush at this; he had forgotten that normally he and Aya sat with Macchan during lunch.

"You didn't look for us," Aya points out, saving him from responding. "And you didn't ask, either."

"Yeah, okay, that's fair," Macchan says, small smile warm and soft.

"Oh, I remember you from the sports festival last year!" Deku says, leaning forward excitedly.

"Watch out; you're about to be attacked with a plethora of questions," Eiji mutters, still mostly focused on the warmth of Macchan's hand on his.

Now that he thinks about it, he kind of has a weird friend group. Or, well, not weird. More like mismatched, really.

Honestly, he was better friends with his sisters than with his actual friends. But then again, his friend group had pretty much stayed the same throughout his years here at UA: Macchan, Aya, and Mako; though now it had expanded to include Izuku, Ochako, and Tenya, too.

"Eiji," Macchan whines, leaning heavily on him, breaking him out of his train of thought. "Tell Aya you're not out of my league!"

"For what?" he says incredulously, tilting his head at Macchan.

"To date you!"

Eiji must look as conflicted as he feels because Macchan says, "Don't make that face; it can't be that hard to say!"

"Do you even have a league?" Eiji finally manages to say, somehow finding it in him to spit out the words.

"Huh?! Eiji, you're so mean...!"

Eiji doesn't miss the small laugh that escapes Aya, nor the smile that flickers across her face. It's probably a good thing that Macchan found them before the end of the school year.

The funny thing is, he still doesn't have his hero name, despite Aya technically already having hers. They usually did things, well, together, and this...it feels wrong, not doing this together.

"Are you still hung up about your hero name?" Aya comments idly one day, curling up in his bed despite having her own right across the room. The way she says it isn't incredulous or mean, just...curious. And straightforward, as always. She really was a lot like their dad, though she'd probably heard that enough times to be sick of it by now.

"What makes you say that?" Eiji snorts, running a hand through his hair - yet another feature of theirs that was identical to the core. He forgets, sometimes, that they're still very much identical even with his transition.

"You're nervous," she responds, gaze piercing. The feeling of it prickles, even though Aya wasn't using her quirk - either of them.

She knows him too well, he thinks, though they've always known each other exceptionally well, being twins. That particular fact had only forced them to be close, not that Eiji was complaining.

"That obvious, huh?" He can't help biting his lip; it was a habit that he never did grow out of. It was also a telltale sign that he was nervous or upset or what have you, yet another thing that made he and Aya identical.

"Glaringly." His twin blinks up at him, gaze steady and constant. Always constant. One of the few constants in his life...

"Just...," he tries to start with a sigh, fingers tapping out some sort of rhythm on his knee, "you already have yours, and it's weird, I guess, not having mine..."

"It's not mine yet," Aya cuts in, the way she bites her lip incriminating. "The name, it's not--" Her breath stutters, a sudden inhale and she finds herself unable to breathe.


She presses her face into Eiji's shoulder, her brother a familiar weight against her. "Fine, I'm fine," she gasps out, nails dragging across her arms.

"No, you're not," Eiji says softly, dragging her hands away from herself. "Ah, we're both pretty torn over this, aren't we?"

"Stupid, stupid, stupid...," Aya mutters, eyes dark with self-deprecation. "This shouldn't be so damn hard," she hisses, a sharp sound against the usual noise of their home.

"We can still do this together," he says, wrapping an arm around his sister's shoulder. "We always have."

Their graduation is bittersweet. Mostly, Eiji is just sad to leave UA; he'd forgotten that soon, he and Aya would graduate, leaving this behind.

He'd be lying if he said that he didn't cry a little bit. Even Aya, for all that she tended to shutter away her emotions, shed a tear or two when no one but him was looking.

The hero names to come out of their year's classes were a mix between odd and clever: Tiny Giant for one of the kids who towered over everyone else yet had the ability to shrink down to molecular sizes; Carbonate for another who could manipulate carbon to their will; Whiplash for Macchan, whose quirk tended to give off a sound reminiscent of a whip if he moved fast enough; Oracle for Aya, the hero name having been originally given to her as a nickname by Macchan.

And Warp Force for him - a name he'd come around to during the sports festival, when one of the pro-heroes had called him a force to be reckoned with, and oh, was he going to be.

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