New World

A young lady decides she wants to make the world a better place. She knows what she wants and knows she can do this. It will be hard work but well worth it. It will help everyone as well as animals. No one will have to do without anything they need.


16. The Fog

She ran as fast as she could.  The fog was getting thicker and thicker.  She started to panic as she spun around,  wondering if she would ever find it,  she ran until her feet were blistered.  She was ready to give up until it appeared in front oh her,  she grabbed the rung of the ladder and started climbing up to the sky.

But as she climbed her hands kept slipping.  She could barely make it.  But she kept repeating I can do this.  I won't give up.  She fell so many times she was bruised all over.  She was covered in blood.  She felt sick and she was so tired.  The last time she fell,  she sat there and finally went to sleep.  She had dreams bad ones.  People heard her screams it was like demons was after her.

Someone woke her up and she did not know where she was at.  They saw the fear on her face.  She kept asking who are you?  They kept telling her but she could not remember.  Finally they took her to the hospital.  They told the doctor that they found her and her body was bruised and she was bloody.

That she did not know where she was and did not know who she was.  This worried the doctors.  They did not know who to get in touch with. She was in the hospital for a week and they ran all the tests they could find.  But they could not find out what was wrong.

She could not eat, sleep,  and still no memory.  If you touched her she would scream.  She had nightmares and would wake the dead with her screaming.  She was scared of everyone.

They did not know what to do.  If they asked her a question she would snap at them.  If they tried to help her she would push them away.  She kept asking who she was and they could not tell her.

After a month went by and she still had no answers and they did not either.  She got up one night and was sleep walking.  Of course she did not know what she was doing.  But she walked out of the hospital. 

She walked out and never looked back.  Some one called the Police because they found her with a gun on her and she was bloody.  The Police realized that she did not know who she was.  So they tried to help but they came up with nothing and she kept running away.  She was in trouble all the time.  She was always fighting.  The last time they found her and put her in jail and she went to court.  The judge put her in a hospital that they are hoping can help her get her memory back.

The hospital after two months helped her with her memory and she finally knew who she was.  But she still did not know who her family was or where she lived.  But she got a job and a place to live.  Got on with her life.  Found some friends.  She is happy and tries to help others.


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