New World

A young lady decides she wants to make the world a better place. She knows what she wants and knows she can do this. It will be hard work but well worth it. It will help everyone as well as animals. No one will have to do without anything they need.


4. The Beach

The beach was always deserted in the morning.  He enjoyed that time where the only sounds you could hear were the waves of the ocean.  

He walked where the water met the sand and looked out over the ocean as he did.  He had dozed off when he suddenly felt smooth glass under his feet.  He looked down to see a message in a bottle.

He laughed silently to himself and picked it up,  wondering what story the message contained.

His smile disappeared as he read the note.

To whoever finds this message,  they erased us.  This is all that remains.  Remember us,  Please.

Now this has me really thinking.  How many people have been erased?  Why were they erased?  Nothing came to my mind.  This was a mystery to me.  Did the people know to much?

Where are the people that runs this place?  Where have they gone?  I have only seen two people since I got here.

But there would be nothing I could do to stop them even if I knew!  There are so many things I need to know and yet I am glad I do not know.  I don't even know how big this place is or where it is.  They do not tell us anything.  

I could be wrong but it seems like there are secrets about this place that they do not want anyone to know.  I wish I had a way to get into their minds.  What would I find?  I don't know if I would even want to know.

It seems funny that I found a message in a bottle.  Why did I find the message?  Someone may be sending me a warning.

Since the beach is empty in the morning maybe there is more to it then it seems.  With the only sounds being that of the waves of the ocean.  There might have been more but you could not hear another sound.  Now I am wondering what did he see as he looked out over the ocean?  Maybe it was something that made him fear or scared him.  You never know!

Now the smooth glass how did it get there and why.  I can bet the glass was all colors and shining and beautiful.  It could have put a spell on him that he did not know about.  Or maybe it was there to protect him.  

I would like to know why he laughed silently instead of out loud.  To make matters worse what was he thinking about when he picked the bottle up and read the message.  I will have questions for a long time to come.  

He was there for the peace and quiet.  To enjoy the scene before him.  Just to be alone with his thoughts.

He did not know what he would find.  Or that a message would be there in a bottle and that maybe it was made just for him.

Who was erased and how could he remember them,  when he did not even know them and probably never would.



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