New World

A young lady decides she wants to make the world a better place. She knows what she wants and knows she can do this. It will be hard work but well worth it. It will help everyone as well as animals. No one will have to do without anything they need.


7. Peered Out

She peered out her window.  It was late but the moon made everything glow.  Her eyes fell upon the dock that jutted out from the land and onto the pond.  

That pond had a story she never dared to tell.  

A story that would make her sound crazy.

She was okay with keeping it a secret,  because it was her story.

But when she looked out the window it was a misty rain falling,  when she heard a scream.  But she saw no one but the glow of the moon.

There were shadows all around and the sound of people talking and some was running.  

The dock was so dark it was dangerous and you would fall into the pond if you were not careful.  If you fell into the pond you would melt and your soul would be lost forever.  

The land had many rocks and holes to fall into.  Many places to hide and get lost.  There were many people that got lost on this land.  There was many wild creatures on the land and you could hear them late at night.  They would play with your mind and take your soul some where that you did not want to go.  

The pond held a mystery of its own.  It was dark and gloomy.  If you fell in you might never come out alive.  Many bones was in the pond and many things held onto you.  It made your eyes turn inside out and you could barely see.  The smell was terrible.

Yet young people would always be found there.  It was like they could never stay away,  the pond has a mind of its own and if you are not careful you will lose your way.  This is why I never wanted to tell this story because it was mine.  It happened to me!

My mother and my friends thought I made it up but I didn't.  It scared me so much I still have nightmare's about it.

Now you must think I am crazy.

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