Barney’s big adventure

This is about a boy named Barney. He loves the idea aound heros and want to be one badly. His life at home isnt that good, and he gets bad grades in school. He also has these weird dreams that he enjoys a little. One day he falls into a portal and into another dimension. But his hero dream has become rather difficult to follow after that.


1. Who is Barney?


This day is pretty much over know. I can’t help but think I am a lost child, trapped in this boring dimension, that other people call ‘’OKAY’’.

I walked into my room completely ignoring my drunk father downstairs. His usual yelling habit will soon destroy his voice. I took my hoodie off and changed into a
T-shirt. I started my radio and turned it up till I couldn’t hear anything else but the music.

Marc Cohn was singing his song ‘’Walking in Memphis’’. I crashed on the bed, and looked at the ceiling in my room. Adventure posters with heroes and princess’ hang like a dream far out of reach. One poster with a villain stared to the left were the window was.

‘’I feel your pain dude… I wish I could leave too’’ I sighed. I tilted my head and stared out of the window. Such a sunny day.

‘’I feel empty inside… what would the main protagonist do in such a situation?’’

I feel kind of dizzy.

‘’The old ass must be smoking that shit… a.. again’’
I fell into a big black void… again I am forced to sleep tight in grey light smoke. I can feel my body get sweaty. Disgusting, I hate it.

Do you have those dreams? Those dreams that makes you feel overpowered, and it’s like you can do everything… anything. I have those too.

It feels so real sometimes… It feels nice.

The sun was shining from above on the heavy gliding grey clouds. The wind walked with careful steps over the grass fields. I sat up with a shock.
I looked down on myself. It was me, but my clothing was different. I scratched my head and stood up. I looked up and saw a tree with thin branches.

I studied my new look. I had light armor on me… strange… and a white shirt. Uh and brown pants with thick stiches but no pockets?

I felt confused but whatever. It’s probably just one of my dreams again. Right? I began to look around. Nothing much to see really. Without thinking a just began walking straight ahead. As I walked I noticed a strange feeling. Chills went down my spine. A few trees were on the field with pretty flowers.

‘’It’s too quiet… ‘’ I mumbled. I could feel my body getting weak. I’m so hungry and thirsty.

It felt like I had walked forever, and this armor is beginning to irritate me. I wiped my sweat of my forehead with the back of my hand. I stopped. What… what is that. A brown dot in the horizon was caught in my gaze.

‘’CIVILATATION!’’ I roared. I ran as fast as I could. The sweat was dripping down of my skin with every step. I stopped on a little hill to catch my breath. The town was old looking… like a medieval town. There is a lot of people though. I walked down to the town.

when I arrived to the square were most of the people stood. I went around for a little while looking around. A clown at the middle of the square made children laugh. And the adults went on with their jobs. The building stood steady in line.
All these pretty fantasy things make me feel a little… misplaced.

A blacksmith stood also near the center of the square selling swords and other kinds of weapons. The elder man with thick brown hair and beard looked up smiling wiping sweat of with his apron.

We got eye contact. He smiled at me.

‘’HEY! Young man, how about a weapon!’’ the man yelled with a grin.

I giggled a little his raspy voice was so nice and inviting. I walked over to him.

‘’Hallo young man, you interested can I help you!’’ the man offered.

‘’Well yeah, why not… my name is Barney, nice to meet ya!’’ We shacked hands.

We started talking. His name was Alfred Bonehapper. I told him about my situation and he kind of understood… well no not really. I told him I had no money so I was in deep shiii… I mean trouble.

Alfred nodded, he didn’t hesitate one second then he offered me a job. He would give me a weapon as payment. The only thing I had to do was lure people over to buy weapons. Easy.

I took five steps forward. I took a deep breath…


Alfred let out a big deep raspy laugh when he heard me shout. Well I can’t blame the man. With a girly cracking voice like mine I would surly laugh too.

Small children and more men came over to watch while Alfred did his thing. I turned around to see. A bunch of people watched while Alfred pounded hot iron into shiny swords.

The other people clapped when the performance was done. Alfred smiled and walked over to me. He put a friendly hand on my shoulder.

‘’Good work boy, you remind me, of me self for when I was nothin but a stick’’ Alfred laughed, while patting my shoulder.

I could feel it. That feeling that makes it impossible not to smile back. Alfred handed me a sword packed in a piece of clothing. He said goodbye and wished me good luck. I waved to him. He walked away when he was finished packing his things. I looked at the sun set. It was slowly getting dark. I sat at the empty square on the cold sidewalk.

I sighed. It wasn’t cold or anything. It was just the right temperature.
I can’t lie to you… I feel lonely and helpless. The reason why I couldn’t go with Alfred is because… he’s a traveler, and when I had explained that I didn’t know where I was, or how I got here, he just said, ‘you are here for a reason, stay and figure out why’.
And know I’m sitting here. With the words spinning in my head like crazy.

But again this is just a dream. I took the sword up from the clothe rapping. I was beautiful. I stood up and took it for a swing. I took the sword up in a fighting manner and made ‘swoosh’ noises when I swung it around.

Quiet… very quiet.

I raised my head up further. A weird light in the night fell into the corner of my eye. I slowly turned my head to the light.

Fire? Fire… FIRE!!!

A House stood in flames, and screams escaped through doors and windows. People ran out on the streets to get a better look. A woman pointed to the roof with a terrified look in her face.

‘’d… d… d…’’ she stuttered

‘’DRAGON !!’’ a man screamed.

Peopled started immediately running around in panic. I can feel a strange feeling in my gut. It keeps getting bigger. I want to feel this more. I tightened the grip around the sword. I grabbed it with my other hand. My blood pumped fast through my veins. I could feel myself getting sweaty. I…

I loved it.

I ran directly towards the house. I could see the dragon jump down on the grown, while splashing fire randomly. A few men came running with armor and swords. They attacked… ka..BOOM. The dragon killed them by crushing them with its tail. I was still running for the dragon. I was so far away.

People screamed. Some tried putting out the fire. And the others saved the people from the houses that had caught fire.

The dragon stood up on its legs while roaring. A dude around my age stopped in front of it. He had golden hair and blue sapphire eyes. He yelled to the dragon and a furious fight started. He jumped and a lucky hit went through and the dragons tail fell right off. But the golden haired boy didn’t see it coming.

The dragon bit down in his stomach holding him down on the grown. I finally came up to them, and I stopped right in front.

‘’Quick run up to the heart!’’ the golden haired boy screamed in pain.

I could also end this right know. A slice through the dragons head would kill it… I could be a hero… but the boy would also… but after all.

It’s just a dream.

I lifted the sword and I could feel my gaze getting cold. I opened my mouth. I made a satisfying…


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