Barney’s big adventure

This is about a boy named Barney. He loves the idea aound heros and want to be one badly. His life at home isnt that good, and he gets bad grades in school. He also has these weird dreams that he enjoys a little. One day he falls into a portal and into another dimension. But his hero dream has become rather difficult to follow after that.


2. The Presentation

When I left the house, the next morning, the old ass was yelling something like this.


Well perhaps not the last part but you get the idea. That stupid old turd. I smelled my T-shirt… oh god… that doesn’t smell to good. I’ll just leave on the jacket for today. I ran to the bus stop and thankfully the bus is still here.

I sat down and found my headphones. I looked through my playlist… aaaaaannnddd… omfg shuffle.

An upbeat song began. I know this one… yeah, its Bonnie Tyler, I know her raspy voice anywhere. I hummed with the song.

‘’I need a hero…’’ I whispered careful. I decided with myself to look out the window for the rest of the way. I could suddenly hear the tires and steps of other people. Strange. I can hear them breathing. Perhaps it’s just me.

Maybe I still have some of that smoke in my system from last night. That stupid old geezer is going to be the reason I can’t focus today. What is that… weird pumping sounds keep interrupting the music.

I turned my head to find out where that sound came from. It comes from… from people? I leaned closer to the man in front of me. He’s glancing over at me know.

His neck has a thick vein. The blood pushes through… Baboom… Baboom.

‘’Hey stop staring idiot!’’

Wait what… just happened. OMG. I used five minutes apologizing for my rude behavior. What the hell is wrong with me. am I becoming a psychopath or something. The bus arrived in front of my high school. The last year and then I can take off to college and leave that old fart at home. That would be nice.

I have now been able to take care of myself for sixteen years. And I’m going to use the rest of my life preparing myself for the future.

And maybe someday… find my mom.

It’s weird how much your thoughts wonder off when you hear music. I got off the bus. A lot of familiar faces was scattered over the school ground. I walked past the big sign. ‘Utah high’. I turned up the music.

No way I want to talk to anyone. I am smelly and pissed. And I don’t want to fight with my friends today. They have a mission, they really want to see where I live. Oh, they want to meet my parents too! Why can’t we just stay away from my life… well I just don’t want anyone to know about me and my dad, I guess.

I looked around. Really such a group of dumb boys can’t just disappear. I took my headphones down around my neck.

A group of people is… running? Directly towards me. Well now I know where they are… better start RUNNING.

‘’Holy shiii… Crab Baskets, CRAB BASKETS!’’ I shouted while starting up to sprint away.

I only made two steps and then I fell back over when I got tackled from behind by Tony. Followed by Jack and Michael who jumped on me. They laughed loudly. I stood up and wiped my pants for dirt. The others tried catching their breaths while standing up.

‘’WE… we got you, haha’’ Tony laughed.

‘’Dude. You should have seen your face…’’ Michael said bursting into laughter with a big grin on his face.

I walked over to Jack and patted his back. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Those idiots. My best friends. Jack had a hard time breathing. When he started gasping for breath he took out his inhalator.

I got my friends naturally… I know them from kindergarten.

But the others and me looked after Jack. We weren’t friends from the start.

We saw him get bullied by the other boys from the class, and we couldn’t just let that happened. I remember that day clearly.

Tony, Michael and me was on the way to class, when we suddenly heard some threatening words. We could clearly hear that is was people from our class. We agreed without talking, that we should check it out.

The scene had already gotten pretty bad. Eight to ten boys stood in a circle around the new kid. At the time Jack had brown hair and big round glasses. He was laying on the ground subbing, with a big nosebleed and blood running from his mouth. And a guy was holding is glasses in his hand, swinging it around.

‘’What are you doing!’’ I shouted pushing a boy away from the circle. And facing a boy named Jonathan smith. He just smirked.

‘’Is that nerd your one of your kind too?’’ He stepped closer.

He was a head bigger than me, but that didn’t scare me.

‘’Yes, he is now… boost your ego somewhere else Smith’’ I looked him straight in the eyes.

He dropped the glasses down on the floor. He made a nod to the others. They left slowly laughing at us. Michael and Tony gave them killer eyes. I could feel two arms hugging me tight. The new kid looked up at me with tears streaming down his cheeks. His eyes were blurry and red.

‘’Thank you… sob… thank you’’ he was shacking a lot.

‘’Take it easy, you’re okay’’ I padded his head. He let go of me and wiped away his tears.

‘’You guys… are my heroes!’’

I got an amazing feeling. After that we all became very good friends. This memory is pretty old now. Its back from when we were first graders. It was the first time I was called a hero also.

We talked a little on the way to class. Jack was wearing contact lenses and looked a lot better know. Tony is walking around in leather clothes as always… why? Because it’s cool… he has almost white skin and blond short hair. A real lady slayer.

Michael has his jogging clothes on. He doesn’t have a style or a look. He once had a suit on to school, and he also tried arriving in pajamas. My honest opinion is that he looks good in everything. He has that chocolate brown skin and hazelnut eyes… admit it if you could look like that you would.

I survived the school for today. Even though I dumped some of the tests for today. Like math and English… Science… but that stuff doesn’t matter that much. Right?

At every test I felt my palms getting sweaty, and this high-pitched sound in my ears. A feeling kept messing with my heart too. I’m not cut out for these kinds of things.

The class is soon done now. Then I can go home! The clock made small ticks. Aaaaanndd… TICK.

People gets up and leave quickly one by one. I can feel the looks from my friends in my back. better start RUNNING!

I began to run. I can hear footsteps behind me.

‘’Today we are going home with you, BARNEY!’’ Michael yelled.

‘’NO WAY YOU GUYS CAN KEEP UP’’ I shouted while running down the halls.

Some people screamed when we ran past them. I came out the front door and sprinted. I could hear far away yells from my friends. I laughed.



I slowed down when I was sure my friends weren’t there anymore. I pulled my headphones on and started the music.

Click. Shuffle. Sigh.

A beautiful piano piece started in my ears. Filling my head up with smooth and soft melodies. I breathed in. I enjoyed this a lot. I sat down the speed in my walking.

I stopped when I could see the playground. This place has… some good memories. When I was younger my mom used to take me here… when things at home got to, intense… I walked over to the swing, that was placed in the middle. I sat down for a moment.

The playground is… empty. At the moment.

This reminds me of the days when me and my mom would leave the house at night… because of my dad. She would hold my hand while I played. When we got tired we would just walk over to the bench, and she would hold me in her arms.

One time she said

‘’Barney, you’re my little man… my hero. Mommy knows you will grow up to be someone fantastic. Mommy knows you can survive this… But I can’t’’ She sobbed. She had a big blue eye and tears running down.

I didn’t understand at the time… that she was saying goodbye to me.

I stood up, and started walking home again. Ever since that day, I’ve wanted to do big things. And I will become someone. I will become a hero. Hero or not I will save people someday. On one way or another.

I will be a hero.

The music changed. I could hear ‘Demon Hunter’ play ‘I Will Fail You’.


I stood in front of my house. I walked over the dead grass and over to the door. This house could crash at any time know. The walls outside has dirt all over and stinks like piss. In fact, the whole house smells bad. And the windows are covered with clothing from the inside, not letting the sun inside.

I locked up the front door and went inside. I did it as quiet as I could. I peeked into the living room. My dad laid on his chair with beer cans laying everywhere. The strong stink of alcohol filled the room. Smoke was leaping through the walls and ceiling.

Normally people would pinch their nose or something but I don’t… I guess I’m used to it know after years of living with him.

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