roommates × cameron dallas

nicole doesn't expect her roommate to be a boy. a cocky, rude and narcissistic boy.
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lower case story.
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p.s ; bare in my mind my writing is shit.
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copyright © by yourwifeyy 2017


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"first rule, don't speak to me when you're not spoken to. second rule, no one nightstands-"

i cut him off offended, "what makes you think i have one night stands?"

his eyes divert to my outfit and gives me a once over before frowning. i follow his eyes and look down at what i'm wearing. "what's wrong with my outfit?" my voice dripping with innocence as he rolls his eyes. "you look like a slut," he grunts, going over to the kitchen to get a drink. 

"excuse me?" i scoff, following him as he smirks. that cocky little bastard. "i'm talking to you!" frustrated, i slightly push him causing him to wobble out of balance and choke on his water. my eyes widen as he starts spluttering. "shit, i'm sorry," quickly apologizing, i pat his back helping him to swallow.

"you. fucking. bitch," he breathes, pushing my hand away from him. damn, what went up his ass? "i was just trying to help," i mumble, crossing my arms and backing away from his angry state. 

"no you were trying to deliberately choke me."

talk about over dramatic.

"you're such a jerk," i seethe, grabbing my car keys and storming out off the apartment. i hear him call my name in the distance. gosh, i can't believe he is gonna be my roommate for the rest of the year. pulling out my phone, i dial riley's number. 

"cameron's being an ass. meet up in 10 minutes," i sigh whilst unlocking my white audi rs4 and getting in. my family are practically loaded and give me everything i want. i wasn't those stereotypical spoiled brats. unlike some people *cough* cameron *cough* i don't let money determine who i am.

"it's sad that he's hot but his personality says otherwise," riley says through the phone. i agree. i mean i couldn't lie he was damn sexy but his rude personality clouds my judgement. "mmm, girl i couldn't agree more."

putting the key in ignition, i start to make my way to riley's apartment which is just a few minutes away.


"nicole!" riley shouts whilst getting in the car. leaning over to hug her, my phone starts to ring as i groan. checking the caller id, it was just a number. confused, i answer the call. 

"nicole, where are you?" 

"cameron? how did you get my phone number?" riley glances up at me at the mention of cameron.

"long story," i hear him sigh.

realizing that i'm supposed to be angry at him, i hiss, "don't call this number again," before hanging up. riley's eyes widen in shock. "damn girl, you told him good."

laughing, i high five her before starting the car up and driving our way to the shopping mall.

"so what's up with you and jack huh?" i probe, wriggling my eyebrows whilst steering the wheel. 

she blushes and bites her lip looking away, "nothing. why?"

yep, there was something definitely going on with the two of them. "oh i don't know, he seems very...fond of you," i tease, as we wait for the traffic light to turn green. 

she narrows her eyes at me, "how do you know?"

i casually shrug, "someone may or may not have told me how he felt about you." she notices that i said he and jumps up in her seat just as the light turns green.

"you know something!"

grinning, i train my eyes on the road whilst riley texts someone on her phone. probably cameron *wink wink*

she stops texting and looks up, an uncertain look on her face, "do you think jack is the one?"

"he seems like such a sweetheart and i can tell he really cares for you plus bonus points is that he's cute," i reassure her as she giggles. "thank you." 

i raise my eyebrows at her, "for what?"

"for being my best friend," she says, as i find a parking spot.



"you went shopping?"

turning around, i come face to face with cameron as he eyes my shopping bags. ignoring him, i go back to what i'm doing.

"let's have a look at what you bought," he says, yanking my bags out of my grip and pulling out the clothes that i spent a long time shopping for. 

"what the fuck is this?" he grunts, holding out a black jersey bralette. 

"a top."

"don't give me attitude," he growls, as i cross my arms and glare at him. he was being so pathetic. it was my body and my money. 

i snatched the top out of his hand and threw it back in the shopping bag, "the clothes that i wear have nothing to do with you. it's my body and my money."

he pulls my wrist and pushes me back against the counter, "it does have something to do with me if everyone's gonna know that my roommate is practically a slut."

how can someone be so rude?

i yank my wrist out of his grip, "you know what. fuck you. you narcissistic, self-adsorbed, rude and disrespectful asshole."

he stares at me with a shocked expression as i push past him to go to my room.

"nicole!" is the last thing i hear before i slam my door shut.


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