The Vampires of Mist Gate

London, 1822. When twelve year old Simon Lowe, the son of wealthy archaeologists, trespassers through the haunted Mist Gate cemetery, he meets Gemma Carnavan, the third daughter of vampires, whose own taste for blood threatens to ruin their love for each other.


9. The Village of Vampires VI


"The Village of Vampires is full of my kind, Sir", Gemma Carnavan said to Simon. He shook his head. "I don't know what to say", he said. He glanced at the lamps in the walls. He grabbed a lamp from the dim wall to his left. He shook his head, as they headed downstairs to the dungeons.  They reached the bottom. He watched the dark. In the gloom, Gemma saw ten black cages. Inside were servants. Simon was shocked.

"Get me out of 'ere., Sir?", a eight year old girl asked. She was wearing a tattered grey dress; her eyes were red/ "She's a vampire", Gemma Carnavan told him. He saw small droplets of blood drip down her mouth; he shuddered with fear. Seconds later Simon saw her grinning malevolently; her face was pale/ "​GET ME OUT OF 'ERE!​", she yelled. And then she grinned...and the nightmare had started.

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