The Vampires of Mist Gate

London, 1822. When twelve year old Simon Lowe, the son of wealthy archaeologists, trespassers through the haunted Mist Gate cemetery, he meets Gemma Carnavan, the third daughter of vampires, whose own taste for blood threatens to ruin their love for each other.


8. The Village of Vampires V


Countess Evelyn Balaign glided towards her eerie castle. She saw three guards asleep at their posts. "Get up, idiots!​", she said in French. They opened their eyes, and shivered. One of them bowed. They yawned. Suddenly she strode towards them, and bared her sharp fangs. Before she could do anything, a little girl watched her from her chambers. "​Mother! Are you there?​", Catherine Balaign asked.

"Yes, dear! I need to feed soon", Countess Evelyn Balaign answered her daughter. Suddenly she saw Carl Balaign, her son, appear outside his chambers. "​Mother! Father was concerned about your absence​", he said. She hugged him. Then she saw Lord Phillip Balaign, her husband, kiss her. He wore a long, black, coat. He glided towards his wife with a concerned look on his face. "​I missed you, darling. It's dark now​", he said in French. Countess Evelyn Balaign nodded. She followed her family to the Dining Room, and they fed on chicken. And drank fresh blood that was in their goblets.

Danielle Jones stared at the regal vampire. "My Lord, what's the matter?", she asked him. He stopped sipping his blood from the goblet; he stared at her. "Nothing is the matter", he answered her. He strode boldly towards the warm fireplace; he saw the flickering of the ancient black lamps that had been around since 1555. Danielle. who was eighteen, wore a black gown. It was worth £50. Suddenly a cold, biting wind blew from the north of London Town; the wind blew so fast that the villagers were knocked off their feet. "My Lord...", Danielle shivered/ She gazed at him; she pondered a lost thought, then she begun to sigh...and waited for the bell to toll Midnight.

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