The Vampires of Mist Gate

London, 1822. When twelve year old Simon Lowe, the son of wealthy archaeologists, trespassers through the haunted Mist Gate cemetery, he meets Gemma Carnavan, the third daughter of vampires, whose own taste for blood threatens to ruin their love for each other.


5. The Village of Vampires III


Anne Jackson stared at the cold window of her house in London village. She wore a white dress. "Mother! Mother! Is Father back? ​Mother!!!!​", she yelled. All she heard was silence. In her ten years of age, she was used to be alone; she was thinking about her friends in the village. Anne glanced at the dense mist that covered London town. She started to believe in vampires last week when her best friend, Maisie Greg died from two bites on her neck when she was attacked near the sinister cemetery. Anne gripped a some garlic in her hands. She always read books about the dead rising from their black coffins; she heard the creaking of the floorboards. Before she could do anything, she saw a figure in the dim hallway. It was a tall female vampire. It bared its sharp teeth. Blood spilled down the left-side of its pale mouth; it wore a red gown. It glided down the black carpet. "Your mother and father are dead, child. And now you're my servant". Anne showed the vampire the garlic. It backed away...and hissed in fear; it moved closer. "Go away, vampire", Anne said. The vampire moved high in the air. Then it flew towards her, baring its fangs. Just as Anne was about to cry, a man opened the chamber door. He was taller than the vampire. In his right hand was a hammer and stake. He moved fast.

"Countess Evelyn Balaign.  A pleasure to meet you". The French vampire gazed at him.

"Lord Donald Mallory. The vampire hunter". He wore a grey coat to keep him warm. He wore black breeches. His black boots on his feet thudded on the hard carpet; his face was dripping with fresh blood.

"I had to take your parents' life, child. It was necessary in case they arose from the dead and fed on other villagers' blood", he said. Anne cried. She waited for the battle to commence. When it didn't, Countess Evelyn Balaign opened the chamber door with her scarred hands, and jumped onto the cobbled road. Then it fled through the village towards its castle which was near Mist Gate.


"Who will take care of me, Sir?", Anne asked.

"I don't know, child. Fate works in mysterious ways. Let's leave here. The fact is Lord Shackleton pays me £3,000 to eradicate all evil in London", he answered. He glanced at the brown carriage that was nearby. Anne glanced at the distinguished driver. He wore a black hat on his head, brown breeches, brown socks, and black boots on his feet. "Silas Harrington, the rich driver", Anne said. Lord Shackleton opened the passenger-side door. He saw Lord Mallory with Anne. He got out, then he moved at a swift pace towards the front door. Anne opened the door. He smelled the faint aroma of fresh garlic; he held onto a large golden cane in his red gloved hands. "Anne. I'm sorry to come here on a bad situation. Your parents worked for us over a long period of time". Anne nodded. "Mother and father didn't have to die", she said. Lord Shackleton nodded. "London is full of vampires, child. It's a scourge that must be taken care of immediately", he said. Anne shook her head. Suddenly she saw a distinguished looking man carrying a black doctor's bag in his right hand. Written on the left side were the words: ​Doctor M. L. James, MD. Coroner. ​Lord Shackleton stared at him. "Hello, Doctor. This is Anne. Her parents were victims of the vampires. She'll live with me and my wife, Harriet, until we adopt her formally". Anne cried.

"It's going to be alright, child", Doctor James said. She hated it that she was too young to protest. She headed outside the front door as the coroner and the vampire hunter placed the girl's parents' bodies in bags...and took them to the London Morgue.


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