The Vampires of Mist Gate

London, 1822. When twelve year old Simon Lowe, the son of wealthy archaeologists, trespassers through the haunted Mist Gate cemetery, he meets Gemma Carnavan, the third daughter of vampires, whose own taste for blood threatens to ruin their love for each other.


1. London, England, 1822

Simon Lowe gazed at the site that his parents were digging in. "Why don't you go exploring near the old cemetery?", Anton Lowe asked his son.

"Yes, Father", he answered. He stood by the diggers with a sense of duty; he saw his graceful mother, Danielle Lowe, wipe the sweat off her forehead.

"Go on, Simon!", she said. Simon nodded. He knew when he wasn't wanted; he walked away from the digging spot that was near the ancient cemetery.


Simon glanced at the dirt road. The freezing weather caused himself to grip his black coat. His blue eyes focused on the laneway that was blocked by soldiers. ​DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER​ the sign read. Outside the biting cold wind blew from the north; the wind blew so bad that he fell downward. Seconds later he saw a gargoyle statue that was covered in green branches. He forced himself to get up. Then he saw two sleeping men. They looked deathly pale; they were asleep. Simon ignored them. Before he could do anything, a thick grey mist came from the south. Simon shook his head, then closed his eyes. He saw three female vampires gliding towards him.

"Margaret, Delia, look at what we've got there", she uttered. Lady Catherine Carnavan grinned at the human boy. "Mother, it's a human child", Margaret Carnavan said. She bared her sharp vampiric teeth at him.

"Don't hurt me", Simon said. He backed away.

"What's your name, boy?", Lady Carnavan asked.

"Simon Lowe. My parents are archaeologists", he answered truthfully. She glided towards him in her long, black gown; she grinned at the boy.

"Not many people dare to go to Mist Gate cemetery, child! We're vampires. I'm Lady Catherine Carnavan, Mistress of the Dead. And this is two of my three daughters". Simon was about to scream but he couldn't do anything. He was about to flee in terror when Margaret Carnavan opened her mouth. She then bit three times into his neck. Blood dripped downward, as Simon fell into a darkness that shattered his mind.


Three nights' later...


​The darkness was full of dread.

Simon Lowe was in a black coffin. He opened it with his right hand. When he broke open the coffin, he saw a grey mirror. To his shock, he cast no shadow. He shook his head. Nearby, to the far right, was a ladder. He walked upstairs to the front door. He opened it then saw a large, sinister man. "Dark greetings, Simon Lowe. I'm Lord Carnavan. You've given my kind a lot of grief. You can stay in the servants' quarters for now". Simon nodded, then he glided down the long, dim hallway...and knew what he was: a vampire.


Simon saw a girl dressed in a black dress. Her long, black hair was down her back; her red eyes focused on Simon; her feet was cold due to the freezing weather.

"Good eve, Sir? I'm Gemma Carnavan".

"You're a vampire?", Simon asked.

"All vampires live in Mist Gate Castle. We survive by talking care of the people in the village, Sir. What's your name?".

"Simon Lowe. My parents are archaeologists. I'm afraid that one of your sisters bit me...and now I'm a vampire". He stared at the two puncture marks on the right-side of his neck. To his surprise they had faded. Gemma grabbed a lamp in her pale right hand.

"Not many humans come here, Sir! It's been a painful since the passing of Lord Harold Carnavan in 1626 when a vampire hunter staked him near the cemetery with a stake and hammer". She shook her head, as she headed to the middle of the servants' quarters; she walked to the warm fireplace. Simon walked towards her. He warmed his hands.

"I like fires", Simon said.

"So do I", Gemma Carnavan said. Suddenly stared out of the black-iron windows. She saw human couples holding their hands in a romantic gesture; she imagined taking a husband once she was eighteen. No one in her mind was worthy of her love...until now. Simon smiled at her.

"What are you doing in the servants' quarters, Gemma?".

"Father and Mother have put me here because of my thirst for blood". She had faded memories of the first time she had fed on human blood; she had been ten years' old. Simon felt ill.

"I don't feel good, Gemma; I am sick".

"Feed on my blood, Sir", she said. He let her feed on his blood. Once he was fine, he felt normal again. Suddenly he collapsed into her arms. Gemma Carnavan took him to a bed that was in the middle of the living quarters. She kissed him gently on the lips; she smiled.

"Rest, Sir! Once you've rested, I'll take care of you".


Anton Lowe was concerned.

"Where's Simon? He's missing", he told his wife.

"Maybe he's in the cemetery", Danielle asked him. He saw Charles H. Kane, the London Police Chief, stared at them.

"Simon is twelve, yes", he said.

"Yes, it's been three nights. We were looking for ancient gargoyles that are full of supernatural power", Anton said. He shook his head, as Danielle broke down and cried.

"No one goes to the cemetery at night, Sir, because of the Vampires of Mist Gate". Anton stopped talking. And neither did Danielle.

"There's no such thing as vampires", Anton said.

And they shook their head...and knew one thing was certain.

They had lost their son forever.


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