The witch trials

The witchs point of view.

Not mature but not suitable for those who don't like death.


1. The trial


                          Elisha's pov

Darkness and pain…..

This is all I felt. My name is Elisha black. I am 22 and a magic user with two beautiful daughters, Madison black who has porcelain pale skin with black hair and a blue dress with flowers and butterflies and black flats, while my other daughter lily black had peach colored skin, blonde hair with streaks of black in it, she wore a black dress with stars on it and white sandals.

It was a warm Tuesday and I was unaware I was caught using levitation to steal from the market for a young girl who was very thin and hungry. The person who caught me was the leader of the witch hunts madam Evanson a person who hated all supernatural things including magic. The punishment for using  ‘Dark’ magic was death by burning, so far I hadn't been caught or so I thought. I didn't know at the time but she had already told everyone and they were planning an attack for later that day. It happened during the night, I was heading upstairs in my frilly white nightgown when I heard the loud knock  on the door and suddenly I froze as this is what all magic users feared, The knock of the burners.

    I ran upstairs for my wand and daughters when they suddenly knocked the door off its hinges running faster then I thought possible I wrenched open my door and scrambled for underneath my bed where I keep all my spells and my wand while pushing my girls towards the closet. I was to late, they grabbed my feet and yanked me out quickly knocking me unconscious. I woke up a couple hours later covered in bruises, tied to a wooden post surrounded by branches, and a splitting headache not knowing if my kids were safe. The leader walked up to me while the villagers who used to be so kind sneered at me while a few even spit at my feet “ hello black” she spat at me. “Evanson” I shot back, “ what do you want”, she smirked “ what do I want? I want a lot of things like no disease, a better government… and to be rid of witches like you”. I paled at the thought that they knew my secret, “ I have no i-idea what your talking about” I said while trying my best to look confident and not as scared as I felt on the inside, I winced at my short stutter.

   “We all know about what you did there's no use denying it anymore, the sooner you come to agree the less pain your kids will be in”. I bowed my head as I could already see my fate, I was going to die ”you will never touch my kids” I snarled after a short pause. Evanson smiled and readied the torch before she threw it on the branches, they caught on fire fast and it quickly spread to my bare feet. Excruciating pain, blinding pain.I feel it all around me as the fiery flames clawed at my feet scratching and hissing till I was all but blackened as it slowly crept up my body while my magic tried to keep me alive drawing out my inevitable death till it gave up. My last thoughts were of my children.

Death is all that remains of me as I recall this horrible fate I had because I was different.

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