As We Grow Old

Bree and Michael are finally home from a long tour and happily engaged. They have moved in to there new home and are ready to continue their lives after tour. They want many things but don't know if they're ready for. This causes problems for both of them. Can they make it out of these problems and live there happily ever after????


1. welcome home




I walk into my new home for the first time and all my family and soon to be family is there. I drop all my bags and run to my brother and sister. I gave them the longest hug I missed them so much I then hugged my parents even though I knew my mom was faking a smile and she wasn't really happy to see me I love her and I want her to know that. I look around and the house is beautiful all our furniture is set up and everything looks amazing. I go and thank Michaels mom for all of this because I know she has been busting her ass on this house. everyone sits down and we all start talking about how tour went the ups and downs and the stories. None of us mentioned me getting pregnant which is good because I don't think now is a good time to talk about that.

  As the night went on, we ordered pizza and ate dinner as a family. after dinner, my mom comes up to me and says we need to talk. I follow her outside and sit on the front porch with her. She starts the conversation off with "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?" I knew she was still upset about me moving out but im an adult I can make these decisions. I try to talk to her but all shes doing is screaming at me then my dad comes outside. he tried calming my mom down but she was pissed. I start crying because I just want my mom to be happy for me. My mom stormed off to the car my dad looked at me and hugged me and told me everything will get better. My dad really likes Michael so its easy for him to except this but my mom has never liked Michael. she would put up with him while we were dating but as soon as we got engaged hell broke loose.

 My dad calmed me down and walked me inside. I said goodbye to my brother and sister and walked them out. Once they left, Michael and his parents asked what happened I told them how my mom wasn't happy and doesn't like my decisions. Michaels family really cares and told me everything would get better with time. Eventually Michaels family went home and it was just Michael and I alone for the first time in a long time. He picked me up bridal style and carried me to our bedroom. He layed me down on the bed and started kissing up my neck. I love when he gets romantic. I got up and changed into his big tshirt since I never got all my clothes from my parents  house yet and I crawled into bed with Michael.



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