Life with 1D

Jasmine Evans is a 22 year old girl who lives in new York city and lives with 1D.
What will happen?
read 'Life with 1D' to find out more


1. Introduction

!Hey, this is the introduction to My life with 1D. 

the first thing you should know is that my name is jasmine but you can call me Jas, well thats what the boys call me. 

i am twenty-two years old. 

My best friends are 1D 

and Lauren,Eleanor and Cheryl. 

we live in a big mansion in New York, it is pretty cool. i have lived with them for 3 years. so i know what their like. 

anyway this is basically all to my intro. 



Hey everyone 

this is Tilly ( Mylifeastilly)

if you guys remember me 

but anyway, hope you enjoyed this story sorry about this intro it is short but i promise you the rest are going to be long!

thank you 

- Tilly xx


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