13. 12. Phantoms Forever


Like PHANTOMS FOREVER we wander these walls
And we're looking for someone to save our lost souls
Like PHANTOMS FOREVER we wander the dark
And we're lookin' for someone who can bring us back to life  


[Verse 1]
We're running in the blackness and we're never finding our escape
I'm falling down forever and I feel my very body break
I'm holding on real tight but then I feel your body slip away
And now I've landed but I'm burning and I'm in another place  




[Verse 2]
You tell me baby that I'm falling and you hope I'm gonna die
I'm trapped inside your room and feeling all the stitches through my eyes
I see no evil that's 'cause baby you have gone and made me blind
And then I feel you in the shadows and you're moving through my mind  




Like phantoms I'm haunting everywhere I go
And I'm scared to death that nobody knows
Nobody knows you finished me  


[Chorus x2]

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