Afraid (Hunger games)

I'm a twelve year old living in district 12 going to her first reaping... oh, and Katniss and Peeta are my parents. What will happen?? (Please give this a chance. I've worked hard on it-J)


4. the capital

"Hey, Jordan" I hear chance say from behind me. I continue to stare out of the window of the train. As if I'm ignoring him. But I'm listening. "I... Um... was told to get you for breakfast." He tells me. He seems nervous to talk to me at all. We haven't talked since yesterday's reaping.

"Okay, tell them I'll be there in a minute." I say. Still staring out the window

"Alright. Hey, are you... okay?"

"Yeah, just, really shooken up, that's all"

"I know you didn't really-" he pauses " volunteer for Layla" he says. "It was Makayla. From on stage you could tell. I'm sorry your here."

"And I'm sorry your here, chance. It's not likely a 12 year old is picked." Jose walks in my room.

"Come on you two, everyone's waiting!"

"Were coming" I say. Trying not to get angered. I hate when people don't knock. And it doesn't help it's Jose, something about her sets me off a bit. She's too over enthusiastic and it's annoying

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