Afraid (Hunger games)

I'm a twelve year old living in district 12 going to her first reaping... oh, and Katniss and Peeta are my parents. What will happen?? (Please give this a chance. I've worked hard on it-J)


1. Reaping day

Jordan! It's time to leave!" I can tell mom's really mad, but if I don't stay strong I'm going to get picked and die in that arena. That's just my luck.

" you know I will die if I'm picked!"

" your not gonna get picked! Your only 12! Your names in there once! Now let's go!" I'm shaking in fear.

"No!" I feel tears swelling up about to escape from my eyes.

"Jordan, if your picked one of your sisters will volunteer in your place! Right?" Mom gives the death stare to my four quad 16 year old sisters, Layla, Ayla, Makayla and Kayla.

"Sure..." Says Kayla, obviously forced to say that. All of the quads hate me. But love each other. None of them would ever lift a finger if it meant saving my life. In fact, Makayla tried to kill me once. By nearly drowning me in my bath water, Until Mom stepped in to get soap for Ayla and stopped her. I'm not sure why they hate me. It's not like I've done anything to them. They just... hate me.

"Come on, were gonna be late! Let's go" I give in. On the way there, I keep telling myself everything will be okay. Yet somehow, I know it's not

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