Hopeless Romantics

A poem of a Hopeless Romantic wishing to find their identity to stand out ...


2. Poem

if I were a writer

a master of the word

I'd write of how you mean more

than anything in the world


if I were a poet

an absolute at the verse

I'd say how, to me

you always came first


if I were a musician

a lord of the tune

I'd sing of how your eyes shine

brighter than stars and moon


if I were a ballerina

a champion at the dance

I'd sway forever

to the beatings of your heart


if I were an architect

an expert of design

I'd sculpt you the perfect world

where you would be my shrine


if I were a comedian

a keeper of the wit

I'd always make you laugh

so you would have no grief


if I were a magician

an adept at the illusion

I'd rip out my heart

to show you all my feelings


if I were a ninja

a guru at the zen

I'd fight off all your demons

so you'd never be scared again


if I were an artist

an elite with those strokes

I'd paint a picture of us that

we'll hang up in our home


And even if I'll never be good enough

I'll love you till the end

I'm just a rock

And you deserve every gem

But still sometimes I wish

That you would hold my hand

That you would hold my hand

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