Hopeless Romantics

A poem of a Hopeless Romantic wishing to find their identity to stand out ...


1. Before You Read

I'm not gonna be a pain and tell you what the poem actually means and all the hidden messages etc because reading this is supposed to be a journey of you interpreting this however you want and relating this to whomever you wish. (New Amendment : Right To Free Relatability ??? )

But for the sake of keeping up with theme of "Diversity", I need to explain a few things. This poem implies how a person would express his affection to someone if he was related to certain different things. (It'll make more sense along the read)

There has never been anything enjoyable in someone's misery (unless of course you're into that kinda thing, but hey! who am I judge fetishes?). So I'm not not going to tell you to enjoy, because poetry, to me, is not meant to be enjoyed.

But I do hope you feel.





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