At the start of the year the universe was calling me to write a new set of poems. I let the ideas that I had sit with me for a while and then I set about writing out what would be the storyline into what the poems would fit. It seemed the work would involve written set pieces and poetry. I was all set to go and then...... THE WORLD SEEMED TO GO CRAZY! It became clear to me that I was not being called to write out MY idea but that I needed to report on what was happening in the world and how it was making me feel.

the BLACK dog is a term used to describe depression and it a dark dog. As I started this work we are in a very dark, depressing time in the world and I had to reflect on that. So this is me, the Dark dog, barking back at the world! This is very much a live piece of work as we turn through this year. I also have my reflections in here, on my own thoughts, feelings and life. This is my heart open and my soul on show for anyone to see. It is me being brave, I hope you enjoy!



​YOU, this betrayal cutting deep into my heart

​Had no idea that you could turn around and be holding the knife

while the blood runs down my back

​I thought I had them all sussed, but you slipped through


​Then I realised that I can not let this take my trust

​You are just one in a line of folks

I have my own power, I claim it

​So this is just a scare


Nothing is going to touch me anymore

Not like the black cloud that hung over my head

A DARK DOG barking at me all the time

I walked away from the past pains


So now I walk on with my smile intact 

​Thinking its YOU that has to mop up this blood

​It shocked me, but it shouldn't have

​You don't even deserve this page! 

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