Camp of Legend Part 5

Abby Roberts and her friends decide to go to Camp Crystal Lake for the hot summer. When they have fun there, all of them are stalked by Jason Voorhees, who vows revenge.


2. Camp Crystal Lake


Abby saw the sign. It read: ​WELCOME TO CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE, EST. 1935​. She watched Dane driving through the Native American totem poles; she saw the twenty cabins. When she saw the glistening lake, she shivered with dread. She took her seat belt off. Dane did the same. Once they opened the doors, the new camp counsellors headed towards the Office door. Dane opened the door with his keys. He flicked the light on. Inside, there was a telephone, two black tables, and two small chairs.

"The new campers will be here soon", Abby said.

And Dane  he flicked the light on.


Bob Michaels stared at the road.

"We're nearly there", Sara Gordon said.

"That's good. I hear Dane and Abby will be there too", Kendall Pay said.

"Look! There's the campgrounds", Bob said. He drove the blue 2004 van towards Camp Crystal Lake. As they headed past the camp, the temperature increased to ninety degrees.


Dane walked to the cabins. Suddenly he saw the new campers. Abby smiled.

"Hi, I'm Abby". Bob nodded.

"Hi, I'm Bob. This is Sara, and Kendall".

"I'm Dane. Please come with us. Once everyone's settled in the cabins, we can have lunch. Then we can get settled", Dane said.


Bob saw cabin 4. He shivered.

Inside there were red coloured curtains. Abby watched the old barn. She saw a figure going inside. She blinked her eyes; she shook her head.

"Is there anything wrong, Abby?", Bob asked her.

"No, nothing", Abby answered him.

And she turned away, as the campers walked to the spacious room to eat their meal.


Jason Voorhees held onto a hammer in his right hand. He had imagined that his dead mother, Pamela Sue Voorhees, was still in his dreams. It wasn't fair that she had died; it wasn't as if she could do anything else. After his father, Elias Voorhees, had left them back in April of 1945, (during the end of World War II), when he and his family left the town of Crystal Lake, caused Pamela to take care of their unborn son. On Friday, June 13, 1946, when Pamela was sixteen, she gave birth to her son. She got a job as a camp cook thanks to the Christy family; she was determined to make enough money so that she could live in Crystal Lake. But Jason was disabled. He couldn't swim. Jason remembered the past. He opened the barn door. He flicked on the bright light. Jason saw several weapons on the black walls: hammers; swords; axes; machetes; and knives. After he saw a brown ladder, he walked upwards to the attic...and waited for the campers to enter the barn.


Abby smiled.

"Okay. I know that all of you are here to have fun. Camp Crystal Lake has the archery range, the lake to go swimming, and the deep woods. As for the barn, no one is supposed to go there", she said.

"Why not?", Bob asked.

"Because it's haunted", Abby answered.

"There's no such thing as ghosts", Sara added.

And she shuddered while she got dressed in her blue swim suit, and jumped into the cold, deep, water where Jason Voorhees allegedly drowned in nineteen fifty-seven.


Kendall walked to the woods.

She pondered on her own future.

By one o'clock PM, she saw a tattered sign that read: ​Camp Crystal Lake​.  Kendall wore a red T-shirt, black shorts, brown socks, and grey shoes on her small feet. She grabbed onto the birch trees with her right hand. She knew what it meant to be alone. Ahead of her was a deep pond. When she jumped the puddles, she saw an old shack.


Kendall opened the front door.

When she flicked on the bright light, she said: "Hello. Is there anyone there?", she asked. No one answered her; no one spoke to her.

Suddenly she heard the sound of heavy footsteps.

"Hello! Is there anyone there?". All she heard was silence; eerie silence. Seconds later, she screamed when she saw Jason Voorhees...and everything went black.


Sara frowned.

"Where's Kendall?", she asked Abby.

"I don't know. Maybe she's in the dark woods", she answered. Dane shrugged. He started to believe in the news that Friday the 13th was an unlucky day. After the rest of the campers finished swimming, they all got dressed in their new warm clothes, as black clouds hovered above the campgrounds.


Jason Voorhees watched the woods. No one was outside. He gripped a hammer in his right hand. Heavy rain started to fall outside. He opened the door, and walked at a brisk pace out of the shack to the camp.


Sara shook her head.

She saw a canoe that was drifting in the edge of the shore.

She shuddered.

Then, she checked the generator room. She made sure the light was turned on. She saw the light illuminate the room; she ran to the lounge room where her friends were keeping warm. "Where's Kendall?", Dane asked her. "I don't know. Maybe Jason Voorhees got him. We'd need to contact Sheriff Earl Tierney, Jr.", she answered them. Thunder boomed in the night sky. Then, by six o'clock PM, everyone was scared as the camp of legend lived up to its name.


Abby watched the archery range.

She picked up one of the sharp arrows. Then she fired one of them into the target. Suddenly she saw Jason Voorhees. She screamed. Then as she headed to the office, Jason raised his hammer high in the air. When he brought it downward he missed her by seconds.


"EVERYONE GET OUT NOW!", Dane yelled.

As the campers got into their vans, Jason Voorhees watched him from afar. He didn't make a sound. When the intruders left Camp Crystal Lake he vented his rage at them. Then he ran back through the dim woods to his shack, and opened the front door.

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