Camp of Legend Part 5

Abby Roberts and her friends decide to go to Camp Crystal Lake for the hot summer. When they have fun there, all of them are stalked by Jason Voorhees, who vows revenge.


1. Abby


Abby stared at the hot summer sun.

She looked at Dane Kendall.

"Camp Crystal Lake is five miles", Abby said. She watched her boyfriend smile. Abby, who was seventeen, wore a red T-shirt, blue shorts, black socks, and brown shoes. On her right hand was a silver Rolex watch. Dane, who was eighteen, had short black hair, blue eyes, and tall. Suddenly he saw the Crystal Lake Diner. Dane stopped driving. He turned the ignition off. Then he opened the door, grabbed the keys, and locked up. Abby took her seat belt off; she walked towards the front door of the Diner. "Let's go in!", she said. She nodded. As they headed inside, the two teenagers saw a group of locals eating at the bar stools; they also drank warm coffee. A middle-aged female waitress named Doreen smiled at them.

"Can I help you two?", she asked them.

"Yes, we'd like two coffees, please", Dane answered her.

"Where are you both going to?", Doreen enquired.

"Camp Crystal Lake", Abby said.

"I hoped they wouldn't open that camp", Doreen said.

"Why?", Doreen asked.

"Because of the death curse. Everyone's doomed if they go there". Doreen had long, blonde hair. Her hazel eyes focused on the teenagers; her face was lined with age.

"Because of Jason Voorhees", Dane stated.

"Yes", Doreen said. She wrote down their order with a black pen.

"How much is it for the coffees?", Abby asked.

"$7", Doreen said. Dane took out his wallet. He took out a $10 note. Doreen nodded. She gazed at the machine; she heard the ​clicking ​of the silvery till. Abby saw the locals shaking their head. "I wouldn't go there if I were you; I wouldn't let anyone​ go there", Richard Oliver, III, said. Abby blinked, as her coffee was served. Dane shifted in his seat.

When he was also served with his coffee, he said:

"Jason's dead. We'll be safe". Richard stopped talking. He was eager to think that the time was right to continue telling new comers about Crazy Ralph, the elderly doomsayer who was a messenger of God. He knew what he meant; he knew what it meant to force teenagers not to go to Camp Crystal Lake. He remembered Alice Hardy; he was sad that she had died back in August of 1979 in her own home thanks to Jason Voorhees. He was best friends with Enos, the truck driver who warned Annie about the history of the camp: the deaths of Barry and Claudette in 1958 in the old barn; the mysterious fires in 1959; the poisoned water in 1960. Afterwards, Camp Crystal Lake was closed for almost two decades. I'd advise all of you not to go". Abby shook her head. "But we have to go; we have to". By ten o'clock AM, on Friday, June 13, 2015, Abby and Dane finished their coffees. They got off their seats, and opened the front door. Once they headed to their van, Dane opened the driver's-side door; Abby opened the passenger-side door. "Let's go!", Abby said. And Dane nodded. When they put their seat belts on, and closed the doors, Dane drove down the harsh grey road towards Camp Crystal Lake.




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