Marauder's Oneshots

Just a collection of Marauder's Oneshots!


1. The Letter

After Graduation

Twenty-year-old Sirius Black sat in the Potter's living room. Lily and James were putting the finishing touches on their wedding plans. Remus, Sirius, and Peter were just there to help wherever they could. 

"I need a bridesmaid," Lily was saying, studying several lists spread out on the floor in front of her and James. "And you need a best man." 

"Well," James looked up, grinning, at Sirius. "There's no question there. Sirius, will you be the best man?" 

"Me?" Sirius asked. "Really?"

"Yes, really!" James laughed. 

Sirius was speechless. 

"Say yes!" Remus and Peter hissed in unison. 

"Uh, yes, I would love to be your best man!" Sirius said, excited beyond belief. 

At that moment, an owl tapped on the window. Remus stood up to let it in, and it flew over to Sirius, who was sitting on the floor, with his back against the couch. 

"That's odd." Sirius said, picking up and opening the letter. "It's from my parents." 

Everyone watched as Sirius read the letter. His face grew deathly pale. He sat and stared at the letter, chalk-white, looking as if he was about to faint, for almost five solid minutes. 

"Er, Sirius, mate?" James asked. "Are you all right?" 

Sirius stood up, stuffing the letter into his pocket. 

"I'll... I'll be upstairs in my room." he said, and he left. 

As soon as he was out of sight of the living room, and he'd made sure Fleamont and Euphemia were safely in the kitchen, he sprinted up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door. 

Sirius ran his fingers through his hair many times, before pulling out the letter again. 


We are writing to inform you that Regulus has gone missing. Kreacher knows what happened, but the most we managed to get out of him was that he was murdered while on a mission involving Lord Voldemort. As his brother, we thought you ought to know. 

Orion and Fridwulfa Black

Sirius couldn't help it. Tears began to run down his face. He and Regulus had never gotten on very well after they'd both started Hogwarts; they were too different, both with their personalities and their views. But before that, before Sirius had met James, they'd been best friends. 

Every time he'd ever yelled at his brother, called him a name, fought with him, and then, those years starting once Regulus had been Sorted, when they'd refused to speak to each other, ran through Sirius's mind. He hadn't spoken to him for seven years, and now he'd never have the chance again. 

And then sorrow changed to rage. Rage at Voldemort, for killing his brother. Rage at his brother, for joining Voldemort. Rage at his parents, for not even having the decency to tell him in person. Rage at himself, for being so stupid. 

In his fit of rage, Sirius grabbed anything and everything he could get his hands on and threw it across the room, still sobbing, in both sorrow and grief that went through him like knifes, and rage that made him shake. A glass shattered. A picture frame snapped. The wall of the bedroom the Potter's had been so kind to give him was denting, the paint chipping off, as object after object smashed into it. 


"Something's wrong." Remus said, the moment Sirius left the room. 

"Duh!" James said. "He looked like he was about to cry!" 

"Give him some time." Lily said. "When he comes back down, we'll see what we can do. But right now, he needs to be alone. That's why he left." 

The four left downstairs tried to carry on, but they finally gave up, and just sat together on the couch, wondering what on earth could have troubled Sirius so much. 

"It was from his parents." James finally said. "So whatever was in that letter can't have been very nice." 

"But he doesn't care what his parents think." Remus pointed out. "He's said so, and he's always made that abundantly clear." 

"Do you think something happened with his brother?" Lily asked. "I mean, I know he acts like he doesn't care about Regulus, either, but-" 

She was cut off by a loud bang from upstairs. 

Euphemia and Fleamont both emerged into the living room. 

"What was that?" they asked, before multiple more bangs sounded from upstairs. 

"That's coming from Sirius's room." James said. "Mum, Dad, give us a minute, please." 

And the Marauders and Lily raced up the stairs to Sirius's room. 


Sirius had run out of things to throw. His bed was demolished, every bit of glass was shattered, wood was splintered, feathers from pillows and his mattress floated through the air. Every blanket was shredded. There was nothing left. 

Except his wand. Sirius hurled it across the room as hard as he could, and nearly smacked James in the face with it as James opened the door. 

"Whoa!" James said, ducking reflexively. He opened the door wider, and stepped inside. "Sirius, mate, what on earth was in that letter?" 

Remus, Lily, and Peter followed him in. They gasped, looking around the room, and then their eyes fell on Sirius himself. 

His face was tearstained, contorted with rage and grief, and tears were still pouring own it. James walked over and hugged him, and Sirius just sobbed into his shoulder. 

The two boys sat down on the bed, James not saying a word, just rubbing Sirius's back and letting him cry into his shoulder. Lily, Remus, and Peter stared. They had never seen Sirius cry. They had no idea what could possibly have caused Sirius to break like this. 

Finally, Sirius pulled away from James, and wiped his face on his sleeve, taking deep, calming breaths. 

the Marauders and Lily all sat on the bed together in silence for a few moments, before it was broken by Remus. 

"Sirius," he said, "What on earth was in that letter." 

Wordlessly, Sirius pulled it out of his pocket and thrust it into James's hands, fighting back fresh tears. Together, the other four read it. 

James reached the bottom of the parchment first. He passed it over to Lily, and embraced Sirius again. 

"I am so sorry." he whispered into his ear. 

"Why did he have to die." Sirius whispered back in a voice choked with tears that were being fought back, but everyone could hear. "He was only eighteen. That was too young." 

"I know." James said quietly. "I know." 


Well, that was a bit depressing. But brace yourselves, because this was just the tip of the iceberg. I'm planning on doing October 31, 1981 next. 

Tick tick boom. 

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