The beginning of us

" I don't quite know how to say how I feel. Those three words are said too much their not enough. "

" Do you know where your heart is do you know how to find it did you trade it for something somewhere better just to have it. Do you know where your love is do you think that you have lost it you felt it so strong but nothing's turned out how you wanted it. "

" I could never pretend that I don't love you. "


Ariana Gilbert is Elena's twin sister, but she is anything but like her twin. Ariana is the party girl, the most popular girl at the whole school, and even though it looks like she has everything that anyone could ever have she feels that she has absolutely nothing. Nothing at all, and when her parents die it only gets worse. Ariana just acts like she is fine and she is unaffected by her parents death, and everyone believes her.

Then Junior year starts up, the thing that Ariana has been dreading ever since school was let out last year. Ariana is convinced that her Junior year is going to be horrible, and that it is going to be the worst thing that she will ever experience. But, Ariana soon finds out that she couldn't be more wrong, because when she meets Damon Salvatore her sisters boyfriends older brother, she and Damon become fast friends. But, soon Ariana realizes that her feelings for Damon were much more than " Just friends "


I felt his hands around my waist as he pulled me into his arms, his safe arms that I love, and when I looked into is beautiful blue eyes I close mine, and just savor this moment. I felt his soft lips brush against my ear softly as he whispers three words " I love you " I open my eyes slowly and look at him shocked. I couldn't believe that he loved me of all people. No one ever loved me. "You do? " I ask in a small whisper my lips brushing against his neck. "Yes. I have loved you from the moment that I saw you. " Damon whispers and that's when I whisper " I love you too " and he pulls me into the most magical kiss ever.


2. prologue

Dear Diary,

I know that I have written in a while, a lone while. But I haven't wanted to write this stuff down, because the thing is my parents died, and while everyone is so worried about Elena and Jermey it seems like no one cares about me. It's partly my fault of course, I mean I have been acting like I have been fine for this whole entire time, and pretended like nothing changed. I still went to parties, I still hanged out with Bonnie and Mona, and no one seemed to think that I cared about my parents death. Even Elena and Jermey think that I am perfectly fine, and they think that I'm not grieving like they are like I don't know how they are feeling. Like I am not crying my heart out every day, because I am. Every night when everyone is asleep I drive to the cemetery where my parents grave is and I cry. Sometimes I will even talk to them, tell them how my day was and fill them in on what is happening. It was stupid I knew that, but I couldn't help but do it every single night without any fail. Then I would come home and go to bed. That's what happened, and for awhile I saw nothing wrong with it, but there is something wrong with it! I am not moving on like everyone thinks I am! I am stuck in the past I am stuck with this haunting pain in my heart because my parents are dead! They are dead and all I feel is this pain in my heart. I feel pain, because the very last thing that I said to them is I hate you, and I hate myself for it.

" Ariana Ann Gilbert you come back here right this instant! " My father yells as I walk upstairs to my room. Well, I run.

" No! I hate you! " I yell as I slam my door and take my phone from my nightstand and text my best friends Bonnie and Mona--we were in a group chat.

I hate myself for the memory, and I hate that I can't help my siblings, because I know that if I do then they will know the truth which was that I am so not okay.


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