The beginning of us

" I don't quite know how to say how I feel. Those three words are said too much their not enough. "

" Do you know where your heart is do you know how to find it did you trade it for something somewhere better just to have it. Do you know where your love is do you think that you have lost it you felt it so strong but nothing's turned out how you wanted it. "

" I could never pretend that I don't love you. "


Ariana Gilbert is Elena's twin sister, but she is anything but like her twin. Ariana is the party girl, the most popular girl at the whole school, and even though it looks like she has everything that anyone could ever have she feels that she has absolutely nothing. Nothing at all, and when her parents die it only gets worse. Ariana just acts like she is fine and she is unaffected by her parents death, and everyone believes her.

Then Junior year starts up, the thing that Ariana has been dreading ever since school was let out last year. Ariana is convinced that her Junior year is going to be horrible, and that it is going to be the worst thing that she will ever experience. But, Ariana soon finds out that she couldn't be more wrong, because when she meets Damon Salvatore her sisters boyfriends older brother, she and Damon become fast friends. But, soon Ariana realizes that her feelings for Damon were much more than " Just friends "


I felt his hands around my waist as he pulled me into his arms, his safe arms that I love, and when I looked into is beautiful blue eyes I close mine, and just savor this moment. I felt his soft lips brush against my ear softly as he whispers three words " I love you " I open my eyes slowly and look at him shocked. I couldn't believe that he loved me of all people. No one ever loved me. "You do? " I ask in a small whisper my lips brushing against his neck. "Yes. I have loved you from the moment that I saw you. " Damon whispers and that's when I whisper " I love you too " and he pulls me into the most magical kiss ever.


7. Chapter Five


" Most awkward dinner that I've ever been to, and I went to a dinner with Caroline and Liz and Mona where Liz found out about Caroline not being a virgin! "

" Wait so Stefan was supposed to be here? " I asked the girls. So I guess that Stefan was supposed to be here, and he wasn't just here for no reason at all...

" Mhm hmm. He said and I quote ' She looked at me like I was an serial killer who was going to slit her throat ' " Elena says with a smirk as she pours--some unknown substance in a bowl.

" Elena that looks like Jermey puked that after drinking too much. " I said with a disquieted look.

" But I cooked it..." Elena says, and Bonnie and I exchange looks.

" You? " I pointed to Elena, " Cooked this? Bonnie pour that in the sink, Elena get your money out, and I shall call for Chinese food. " I told the girls.

Bonnie listened, after Elena protested for a good 20 minutes, then she gave in and gave me 40$ for Chinese food (I made 25$ out of it! But ssh don't tell Elena) and when the guy came I took it from him, payed him (took the change back when Elena wasn't looking) and then started to poor the noddles in a bowl and get everything ready. I was such a nice sister. Ariana, you deserve a pat on the back!

" Putting it in a pretty bowl isn't fooling anyone Ari. " Bonnie says with a slight roll of the eyes.

" Hey! It's Elena's fault! She told me to put it in a bowl or else she was gunna go all hulk Elena on me! And that's some scary shit! " I told Bonnie with a fierce nod.

" Okay, but get this today I have been seeing three numbers. 4, 7, 32 (forgot the numbers Bonnie said sorry😂😂) how do you explain that? " Bonnie questions.

" You secretly stole a three digit passcode to unlock the lost secret of how vampire cows can be made? " I asked Bonnie with a fake gasp, " Does that mean your a spy? Oh my god Bonnie please don't kill me for finding out your secret! I'm too young to die!"

" Not funny. " Bonnie says with a glare.

" Very funny. " I corrected with a smirk.

" I hate you. " Bonnie glared.

" Nope you love me. " I argued in a sing song voice as I put the dinner on the table. " Plus, I give you amazing advice you wouldn't want that to stop. " I said with a smirk.

" That's true Elena does give me some amazing advice. " Bonnie says with a teasing smile putting the plates on the table.

" Name one line of useful advice that Elena Roseann Gilbert has ever given you. " I challenged with a smirk.

" nice to Ariana Ann Gilbert. " Bonnie tries to say, but it comes out as a question.

" Wait, I'm curious what's the best line of advice that I have ever given you? " I questioned Bonnie raising my eyebrows as I walk back in the kitchen for forks.

" Last year when you said ' The heart wants wants what it wants, and it that means that there is some heartbreak then so be it. ' " Bonnie answers.

I groaned, " I was drunk! You can't use that one itwas cheesy as fuck! "

" Language! " Elena yells from the living room picking up Jeremy's Xbox and hiding it from view because it was " Not matching the theme of the house " and " unrespectable for guests " yeah, your rolling your eyes too aren't you?

" At least I'm not being a perfectionist with how the house looks! " I yelled back.

" You guys do realize that you don't need to yell right? " Bonnie asks us and in response I just shrug while Elena rolls her eyes! Shocker!





Someone was here again! Goody! This time it was just Stefan and I groaned. " Sorry about earlier I was being a bit of a bitch. " I apologized.

Stefan shrugged, " Eh, its fine. " I smiled as I opened he door wider and he came in, and that was when the most awkward dinner in the history of time began.


This dinner sucked, well the food didn't suck it was actually really good, because well Elena didn't make it. If she did, Jeremy would be going to another funereal. But the reason that dinner sucked because no one talked. Elena tried to start up a conversation a couple of times, but Bonnie and Stefan would either ignore her or it would die down very quickly.

Much to my relief I hear the doorbell ring so I immediately say, " I got it! "

Elena looked at me as if to say " Dang you said it first" and I just smirked in return. I opened the door to see Caroline and Damon there, with Caroline

" What are you doing here? And if you made that I'm not eating it. " I told Caroline.

" Well, my sister mentioned you guys having a little dinner party so we'd thought that we would join in on the fun! " Caroline beamed.

" Fun? Yeah right! " I scoffed. "This is the most awkward dinner that I have ever been to and I once went to a dinner with you, Mona, and your mom where your mom found out about you not being a virgin! " I exclaimed.

" That bad? " Caroline asks.

" The longest conversation has lasted three minutes and twenty two seconds, I even counted! " I told Caroline with another eye roll.

The laugh of Damon made me realize that he was there standing right next to Caroline. " Oh so it wasn't just a little one night stand carebear? " I asked my friend with a smirk leaning against the doorway, still not letting them in for some reason.

" No it was not a one night stand! " Caroline says clearly offended.

" Wait is this thing serious or a friends with benefits sort of thing? " I asked faking interest, to be honest her I didn't really care, but it was better than being with the awkward couple plus Bonnie in the dining room.

" I don't know! Stop questioning me! " Caroline says annoyed.

" Yeah, defiantly friends with benefits. Too bad Daroline isn't official. " I teased.

" Whatever Ari. " Caroline says with an annoyed look as she enters my house.

" Ari, may I come in? " Damon asks.

" Well, you do have will this annoy Stefan? " I asked.

" Immensely. " Damon responded so I smirked and said, " In that case please come in. "

" Damon. " Stefan says and then looks at me.

" Why did you let him in? I said-, "

" Well I don't give two fucks about what you say, because you Stefan Salvatore may look like you got everything, and you may be pretty, but on the inside your ugly. " I say and then glare at him.

" Ari! " Elena scolds me disapprovingly.

" Elena. I. Don't. Give. A. Flying.Fuck. " I growl--yes growl I don't know where that came from--at her and then storm into the kitchen fuming with anger.

" Well she has anger issues. " Caroline bitterly states.

" Caroline! " Bonnie scolds her glancing at me from her seat in the living room.

" What? She growled at Elena. Growled. Who does that? " Caroline asks.

" Caroline cut her some slack! " Elena says defending me.

" You know, this could really lower her image at school..." Caroline mumbles.

I know that I shouldn't have been able to hear them, but I was able to and what Caroline said really ticked me off, so I come into the living room fuming with anger.

" You know if your going to talk trash about me at least say it to my face and don't attempt to talk behind my back, when I am literally 50 feet away from you. " I tell Caroline with a glare.

" A-, " Caroline starts but I immediately cut her off (A/N: Anyone think of pll here? I did😂)

" Oh, and Caroline the reason that I am more popular than you are is because I'm actually nice to everyone, and I'm not some mean bitchy slut who sleeps with everyone that she makes eye contact with. " I tell Caroline with a glare, a burst of anger overwhelming me.

" Ariana. " Elena and Bonnie both say, but Caroline waves her hand in dismissal.

" No guys it's fine, but Ariana lets just make one thing clear between the two of us. Right now, we're enemies. " Caroline says with a glare, and in response I sneer at her and say, " Oh I am going to unleash hell on you Caroline Forbes. ”

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