As long as you love me

• A Jacob And Renesme Story •

•I do not own any characters I only own the plot that I have created•

Months have passed and the volturi have seemed to disappear, no one has heard anything from them. Not a single peep. Wanting their daughter to live a semi-normal life Edward and Bella both agree to allow Jacob to take Renesme with him to school at the reservation. Renesme and Jacob who have been best friends ever since Renesme was born (which was oddly only a few months ago) are thrilled by the chance to go to school together.

School for Renesme made her realize something she had never thought of before. Liking Jacob more then just a friend. But, when Renesme goes to tell Jacob...

Something happens. Read " As long as you love me " to find out what happens!!!!

•Created July 25 th 2017•


3. Prologue

Love was never a feeling that I thought I would feel for Jacob. All my life, okay so I've only lived a few months, but as I was saying all my life Jacob has been here for me and I never looked at him as anything more than a friend.

Well, for a while at least.

That's the tricky thing about love. It happens so unexpectedly that you can't prepare yourself for what is to come, especially if your me. I've never dated anyone, but then I met him. I met someone and that nearly tore Jacob And me apart forever, because you see there were things about imprints that Jacob knew let alone even sometimes unimprinting.

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