As long as you love me

• A Jacob And Renesme Story •

•I do not own any characters I only own the plot that I have created•

Months have passed and the volturi have seemed to disappear, no one has heard anything from them. Not a single peep. Wanting their daughter to live a semi-normal life Edward and Bella both agree to allow Jacob to take Renesme with him to school at the reservation. Renesme and Jacob who have been best friends ever since Renesme was born (which was oddly only a few months ago) are thrilled by the chance to go to school together.

School for Renesme made her realize something she had never thought of before. Liking Jacob more then just a friend. But, when Renesme goes to tell Jacob...

Something happens. Read " As long as you love me " to find out what happens!!!!

•Created July 25 th 2017•


5. Chapter Two


• The next day •

It's been a few hours, and Renesme still hasn't woken up. Charslie has told me that she will be okay, but I don't know if I believe him. What if she isn't okay I think as I pace once again in the room. I'm in the hospital room 528 where Renesme is, even though I still didn't understand why Charslie didn't just keep her at the house, but I normally didn't understand any of the Cullen's.

It was a few hours later then I'm awoken by Bella. She looks at me happily and says, " She's awake." I jump out of the chair that I was in to see Renesme awake, looking paler than usual laying in the hospital bed with a tray of food. She smirks at me and says, " Finally! I thought you went in a coma Jake! "

I smiled brightly at her, but then it falls as I think of the situation that she's in right now. " Bells, Ness what's going on? " I ask.

Both girls sigh, and look at me with fear in their faces. " What? " I ask.

" Jane was here. " Edward announces as he enters the room. Renesme looks down at the ground sadly as Edward speaks the next part. " We are moving. As soon as Renesme is well enough to travel. " Edward says.

" What? Your leaving? " I asked shock filing my face. But what about me? I think.

Edward looks at me, " Jacob your not coming with us. "

" What! No he has to go! " Renesme yells. I look at her surprised, I have never seen Renesme yell at Edward. Ever. She was a daddy's girl and we all knew it.

" Renesme Sam won't let Jake go. " Bella says trying to soothe her daughter.

" Then Jake can leave the pack! " Renesme yells. Both Edward and Bella at at their daughter sadly as they say in unison, " He's not coming Renesme. "

This whole time, I stand here shocked at how much Renesme is fighting her parents for me. Me of all people. How? Why? I began to wonder.

I glanced at Renesme sadly and say, " Ness. " Edward and Bella both look at me curiously. " Ness you can't fight your parents. Just..go. Go with them and be safe. " I say, and before anyone can say anything I leave.


Why does Jacob have to be the hero? The good guy? The I'm going to fix everything guy?, I think. I'm sitting in my room, three days have passed and we are almost completely ready to move. I didn't want to go, I really didn't want to go. But what other choice did I have?

I tried convincing everyone several times that we should let Jake go with us, or better yet stay. But each time they said " Jake has responsibilities here " and " it wasn't safe here anymore ".

" Renesme? " Esme asks me as she enters my room. I don't glance at her, I just continue to pack.

" Sweetheart, we have no choice. It's not-, " I cut her off.

" I know, I know, it's not safe here, Jake will be fine no one is after him, Jake has responsibilities here, Jake shouldn't be on the run, lecture lecture lecture."I say in an sad tone as I continue to pack.

" Renesme I wasn't going to lecture you. " Esme says in a sad tone as she walks up to me.

" Everyone is right now Esme. Everyone is, and no one understands. " I say in a sad tone. Esme nods her head sadly as she wraps her arms around me in a warm embrace.

Esme sighs, " Oh sweetheart it's going to be okay. "

I started to cry, " I don't wanna leave. I wanna stay. "

Esme nods her head sadly as she whispers, " I know I do too sweetie. But it will be okay. I promise. "

Chapter Two and there is already lots of drama huh? I'm so happy with this idea, and can't wait for you guys to see what comes next. Thank you so much for reading! I love and appreciate all of it! Thank you!



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