As long as you love me

• A Jacob And Renesme Story •

•I do not own any characters I only own the plot that I have created•

Months have passed and the volturi have seemed to disappear, no one has heard anything from them. Not a single peep. Wanting their daughter to live a semi-normal life Edward and Bella both agree to allow Jacob to take Renesme with him to school at the reservation. Renesme and Jacob who have been best friends ever since Renesme was born (which was oddly only a few months ago) are thrilled by the chance to go to school together.

School for Renesme made her realize something she had never thought of before. Liking Jacob more then just a friend. But, when Renesme goes to tell Jacob...

Something happens. Read " As long as you love me " to find out what happens!!!!

•Created July 25 th 2017•


4. Chapter One


" You don't know her like I do, and you don't know what We've been through. "


" Hey Ness! " Jacob tells me excitedly as I open the door to my house early Monday morning, it was my first day of school and I was beyond excited. Jacob was going to school with me, at his old school near where the pack is. The story was that Jacob had to retake all his classes because he " failed ", which was so not true. And to be honest I felt bad that my best friend had to lie about something like that for me.

Sometimes I just never understood Jacob. I mean who did all of this just for their friend? But, regardless of that I was very grateful.

" Hi Jacob! You ready? " I ask with a nervous smile, but try and hide it, but of course this was Jacob and I knew for a fact that I would never be able to fool him. It was both good and bad.

" Your nervous? " Jacob asked and I sighed loudly, a bit exaggeratedly.

" Am I never going to be able to fool you Jacob Black? " I asked with a sigh, but smiling. (Talk about mixed emotions)

" Never ever. " Jacob said with a smile and then says, "Come on. We are going to be late. "

I nodded, and followed him out the door with my backpack and phone in hand, and get into his truck. Why did he get a truck? I have no idea.

Playing on the radio was of course like always his R&B playlist at the moment playing Starboy by the weekend. " Will I ever come into your truck and not hear r&b music playing? " I asked with a slight chuckle at the thought.

" Yes, when I'm dead and the radio is broken. " Jacob replies with a shrug. I roll my eyes, but laugh as a smile grows on my lips.

" Are the other pack members going to be at school?" I asked Jacob curiously.

" Most of them are, since they haven't finished school yet. Sam of course isn't, but the others are pretty much all coming except for Leah. " Jacob answers.

" Why not Leah? " I asked.

" Her mom wants her to go to a private school this year. She was getting bullied a lot so her mom is making her to go to private school. " Jacob answers with a shrug.

“ Poor Leah. ” I say with a sigh. Jacob looks at me questionably, so I continue speaking. “ Jacob, Leah has lost so much. She has to be in a pack with Sam who broke her heart I mean she has to hear his thoughts all the time which are, let me guess about Emily. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond glad that Sam and Emily are doing good and are happy and all, but from Leah's point of view, it sucks. And now she's getting bullied? Jake, you should be more sensitive. ” I spoke.

Jacob smiled, “ Leah has never said one nice thing to you yet you still defend her. ”

I blushed slightly, “ If no one else will defend her then I will. ”

“ Your too cute. ” Jacob whispers as a smile reaches his lips like always.

I smile at Jacob warmly, and just then his truck stops and thats when I realize that we have both arrived at school. I fiddled with my fingers on my lap as I could feel my heart beating faster against my chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. I glanced in the rear view mirror to see how I looked, and I was starting to question my appearance. Was this too much? I think. What if they hate me, what if Jake starts to hate me? I think.

Pulling me out of my paranoid thoughts was of course, Jacob. “ You know, schools this way. ” Jacob says pointing to the school building. He was standing outside of his truck just leaning on the side of it looking cool.

“ Showoff. ” I mumble as I get out of the truck and slide my phone into my bag. Jacob chuckles as he begins to show me around his school. This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.

• • •

Jacob literally showed me the entire school in one hour. He knew every single inch of the school for some reason! How is that even possible with a school this huge? I'd be lucky if I learned to know where one classroom was! Our last stop was the cafeteria where all the guys from the pack where, which didn't surprise we at all. I mean when weren't they eating? Truthful answer: never.

Jacob and I enter the Cafeteria to find everyone staring at me. As Jacob had explained to me earlier, the reservation never gets new kids, because all the same kids went to elementary school, then middle school, then high school, all as one class. New students were much more common in elementary school than in middle school and high school. Which meant people who weren't in the know didn't know what to think.

“ Their all staring. ” I mumbled to Jacob uneasily. I feel like I'm about to throw up. The room is starting to spin, sweat is dripping down my forehead, and I feel like I can't breathe. I faintly see Jacob say something that makes everyone else turn their heads towards me, but that's the last thing that I can see before I pass out.

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