As long as you love me

• A Jacob And Renesme Story •

•I do not own any characters I only own the plot that I have created•

Months have passed and the volturi have seemed to disappear, no one has heard anything from them. Not a single peep. Wanting their daughter to live a semi-normal life Edward and Bella both agree to allow Jacob to take Renesme with him to school at the reservation. Renesme and Jacob who have been best friends ever since Renesme was born (which was oddly only a few months ago) are thrilled by the chance to go to school together.

School for Renesme made her realize something she had never thought of before. Liking Jacob more then just a friend. But, when Renesme goes to tell Jacob...

Something happens. Read " As long as you love me " to find out what happens!!!!

•Created July 25 th 2017•


1. A note from the author


My name is Kiley and I'm the author of many books on wattpad and quotev, and now Movellas. I love writing, it's my passion and I try and take any opportunity I can to share it with another audience. Most of my works are fanfiction, but I do have a romance book and a mystery/thriller book that will be posted soon! I just wanted to tell you all how grateful I am if any of you read any of my works, because it means the absolute world to me, and so much more. Writing for me is my safe haven, each and every chapter is written with care and thought and detail to it, and I always always always try my very best to please each and every one of you. I'm grateful that so many people like my works, and it just makes me so happy that such an wide audience of people take the time to say such nice things about my work. Before reading, I would like you all to know that it will take time to update not just this book but also other ones that are on wattpad onto this app, and I hope that you all can be patient with me. Also, my books on wattpad will be published/updated before they are updated on here. I'm sorry, but I always update first on wattpad then on quotev then on Movellas. This could potentially change in the future, and if it does then I will be sure to let you all know. Another thing to note is that on August 23rd I will be starting school again, and won't be able to update as much as I am able to update now. It's my goal to get all my works updated before school starts again but I will see. When school does start, I may post an update schedule, but I'm not sure yet. But I am trying to be more organized with my stories and school now than I have been in the past. So, when/if that update schedule comes along I will post it on all stories just to make sure that everyone knows. But, I will be posting an “ announcements” book in the future so that I can keep all of them as organized as I can. Anyways, I just want to say a huge thank you to all who support me you mean the world to me! I want to say thank you to my family members and friends who always help me when I need it! I love all of you so much! I hope that we can all be great friends, and I hope that you enjoy my books.

- Kiley

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