Cool Cat's Grandtastic Adventure

Cool Cat has a story he wants to tell the readers!


3. Who Even Needs School?


( I made this poster for school :3 )


CC, Maria, and Mikey arrived at Torgo Elementary School as ghetto-ass music played that fully fit the mood of going to school. They saw the other kids being degenerates as always. Mikey left the gang to the group of kids he always traded bouncy balls and smokes with. Maria left to her girlfriends ( but not in dat way u perv!) and Cool Cat had no other friends, so he played in the daises until the bell rang for school.


Cool Cat smiled as he skipped into class. "I can't WAAAAAAAAAIIIIIT to learn today!" 

CC took his seat besides Butch, the biggest, most baddest, hardcore bully in the whole school. He was so badass that Butch had been known for stealing candy from babies and rolling with his posse in the neighborhood who would regularly leave graffiti on other people's houses in the form of B's.

"What up, ho?" Butch greeted Maria while the 5$ bling he stole from an Walmart arcade machine glistened under the white lights of the classroom. He adjusted his B emoji cap and grinned a shit-eating grin as Maria passed by him.

"Piss off." Maria goes to sit behind Cool Cat while Mikey comes over to Butch. He breathed out violet smoke from his vape before continuing to deal with Butch.

"Don'cha touch my girl, homie." Maria overhears this.

"Im nobody's girl, you prick!" Maria punches Mikey in the stomach and he drops some weed he was hiding in his pocket onto the floor. Just then, the teacher comes in.

"Hello, class." Everyone looks up to see their impossibly hot bishounen teacher! Well, except Mikey, who quickly stashed away his drugs and went back to his seat.

"I see you have all had a good summer." The teacher smiles as the girls ( and some guys too ) squeed at his smexiness. "In case you have all forgotten, my name is Mr. TeacherDude."

Cool Cat leans forward in interest.

"And now, for the announcement of Student President. All of you had the entire summer to vote, so lets see how it all adds up." Mr. TeacherDude was firing up the Smart Board when Cool Cat walked up to his desk shyly. CC was holding a letter for him to take.

"T-take it, S-sempai." Cool Cat blushed as Mr. TeacherDude took the letter.

"I'll be sure to read it later, Cool Cat, thank you." 

Cool Cat let out an anime girl noise before returning to his seat even more estatic than before. The results of the hottest debate in the entire California were loaded up.

"Aaaaaaaaaaand with 99% votes, Cool Cat is the winner!" Mr. TeacherDude announced and the entire class cheered and the classroom darkened as the Disney Eurobeat soundtrack was played. 



Confetti and balloons filled the room and lots of kids began boogieing down while cheering Cool Cat's name at the same time. The teacher brings out a throne made out of crayola boxes for Cool Cat to sit on like the proud narcissist he is. CC also got a paper mache crown that was spray painted gold.

"YAY!" Cool Cat could only cheer as he lead the para-para dance until the song was over. The only bro not happy during this was Butch the Bully, who only sat at his desk in grievance and anger with a red face.

Mr. TeacherDude throws away his teaching plans. "As the new class president, what does Cool Cat want the class to do?"

CC pondered long and hard about it before pulling out a limited gold edition of The Emoji Movie dvd. 

"Why don't we watch my favorite movie OF ALL TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME?" Cool Cat showed the dvd to the audience and the class who all scream in ecstasy for it. Butch stood up from his chair.

"The Emoji Movie fucking sucks! It's filled with cliches and it's just an attempt to make money on something that's trending!" Butch got kicked outside the classroom by Mr. TeacherDude as everybody began to watch the Movie Of 2017. Mikey doubled his kush in celebration and joined different smokers in celebration. Maria and Cool Cat enjoyed the movie too, while trying to hit on their teacher meme. Nothing could be better than this.

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