Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


15. Welcome to Reach

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo Reach Arc

Chapter 15: Welcome to Reach

After coming out of slipspace, the UNSC frigate lands on the planet Reach where They all woke up from their cyrotubes. They gotten used of that as they got up from a long sleep. Blue regretted how it was difficult to wake up from one. The rest did have no problems, but it wasn't easy since they got so cold from the cryotube as their feet touch the floor.

"Merde! Il fait froid!" Xavier complain as he feels the freeze in his feet whom Yvonne felt the same way as him. Well, at least they are wearing jumpsuits for their cryotube sleep or else it would have been very nasty. However, the suits are bit tight for ladies to reveal their figures while the boys shown their muscle tones. They gotten used to the cryotube since it was part of their basic training for withstand space travel.

One of the aspect they never got use to when they all took showers together. They shower in the different ends due how immature they couldn't face with male comrades even they seen adult marines take showers together. Most of the Marines were all combat veterans and while still most the marines are draftees like them who are unprepared what lies to them.

After they took the showers, they dress their gear up except for Ruby who is never happy about his gear. That didn't stop them to get Ruby on time. They watch the planet from a portside as they descend the ground. They noticed that Reach is bigger than Earth and not that urbanized unlike back home.

The ship lands the docking bay as the marines are coming out along with army personal as well. Unlike the marines, the Army was more defense force of the planets which the Marines are more offensive force. It was a heavy activity going on where countless personal are going on with their orders.

"What a beautiful planet!" Blue said as she holds on with Green who given up getting rid of her.

"Is this…" Red said with wonder as he sees military personal doing various tasks.

"Reach, the planet settled by Hungarians many decades ago. It used to an unhabitable planet until the settlers were able to terraform to allow life to flourish. The Moa and other species were documented and found by settlers who based creatures based on folkore." Cheren said as he recount this knowledge by reading the details of the planet they were going to.

"How you know about this stuff?" Ruby wondering how he did get the information from.

"I did my research." Cheren said as he put his glasses up.

"What we do?" Sapphire asked as they gather their supplies until a certain officer came to them.

"You are newest squad, 1993?" UNSC Officer said as he takes a look at the holopad as he takes the look at the new squad they had.

"We prefer ourselves, Dexholders." Red said as they nodded with him.

"Ok…I got orders to take you to the 12th regiment in the Viery region. You get a commanding NCO for you. Let's go! Not going to lie about this, you're setting with rest of the Marines in the planet. You're new here, but you won't see combat yet until you are called up. Lucky for us, the covenant hasn't found this planet yet. You can call this a military hub and we are sending all marines to front lines soon we gather the vets ready for combat ready. You're from Earth. I read your file, amazing work. But that don't count that when you face those alien bastards." UNSC officer said as they go through the crowd as they see the marines with equipment, tanks, warthogs, and other vehicles while a Spartan-III passing by.

The Spartan-III jumps into a warthog while Blake and Whitey see it drove away. They could catch them up and jump into a pelican. At the warthog, the Spartan-III takes off his helmet to see it. He's a young man at the age of 17 whom has been reassign to a new unit may fit his skill.

"What's in your mind?" Driver asking as he kept driving into the wildness.

"Nothing, it's just I am out of training and gone a few missions. Noble team, what's it like to be one of them?" Joey said as he is wondering that if he can make the cut for the team. His actions may not be the case for him.

"I bet they recognized your skills." Driver said as Joey look at the mountain they passed by.

"I hope you're right about this." Joey said as he put his helmet back on. Then he sees a pelican goes by them as they reach to the Viery region. It is going to be a hard day for them to face what's going on that unexpected for them.

It took them at least a half an hour to reach the Viery region as the pelican touches down while at the ground where we see marines training with their firearms with cardboard with shapes of the covenant units. They fire from newest battle rifle, assault rifles, and the pistols. A grizzled veteran fires his DMR with high point accuracy.

"Sergeant Felix!" UNSC officer said as the Veteran turns his weapon to safety and salutes the officer.

"Sir!" Felix said which he sees a group of 17 young teens with marine equipment. He knew that they are going him green-honed draftees.

"These young draftees are ready, but I would recommend someone who has combat experience to teach these youngsters the ropes. You may introduce yourself. At ease, Sergeant." UNSC officer said as they salute to Sergeant Felix.

"Yes, sir." Felix said as he saluted the officer. The officer left leaving the young group confused. They take a look at a grizzled veteran whom doesn't like where this is going with, but he knew that he has to show them the ropes.

"So, you must wonder why you are here. I am going tell you this. We are at war for our survival of our species. Introduce yourselves; I would like to know you better." Felix said in a serious tone. He did walk to each member of the squad. They introduce their selves to Felix whom they are so young that he figured that the UNSC is getting desperate to draft young teens to combat due of the war.

"I'm glad you're a new unit. I'm Sergeant Felix. I have been in this war for last past 20 years. Red, I am giving you the command of squad leader except I'm in command. I read your files from your training. But we should be a team. All that stuff about your bickerers stays behind. And Welcome to Reach." Felix said as two long swords fighters passed by.

They followed Felix to their barracks as they were surprised that they have beds right next to each other. It looks like he has things to take care of a bunch of young kids after all. But he still remembered when he was young when he joins the Marine Corps until the day in Battle of Harvest where the Covenant came to destroy human race all because of their religion demands them to do so.

He felt this war will destroy the outlook of life and life is short is too short for them. But he sees them with their stuff from home. He knows that their lives will change forever. So, he left them to be to accustom their barracks and warns them that Reach has a different clock unlike in Earth. He leaves the barracks to them as they open their bags to get their stuff out.

"This bed is so primitive!" Ruby said as he touches the bed.

"Will you shut up? I love this kind of bed." Sapphire said as she lies down on her bed.

"Like a barbarian." Ruby mutters until she heard that until she tackled him to beat him in a pulp.

"At least, they are flirting with each other." Emerald said as he gets his toys in the table.

"Are you too old for toys?" White asking to know why Emerald is still holding them on to.

"Yeah, so? What's your point in it?" Emerald accuse of White of something she doesn't like.

"Come on, White let him be." Black said as he urges her to drop the issue and let him be.

"It seems that you are unusual for American." Emerald wondered as he finished his collection organization. In another side of the room, where the Kanto group are taking their time to get their stuff ready which for Green who finished first as he read a classical book. It was an interesting subject as he read the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Then something covers his eyes.

"Blue, I know it's you." Green growl which he was right about who was it.

"Oh, come on. We are here at another planet. We should explore it!" Blue said with puppy eyes.

"No." Green said as he continued reading.

"Come on, it will be fun." Blue said as she drags Green out of the bed.

"Hey! Stop dragging me! You pesky girl!" Green said with a anger response knowing that she's up to something. he doesn't like where this is going with.

"It's adventure time!" Blue said as they go out of the barracks.

"Well, when comes to Blue. Nothing ever stops her." Yellow sighed as she finished her bed ready.

"At least, it can't be worse." Red said as he lies down.

"Yeah, but I do have this bad feeling." Yellow said as she looks at the ceiling with a concern look on her face. It was a not sign for her to make such a comment.

"What do you mean, Yellow?" Red asked as wondering by the look of Yellow's face.

"What if the war does come here and…possibly get killed and never see our families again?" Yellow said that she thinks they will not able to make it since they are being sent to war that they can't win.

"Hey, we are going to make it. I hope they will never find this planet. If they did, then we shouldn't stay on Earth." Red said knew that they have to risk their lives to save Earth being destroyed by the alien race.

"I should learn that what I didn't like war, they shouldn't have peace talks. But why this has to happen?" Yellow said wishing that Covenant should be reasonable with humanity and let them be or left alone at best.

"Yellow, things happen for a reason. They think we are offense to their faith from what I heard. But I do promise you this: I will protect you no matter what." Red said as Yellow tilted her head to face Red with hint of blush across her face.

"Do you mean it?" Yellow replied as Red meant while he hugs her.

"I promise on my life." Red said as they pinky promise. Meanwhile, Nate and Rosa sees Red and Yellow pinky promise.

"Ah, that's so cute. I remember we used to do that." Whitey said as she recounts how Blake would go romantic on her except how he tried to charm so many times.

"Rosa, we were 12 years old. You were the one suggested." Blake said as he tries to kiss her, but she blocks him.

"I know, but we got each other." Whitey said as she pecks him in the cheek. Blake blushed as Whitey laughed.

"Hey, cut it will ya. At least things can't be that bad if the war did come here and we will be forced to fight." Hugh said as he looked at the ceiling.

"Well, I don't think so. I might hear that there are sending new squads to frontlines and hoping it's not us." Blake said as what he recalled as how the war is still in profress and no end at sight.

"That's what they say. But what if those aliens land here, then we should fight them, eh?" Hugh said as he goes to sleep. It was for them to finish their packing out as soon they went to sleep. But things are not quite it seems. At the base, Blue is dragging Green to the local bar.

"No, I am going there!" Green shouted as he knew it was beyond their bedtime.

"Oh, come on Green. You need to loosen up." Blue said as she wants to have fun before they are being sent to fighting against the Covenant, but Green knew he had enough.

"Blue, why you insisted to dragging me to bar when its clearly time for us to rest?" Green said that it is a bad idea for them to be out of their barracks in the time such as this.

"You should go to bed right away." Felix said which surprises them.

"Sir, what are you doing over here?" Blue asking why the Sergeant is doing out in this time.

"Just checking on what you're doing." Felix said as he looks at Blue and Green, but Green points his finger at her.

"Sir, she dragged me out of my will." Green said which Blue fumed that she cannot take the blame.

"No, I want to loosen you up because you're so boring and serious all the time." Blue said as she pointed out that he is always been like that since their time in High School. She used to recall him being so cool and awesome, but now he's just boring person.

"I called it annoying ever since we hooked up. All you do is nagged." Green said as he makes gestures with his hands as he describes her as a nagging person.

"Oh, I nag? What do you mean I nag?" Blue shouting accusing Green for not taking her seriously in the matter of relationship.

"You complain, demanding, and so annoying that I can't focus right!" Green shouting that she interrupts him from time to time and dragging him to nonsense.

"Oh, really? What about you? What about the times that you forget our dates and anniversaries?" Blue demanding why he wasn't there to begin with.

"I was busy in that time." Green said knowing he has exams to take and projects he needs to handle.

"Why don't you love me?" Blue asking to know why Green has been like this since High School.

"Because you wanted Red to be happy because You are the one using me to compensate your feelings with Red!" Green said as she knew that Green is right. He didn't love her, only sees her as a friend. All that dating stuff with Green was that only her to make her forget her feelings with Red.

"Enough! Go back to your barracks, we got some drills to do tomorrow. You! Stay right here" Felix said as he looks at Green who follows his order very well. He takes a look at Blue, whom in about to grew tears in her eyes.

"What is it?" Felix said.

"He's right. Red was the one I truly love, but Yellow was very lonely. I bought them together and I let him go. However, I sacrifice my feelings for their happiness." Blue cried as Felix tries to comfort her.

"There there. I think things will change over time." Felix said.

"What do you care, sir?" Blue said as she turns her back on Sergeant.

"Well, I do care for all my soldiers under my command. But you should care about others instead of your own. Life in unexpected you see, but things do happen and I don't think that he is still with relationship with someone doesn't he doesn't care about you." Felix said as he looks at the moon.

"Sir, I knew him when we were five. He used to be fun and spent time together until he met Yellow." Blue said as she recalls that they are happy together while having feelings with Red has been growing ever since.

"It seems that you think life is short?" Felix said as Blue nodded which assuming his theory.

"Private Blue, I understand that Life is short. There are quality and quantity. What you prefer: the best quality time with him or the quantity time with him?" Felix said.

"Well, that I don't we spend enough quality time, sir. We always been friends." Blue said as she thinks that Yellow and Red are meant to be together.

"Things happen to time to time. Even best quality is the ones you remember the most." Felix said which Blue perks up as she sees the moon.

"There is a time we went to a Disney Tokyo with Red and Yellow. It was the day that I tried to hook up Yellow and Red because Yellow had a crush on Red since she was 9 years while he was 10 years old. Then, it just happens " Blue said as Felix chuckled while he listens to her life story.

"Private Blue, all good things can last longer with memory than the future." Felix said as she recalls the moments that Red and Blue did spend more time together. It was her happiest moments in her life. She does consider the value of her friendship with Red. But unknown to them, Red was overheard what Blue was saying to Sergeant Felix.

"Thank you, Sir. I will take your advice to heart." Blue said as she salutes to Sergeant Felix whom salutes back.

"Dismiss and go to sleep. We got a long day ahead of us." Sergeant Felix said as she goes back to her barracks. He knew that Red was listening, but he decides not to get into the teenage drama. Those kids are something else that he didn't predict how naïve they are, but he hopes to prepare for the worse to come.

The next morning, a lone warthog is driving by as which there is a two people in it, the driver and the Spartan-III who puts on his helmet.

Joey, or SPARTAN-B312 is heading to a local base where Noble Team led by Carter. Meanwhile, at the Visegrád Relay Communications Outpost where Professor Laszlo Sorvad and Birch found something that is ancient. It could be something around 100,000 years old and it could provide knowledge.

"Sorvad, are you sure about this?" Birch asking about the research they are working on.

"Of course, we have to send it to Halesy to notify this." Sorvad said until something hit the base.

"What was that?" Sorvad wondering what they heard to hear such noise coming from the hallways.

"I don't know." Birch said as he sees what's front of them.

"Birch, get my daughter in a hiding place." Sorvad said as they look all over place.

"What about the report?" Birch said as he fears the information is worth than anything else.

"You're right about that." Sorvad said as he goes to the panel to report to Halesy until something invisible behind them 8 meters.

"You know what must done, Nat Gropiree." A sharp tone said to another invisible figure. The figure comes close to them.

"Halesy, what may turn the tide of the…" Sorvad was cut off when something stabbed him in the heart which Birch frightens to see the figures to reveal to be Sangheilis. They are speaking of Sangheili and they are not normal sangheili. Zealot class and considered to be dangerous on sight.

"Get that human!" Field Mashal Sangheili shouts as the three Sangheilis are coming to Birch who fled for his life as he tries to hide from them along with Sorvad's daughter.

"Nat Gropiree, where did he go?" Sangheili asking him as they are looking for clues what they are looking for.

"He must have gone somewhere hiding." Nat Gropiree said as the other two are looking at the human machines.

"Then look for him. We can't let those humans to disrupt our work." Sangheili said as they start searching for him. Birch was able to be hidden away from them which he hopes help will come. Meanwhile a team composes of 1 Spartan-II and 5 Spartan-IIIs are heading to the relay station.

The Viery Region where the Dexholder Squad are, they are at the target range to practice their accuracy and precision. They can only use one clip to train due of the ammo storage problems. Felix oversees their practices as some hit their targets well even moving ones, but there are some missed a lot of targets.

He blew the whistle to stop them. "Check your weapons!" Felix said as they did check their weapons as ordered. Then, he sees a large group of marines are crowded into one area.

"Take break, 30 minutes." Felix said as he left them to be.

"What's our sergeant going?" Black wondering what he thinks that Felix is thinking.

"Well, you gotta go. You gotta go." Red said as he checks his battle rifle.

"It appears for our NCO has things to know." Cheren said as takes out a clip of the assault rifle. He takes out another clip to reload.

"But why we are target practice if we know how to shoot?" Bianca asking what on their training should be.

"To prepare for upcoming battle I guess." Emerald answers to her question.

"I think he meant for us to handle combat duty, but we haven't face battle yet." Cheren said he checks the battle rifle any changes in the condition of the weapon.

"That something has to do with…" Yellow said until Felix came back with distressed.

"Sir, what's wrong?" Xavier asking Felix as they come to him.

"It's the Winter Contingency." Felix said to their confusion if they didn't understand what they meant.

"Sir, what do you mean?" Yvonne asking why he meant by that. They never used to code words, but they know basic military codes and basics of combat.

"It's the damn Covenant are here." Felix said which surprises everyone that they are here, but how. A few minutes back then, Noble Team could clear out Covenant units except few Elite Zealots fled the area. They could recover the girl they found, but they heard something only to reveal Birch.

"I'm glad you're here." Birch said as he coughs that he was trapped in the vents where he was struggling to get out.

"Sir, what happen? Why you were hidden?" Jorge, Spartan-II asked Birch as he picks him up.

"It was all sudden when Sangheili killed Sorvad and I was able to get away until…" Birch panicky said until relaxed by Jorge.

"Don't worry, we get you out. Do you know her?" Jorge said as points to Sorvad's daughter.

"Yes, I do." Birch said as he looks at her.

"Can you give her some comfort until we get out of the area?" Jorge asked to Birch who nods at Jorge.

"Of course." Birch complied as he goes with Sorvad's daughter. They can get out the area soon after Carter made report to Holland about the Covenant. The Battle for Reach has just begun. The real battle has just begun for the newly drafted marines and this time will not be kind to them

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