Generation War: Super Serious AI and the Spartan

As Covenant are coming closer than ever to destroy all humanity, UNSC at most desperate straits. They had issue an order for mass conscription to anybody who can fight even teenagers low as 15 years old. Spartan-II had to protect AI and young Marine squad fight to survive against the oncoming threat.

Lone Covenant Sangheili warrior who doubt of the cause for the war against Humanity. Both sides would witness as how terrible the conflict grew with horror, but heroism arise. This story reveals as how youth had to endure war that will cost their innocence to prevent extinction. Experience the story as never before.

Noted: This is omega edition of TSSAATS. Picture cover was made by Miizj. this is a story where all Arcs are formed into one solid story.


21. The Ark

Generation War: Super Serious AI and Spartan

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Halo 3 Arc

Chapter 21: Ark

The alliance of Elites and Humans is created while in the Elite ship hanger bay where UNSC frigates are located. Inside of the Frigates hanger bay as Ruby and Sapphire are talking to each other. However, it is a heated debate between the two.

"Why you insist coming with us, Ruby? You always complain everything we go to combat?" Sapphire asking to know why Ruby wanted to come along despite of fears being killed.

"Well….I need to….check the fashion of the elites." Ruby said as Sapphire glared at him.

"Look Buster! I know you are lying! I want to why you wear that stupid hat under that helmet for? You never remove it even we were at Boot camp!" Sapphire said as she tries to get rid of the hat under the helmet he was wearing.

"Sapphire, look…." Ruby tries to explain, but Sapphire knocks him down as she tries forcedly to reveal his head.

"I want to know why you always wear that stupid….hat." Sapphire said as she stared when the hat removes as two scars appeared to plasma wound.

"You…you were…." Sapphire walks back in distraught. She remembers the event how it took place.

"Yes, Sapphire. I was the boy who protected you, but…." Ruby said as he walks to her. He looks at her with serious tone.

"No…I changed my ways for you." Sapphire cried out as she weakly punches him slowly. But she started to cry in his arms.

"So, did I…" Ruby said as Sapphire hit the wall as they are totally alone. They were all in the frigate where everyone is at the hanger or mess hall. He takes her to the barracks to his room.

"All this time you…and we didn't know if fate met us here." Sapphire said as she stared at the floor. She felt like a fool upon the knowledge that Ruby was the same boy who save her from the Sangheili.

"Sapphire, you know I love you." Ruby said as he got closer to her. Sapphire is blushing when he gets closer to her. It wasn't like anything that Ruby was trying to do unlike their time.

"What?" Sapphire said as Ruby's lips met Sapphire's lips to make out. He pushes her to his bed as they continue to press on their lips. Ruby did secure the lock of his room to have sex with Sapphire whom is very surprise to hear Ruby to say it. In another part of the hanger alone, Red is still depressed about Yellow's death. Red walks into the side of the Pelican as he holds a picture of him and Yellow holding hands in one of their dates.

"Yellow, I'm so sorry. I failed you." Red said until he recalled what Felix's words meant before he left. He understands the burden of leadership. He knows that the price will pay as to win the war at all cost. He understands this. Blue appears only to see Red and at first, she wants to let him be but decides to conform him. She comes to him next to him while Red looks at her, but turns back to the wall in a frown. Yellow's death hit him so hard which Blue had to break the silence to get him to talk.

"Hey." Blue said as Red turns to her.

"Hey…" Red said with redness in his eyes.

"Red, I'm so sorry about Yellow." Blue said as Red looks away, but she grabs his face.

"I could save her. It could have been me instead of her." Red said as there were possible ways to save Yellow from being killed by that Kig Yar.

"Maybe…but there was nothing you can do." Blue said as she tries to get him to conform, but he keeps pushing her.

"Just let me be." Red said as Blue tries to help him.

"Red, don't do this. Just let me help you." Blue said as finally Red give in to hug her. It was since so long that Blue gives conform words to him. There are times in their childhood moments that Red would conform Blue in times that she would need help. As there are couples and friends, there is Gold is in deep depression.

"Why you have stayed behind?" Gold said as he looks at the chip.

"Why?" Gold wondered again until he was tapped by Emerald. He turn to see Emerald. He puts the chip back to his helmet.

"Gold, what's wrong? You want talk about it?" Emerald said as he takes look at the chip.

"Nothing, There is nothing to talk about?" Gold said as he sits down.

"You look down? What's wrong?" Emerald wanted to know why he's depressed about it.

"It's Crystal. I missed her." Gold said as he sees images of Crystal.

"Oh. I think she's ok." Emerald said as he was about to walk away.

"Hey, kid." Gold said as Emerald stopped which it is a about to have a talk.

"Yeah?" Emerald said as he turns to face Gold.

"Can I tell you a something?" Gold asking to Emerald as he comes to Emerald.

"Sure." Emerald said as he pays attention to him.

"I am in love with Crystal. I know it's stupid, but I am. It just every time I see her, it just it feels different when I am around her." Gold confess that the time he spent with her was often warm feeling inside of him.

"How classic." Emerald scoffs the idea as how he describes about her.

"You ever fell in love?" Gold asked to Emerald who knew what he meant.

"Well, there was a pretty girl in class I used to know. She was smart and pretty until I realize how cruel she can be." Emerald said as he remembered his days when he was in an orphanage and went to school as well.

"That's harsh." Gold said as how Emerald was treated by a girl.

"But I tried again with another girl I know in 7th grade. Again happen when she denied me because of my height."

"Well, then she must a bitch." Gold comments on that girl that Emerald used to have a crush.

"Yeah, but there's nothing we can do." Emerald sigh as he knew that Gold is right about that girl.

"Bro, I understand what you feel. I did met a girl once before Crystal….I think I should tell you my story." Gold said as he explains his life from meeting Lyra to her death in Reach. At the other side, Black and White are checking their battle rifles.

"Well, I'm sad that Cheren and Bianca are not coming. They are listed wounded in combat. That shrinks our squad from 13 to 10." Black sadly said as he cleans the barrel. Yet, there was an odd feeling where it assumed he had felt for White.

"It could be worse….I mean what could be wrong?" White said stops for a moment.

"Hey, Prez." Black said as White perks up to take a listen to Black's words.

"Yeah?" White said as she puts the magazine down.

"I wanted to say that…. I like you." Black confessed until his hands was hold by White who considers Black's eyes.

"Ah, Black. I like you too." White said as she looks at him in the eyes.

"No, I really like you. A lot." Black said as he stands up. White knew what he was about to do.

"I LOVE YOU WHITE!" Black shouts that earn him stares from other marines. White gets him down.

"Black, you are embarrassing me." White flustered as she blushes when he said that.

"Sorry." Black sheepishly said as he rubs his head. Meanwhile at another part of the hanger where Xavier and Yvonne are cleaning their weapons without their helmets on. Yvonne stops for a moment and Xavier notices this.

"Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas?" Xavier asks to Yvonne who sigh when he asks her that.

"Vous vous sentez ... vous aimez plus qu'un ami?" Yvonne asks to Xaiver who blush at her question.

"Je ne sais pas de quoi vous parlez." Xavier flusters on as he kept cleaning his weapon, but she comes to him.

"je fais" Yvonne said as she surprises him with a deep kiss. They remove their lips for a moment, but something is heating them up as they hold each other. They look at the hallway and decide to head back to the barracks. Meanwhile at the Pelican, Diamond is preparing of the upcoming battle. He heard the door open only to see Platinum.

"Missy? What are you doing?" Diamond asked while Platinum was getting closer to him.

"Lt. Dia, please call me Platinum." Platinum said as she locks the door that gets out of the cockpit of the pelican.

"Ok. What brings you here? I am making sure the systems are ok." Diamond said as he checks the wires of the panel.

"Dia, I wanted to ask you something." Platinum said while Diamond looks and scans the wires of the pelican.

"Why you did embrace me before we came back to Earth?" Platinum said as Diamond turned to face Platinum.

"Oh…can I tell you something?" Diamond said as Platinum signals her hands to say goes on.

"I…like you ever since VMI. I said it. It just I was afraid that you didn't like me at all." Diamond said as he closes the panel.

"Dia…" Platinum said as she got close to him.

"Sorry, it just I didn't ruin our friendship and…." Diamond said as she holds his hand.

"Diamond, over the years I found this strange attraction to you. Even you weren't that perfect, but you had qualities that I like. You are an amazing cook, funny, and very nice person. Diamond, you are my best friend. But I love you also." Platinum said as Diamond blushed. They had gotten near while Diamond was getting nervous each second.

Their lips meet and starting kissing with each other. Outside of the cockpit, Pearl was attempting to open the door. Pearl didn't get a response as the door is shut locked which he hopes that he will listen if he banged on the door. He does try it anyways in hopes for the status of the pelican.

"Hey, Dia. Do you some help over there?" Pearl said as he tries to open the door, but it was locked.

"Strange…" Pearl said as the couples and new friends are at the moment before the big last battle that decides the fate of the galaxy and their species. They must stop Truth from activating the rings and the end of life.

They encounter the remaining of Truth's fleet against the Human-Sangheili fleet. Soon, everyone gets ready for the ground combat. Dexholder squad of 9 members plus Gold is getting their weapons ready. Silver joins the squad along which he is among his allies. The Sangheili fleet prepared for battle against Truth's fleet which they will made a short work on them.

"Marines! Get into your pelicans!" Johnson shouts as all the marines get inside the pelicans. The Dexholder squad prepared to get in which they fit perfectly as the 10 members sat down and Silver stands near the cockpit door. Gold enters as well for him to coming with them. It is a hope for Gold to bring for the Dexholder squad.

"Hey, Sarge. Where are we going to?" Black asks to Red. Red had to remember from the briefing before heading out. He hopes that Black get the memo.

"It's called the Ark." Red said as he sighed which Black give a thought as he spoke up again.

"What will look like?" Black wondered again since he was doze out in

"Idiot, didn't you hear the little robot thing told us?" White told to Black as she slap his head in the side. Black sheepish rubbed his head due to White's slap was hard on his head.

"No, don't remember." Black replied back as everyone face palm. It was a dumb moment for Black to forget what Guilty Spark said to them. There are moments that White remembered that Black did such as dozing off in classes and screaming loudly in lunch time. It was annoying moments for her to endure which Cheren Bianca knew.

"But good news squad, we are having Lt. Platinum along with us. Enjoy the ride while listen to this music I found." Diamond said as he gets the engines on. Platinum looks at Diamond as she holds on for the Pelican to take off. Pearl is making the last preparations for the drop.

"Like what?" Gold wondering what they got in store for them.

"Doors are closing. This is it. There is no turning back." Red said while the doors are closing. They're ready to fight their final battle which hopefully it will end the war once and for all.

"This for the fight for our species, but all species to save in entire galaxy. So, let's fight!" Diamond said as he turns one the music that it was a relic from 1990s. It was Voodoo Chile by Steve Ray Vuaghn as the Pelican drops down as the space battle rages on. Among the pelicans following by as one got destroyed.

"This is our last battle." Green said as they can felt the Pelican moving while they can hear the space battle raging on outside of their Pelican.

"Looks like it." Blue said as she holds on Red's arm. Gold goes to the cockpit on the pelicans to see as they about to go through the space battle above Ark as they going to Ark surface. It was rocky at first, but it smooth out as they entered to atmosphere where they are at the Ark at last. Diamond and Pearl are piloting the Pelican while Gold and Platinum are watching the awe of the space battle as Covenants ships battling of the Sangheili ships.

"Ever feel you have a bad feeling about this." Ruby said as he looks at Sapphire with a concern look.

"You always have bad feeling about this." Sapphire shouted at Ruby. Ruby turns back to the floor. As the pelican follows with other pelicans as they enter the air space of the Ark until the doors are open showing the outside which it is the Ark.

"What then? Is this the ark?" Black said as they flying in the desert. They are flying by as they getting near to one of the Covenant's positions.

"It looks like it." Gold said as he grabs a battle rifle. He preps the battle rifle for the drop to come by.

"Alright, let's go! We have clear this area for the Commander's ship to land." Red said as they got off of the pelican as Gold carries assault rifle and a battle rifle on his back.

"We have orders to secure Master Chief's right flank. So, let's go!" Red said as a group of 9 people goes on as they face covenant forces on ground.

"You two, secure this entrance." One of the Brutes ordered the two Jackals to guard the entrance.

"Yes, sir!" Kig yar said as the Brute chief goes inside the building. They are alone with each other unaware that the Dexholder squad is coming towards to them. Black takes out the sniper as he looks at his scopes. He got them while he pushes the trigger.

"Hey?" Kig Yar said as his ally turn to him.

"Yeah" Kig Yar said as to wonder why to start the conservation.

"Ever know why we are here?" Kig Yar said as he considers the sky.

"What are you talking about? We are here for the Great Journey, stupid!" Kig yar shouts at his ally.

"Ohhh, I thought we are just we are on vacation." Kig Yar wondering why they are doing in the middle of nowhere.

"You know what, I wish you were dead and be out of my way." One of the Kig Yars said until something kills the Kig yar.

"Larry? Larry? Not funny, Larry? Huh? Where those come from?" Kig Yar said as something kills the Kig Yar.

"Nice shot, Xavier." Red commented on Black's kill on the headshot.

"merci." Xavier thanked Red.

"Yeah, sneak attack!" Sapphire shouted which Gold signals the squad to stop.

"Not quite, there is a Brute with group of grunts coming from Northwest. Let me handle them." Gold said until he was joined by Sil ver who was ahead of the group when they were dropped.

"Hey! I got this." Gold said as he fires his assault rifle at the group of Uggory.

"You need my help more than I do. I'm coming." Silver said as both of them goes to face them in battle as Silver is going to use a plasma grenade on the group.

"Those heretics thinking they can ruin our sacred mission." One of the Brutes said as he goes around as he scans the area.

"Hey, Ludwig." One of the Uggory asked to another Grunt wondered what he wants.

"What?" Uggory said as he continues fire his plasma pistol.

"I got a bad feeling about this?" Uggory said as they see their allies getting killed left and right.

"You always have bad feeling about everything." Another Uggory said until a plasma grenade sticks on Brute.

"What the…?" Brute said until the grenade kill him.

"On a second thought…RUN!" Uggory said as they run away as they are right into the marines until the grunts are killed.

"Nice work, Gold and Silver." Red said as he thanked for their work on them.

"That was nothing. It was mine I did the job." Gold said as he nuzzles his helmet. He is just bragging knowing he will do the hard work for everyone.

"Liar" Everyone said as they look at him with disdain knowing he is lying and Sil Ver did the work in the first place.

"Dexholder squad! Gear up! We are moving out." Platinum said from the radio. The Pelican is flying by them overhead.

"You have to link up with the rest of the squads and get inside in that building." Platinum said in the radio as they move out to head into the building

"There will be more covenant forces?" Red asking to know any more left in the area.

"Sadly, yes." Platinum said in the radio as they groan and moan about it. They knew more are heading to their way. It seems to be more forerunner buildings.

"That's nothing new." Emerald said as they continue to walk in the building.

"Yeah, those great and wonderful forerunners left big pieces of junk on outer space for us to be discovered." Black stated as White wondered why he said that.

"Gold, you take point." Red said as Gold step forward.

"Like always." Gold said as he takes point and while inside in the build he a moment of halt as in flashback Crystal spoke to him back on High Charity.

"Gold, you are braver when you're true self reveal." Crystal said to Gold whom he is slowed down as her image appeared to his face. Back on the present moment

"What's wrong, Spartan?" Silver asked as to know why he stopped for a moment.

"Nothing. Nothing is wrong." Gold said as he continues on which Sil Ver want to know why.

"I see. Let's continue." Sil Ver said as they continue to move forward.

"Right." Gold said as they fight their way through as they reach the main panels to know about the Ark as the Milk galaxy hologram appears where they found the Arbiter and Master Chief there as well.

"Dude, we are beyond the galaxy." Black was surprised they are beyond the galaxy.

"So we are first people to explore beyond our galaxy?" White exclaimed at the hologram.

"Cool! We are beyond our galaxy." Blue said as they looked at the hologram.

"Where exactly?" Green asking as he examines the hologram.

"We are in the Halo of the galaxy." White said as she theorized where they are.

"Weird? The rings we called them, but we are actually Halo region of our galaxy." Gold said as they move out.

"True to that." Silver said until more Covenant forces appear in Phantoms. They about to attack on them.

"Those guys don't give up ever." Gold comment as how they don't ever give up. They begin to fight back as Covenant forces are battling. During the firefight, Gold turns to see Black as a shadow appeared.

"Watch out!" Gold shouted which earn Black's attention as he turned to see what Gold meant.

"Huh? Oh…." Black said as a Brute Chief is about to hit Black with Gravity hammer until Gold took the hit in the head as he flies to the ground. It was a hard slam to the head and looked that his helmet is critically damaged.

"Spartan!" Silver shouted as Gold gets up.

"Gold! We are coming to help you." Red said which he saws Gold urges them to stop. He didn't want any of their help. He then removes his helmet. The helmet drops to the ground as the helmet's visor is broken. Then he stands up and turns as for everyone can see his pure golden eyes. For the Covenant troopers, the uggory and Kig yar fled in fear.

"It's the beast! Run!" Uggory shout as they run away as the Brutes stand their ground.

"So. The beast, eh? It's just a puny human!" Brute Chief tries to hit Gold again until the hammer was stopped by Gold. He sees Gold's eyes in fire as he punches the chief in the side of the face. Then more Brutes come to Gold while to side thrust at one of the brutes who dropped his spikers.

Gold was able to grab the spikers in duel wield and killed 6 Brutes with it. More Brutes appeared with their weapons ready as Gold fires the spikers at them. The entire squad watches in dismay. They never a spartan that strong even Sil Ver whom had match in equal terms with him.

"That….is Gold without his helmet, right?" Blue dumbfounded what she saw that Golden eyes like somehow to Yellow's own. Gold then takes a Brute shot as she stabs the Brute in the stomach area and slashes two of them with the blade. Then two hunters appeared as the Brutes retreat to be protected. Then Gold charges at them as he dodges the explosions.

"So the myth is true." Sil ver said as he knew as everyone looks at him as Gold proceeds to kick the Brute's asses.

"What?" Green asked as he looks at Sil Ver.

"The myth of the Beast is true. Long ago, during the Forerunner Empire there was a single being that was able to wipe out a division. According to it, only those in the bloodline can have the golden eyes as it possesses power greater than anything." Silver explains as they watch Gold punches out Brute minor without breaking his hand.

"Wait! I know who he is now!" Red said as everyone wondered what he meant by that.

"What do you mean?" Blue asks Red to know why he meant by that.

"He's Yellow's Cousin! I thought he died from a disease!" Red said as he remembers that Yellow had a cousin before who died 10 years old. Yellow was very sad when her cousin died from a illness.

"If that means that one Yellow knew was a fake and this one is….the real one." Green said as they see Gold was able to take down a Hunter with a single punch and able to use kill another with plasma stuck in its body resulted the whole body exploded.

"No, kill him!" Brute Chief said as they charge to him. Then Gold was able to use the needlers to shoot a barrage of needles towards the Brutes that he was able kill them out.

"Your turn." Gold coldly said as he stare the Brute Chief down with his golden eyes.

"You will die like the rest of your species!" Brute chief said as he able to hit Gold with Gravity hammer. But the Brute Chief felt something in his stomach area as Gold did stab him with a knife.

"Impossible, then it's true. You are a beast. A beast that can't be killed nor cannot died." Brute said as he steps back.

"But that won't stop me!" Brute chief said while Gold throws the Knife that hit his eye.

"He's all yours!" Gold said as he looks at the others. Then, the Dexholder squad and Silver finished the Brute Chief off. Then the Pelicans appear as Platinum, Pearl, and Diamond picked them up.

"Pelicans are here. Let's roll!" Gold said as soon they got in the pelican until the robots appear

"You got to be kidding me." Sapphire said, but the robots ignore our heroes.

"I hope we don't get to fight them." Emerald said as they leave the cartographer, Gold looks at the open bay door.

"Bye" Crystal said as her image is at Gold's eyes. Gold did remove the chip from his helmet which it was not damaged from the gravity hammer.

"Crystal. I can't forget about you. Besides I can't die not yet until I get to see you again once more, I Promise you." Gold said as the Pelicans left for a new mission.

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